Modern Workplace

Making the Modern Workplace

In every industry, from small businesses to the largest global enterprises, the way we work has dramatically changed. Work is no longer a place we go, it is what we do – whether from home, the office, customer sites, or the most remote parts of the planet. Helping workers to securely connect, collaborate, and work from anywhere is sound business sense: when employees collaborate, they work on average 15% faster, 73% do better work, 60% are more innovative and 56% more satisfied*.

Redesigning Work for a New Generation

As a generation of tech-savvy employees joins the workforce, expectations are changing. Accustomed to instant availability of their favourite apps on smartphones and wearable devices, staff feel frustrated when the workplace fails to keep pace. Creating an atmosphere of collaboration demands the availability of preferred applications, access to leading hardware, and a modern meeting environment. Workplace design has a key influence on staff morale and productivity.

Escaping On-Premises Restrictions

Most organisations have their collaboration applications hosted on-premises. However, this comes with a largely unknown technical debt. On-premises collaboration solutions consume expensive and quickly diminishing storage. Staff overtime to patch and manage the environment is costly, even before you factor in backup and forklift upgrades to prevent the risk of support gaps becoming an attack vector. On-premises collaboration solutions also mean missing out on functionality, without the frequent upgrades of cloud solutions.

Supporting Collaboration

One of the biggest investments for most organisations is their people, so it makes sense to help them to work more productively. For many organisations, staff simply need the right devices, designed to take full advantage of tools already available. Digital-era employees are natural collaborators, so tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, or Webex, can raise productivity when harnessed well. Where once a team member may have spent hours searching for a resource or creating their own, they can now avoid duplicated effort and work together towards a result.

Freedom of Movement

If direct costs are substantial, this is nothing compared to the opportunity cost of lost productivity. Cloud-based collaboration tools allow for greater freedom of movement, so your people can work productively from everywhere. These solutions even protect the organisation in a disaster scenario, with staff working from home or remotely to continue business as usual.

Microsoft 365 Productivity

When, where and how we work is fundamentally changing. Today Microsoft 365 is your essential toolkit for the modern workplace that combines the best-in-class Office productivity apps with Windows 10 and powerful cloud services for security, file sharing, collaboration and more. Data#3 can help you take full advantage of the components of Microsoft 365 with expert advice on everything from optimising licensing, to defining solution architectures and securing your data, to ongoing managed support. Discover more on the following pages:

Contact our specialist team to explore how you can connect, collaborate and communicate in new and more powerful ways.


Effective collaboration is the bedrock of any successful organisation. When geographically and professionally diverse teams share ideas and knowledge, something special happens. The best-performing teams don’t happen by accident, and today’s technology, like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex, empowers teams to achieve more than ever before.

Consider the benefits of being able to join a video meeting with one click, invite others in an instant, capture thoughts on a team board, and seamlessly share content. Ultra-modern meeting devices that reduce eye strain, video fatigue, and external noise are essential tools to transform the humble meeting room into a video-enabled collaboration space, spanning a hybrid workforce. Consider quality headsets, the Surface Hub 2, Webex Desk Series or meeting room solutions from Lenovo, HP and Logitech, to create an engaging modern workplace and encourage your teams back into the office.

End User Devices

Having the right device makes an enormous difference to how effectively individuals and teams can perform in the modern workplace. Users need the ability to be able to work flexibly, from home, from the office, as well as on the road.

Data#3 partner with leading device manufacturers to offer businesses a range of flexible, affordable, and state-of-the-art device fleets. Explore our end-user device catalogues for Microsoft Surface, HP, Lenovo and Dell or some of our industry-based solutions such as the HP Healthcare Edition, Microsoft Surface for Education or HP Virtual Reality.

Discover our full range of end-user devices, request a demo unit, or book a trial.


Printing technology has changed significantly in recent years due to the demands of remote and mobile working. A Managed Print service needs to do more than manage toner supply and reduce the average cost-per-page.

Data#3’s Managed Print Service is a comprehensive offering that harnesses big data, analytics, and security to create a comprehensive IoT solution that optimises your printer fleet, streamlines workflow management, and reduces costs.

Built on over 25 years of successful partnership with HP. As opposed to traditional print suppliers concerned with increasing your reliance and usage of print, Data#3 unites our expertise as a systems integrator, cloud and IoT specialist with HP’s industry leading printers, to help organisations truly harness the power of their printer fleet, while managing risk and keeping deployment, management and supply costs in line.

Did you know? Data#3 also has a range of 3D printers for education.

Systems Management

Technology is now so firmly central to the success of every organisation that IT teams play a vital role in enabling business growth and boosting staff productivity. In order to empower IT teams to do their job at the highest level, they need systems management tools that reduce time spent patching, monitoring, and troubleshooting, and increase the time spent on high value projects.

In fact, 63% of IT Managers say their resources are drained by device management and they would like to be able to focus on more strategic IT projects1.

Save your IT team’s time with system management and automation solutions from Data#3, such as modern device management and zero touch deployment, virtualisation and VDI, application packaging and Windows 10 deployment.

Our tailored solutions boost your existing capabilities whilst providing anything from efficient designs managed on-premises, to Data#3 managed systems, to AI powered solutions.



Case Studies

The Anywhere Classroom

Get staff back into the office with Cisco title card reading anywhere classroom

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