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We’re a leading and award-winning Australian IT services and solutions provider.

Data#3 Limited (DTL), is focused on helping customers to harness the power of people and technology for a better future.

Built on a foundation of over 45 years’ experience, combined with world-leading vendor technologies, Data#3 is constantly evolving its solutions and services to enable its customers’ success. Leveraging solutions such as cloud, modern workplace, security, data & analytics and connectivity, combined with Data#3’s services across consulting, project services and managed services, Data#3 is delivering the digital future.

Listed on the ASX in 1997, Data#3 reported revenues of $2.5 billion in the 2023 financial year and has more than 1,400 employees. Headquartered in Brisbane, it has facilities across 12 locations in Australia and Fiji.



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Our history

The history of Data#3

Data#3’s history links back to 1977 when Powell, Clark and Associates (PCA), a prominent IBM support organisation, was established to offer professional consulting and data processing services to individuals and companies installing computer- based information systems. The company was named after the two original founders, Terry Powell and Graham Clark.

PCA became a leading IT software consultancy specialising in developing and implementing applications software for small to medium sized organisations across a range of industries. In particular it established an excellent reputation as the largest supplier of IBM-based software for small hospitals in Australia.

In 1984, Data#3 was born out of two Queensland-based firms – Powell, Clark and Associates and Albrand Typewriters & Office Machines Pty Ltd. Albrand Typewriters and Office Machines, an IBM Typewriter dealer with two Brisbane locations in Aspley and the CBD, contributed to Data#3 an excellent reputation and a wealth of experience in provision of quality office equipment, materials and supplies Data#3 staff in the mid eighties from the most respected, reliable and progressive suppliers.

The strongly solutions-oriented approach adopted by PCA was carried through as a guiding principle for the Data#3 Group – as was a clear understanding that maximising return for investment in Information Technology has high priority for people in business, industry and government.

Data#3 moved ahead to become one of Queensland’s first personal computer dealerships and the first reseller of IBM’s “mid-range” multi user computing systems.

Today Data#3 has evolved from a Queensland oriented office equipment and PC reseller into one of Australia’s leading Business Technology Solutions companies with approximately 1,400 staff operating from multiple locations across Australia.

The Data#3 name

Where did the Data#3 name come from?

By 1984, PCA had become a leading software development company specialising in the healthcare, retail, distribution and financial services sectors. In that year, IBM launched its personal computer.

PCA knew this heralded a new era for computing. To address the opportunities that lay ahead, Data#3 was formed by acquisition and merger of Albrand Typewriters & Office Machines, an IBM Typewriter dealer with an excellent reputation and a wealth of experience in providing quality office equipment and supplies.

Prior to the official launch of Data#3 in 1984, a new name was chosen to reflect the business. ‘Data’ represents the stability, strength and history of the company and the industry. The ‘#3’ was chosen from the new IBM PC keyboard – the first to show the ‘#’ and the ‘3’ on the same key and as such captured the innovation and excitement of the future IT world.

Data#3 – strength, stability and innovation.


Data#3 by the numbers

Data#3 at a glance in FY23

Our people

We are a nine time employer of choice winner

An award-winning employer of choice, we are proud to offer Data#3 staff a supportive, collaborative and invigorating working environment. With an average staff tenure rate of over 5 years, our company culture speaks for itself. To learn more about Careers at Data#3, click here.

Data#3 wins HRD Employer of Choice award for ninth year

The award recognises organisations that are leading the way with policies and initiatives that engage their staff in areas critical to positive employee experience, including leadership, remuneration, and health and wellbeing.

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Our partners

Data#3 partners with world-leading technology vendors

Across our solutions and services portfolio, we partner with world-leading technology vendors. Combined with Data#3’s proven skills and expertise, our partnership approach ensures customers achieve their desired technology and business outcomes. Explore our full list of partners. 

Our community

Soul is at the HEART of everything we do

Data#3 continues to engage with local and national communities through the SOUL program, which has worked with many worthy causes over the years. Data#3’s program ensures we can really make a meaningful difference. Working with people from across our business, we identified a focus on health and education causes. From this, we chose to support six key charities: Lifeline, The Leukaemia Foundation, The Starlight Children’s Foundation, The Smith Family, Save the Children, and World Vision. Throughout the year, we organise a number of events and fundraising activities.

The Data#3 CSR program enables our people to personally make a difference and to feel proud that they work for a company that cares about giving back to the community. To support and enable our staff to contribute, all permanent employees have the opportunity to spend 8 hours (1 day) every year to devote to charitable causes. Read more about our CSR initiatives here.

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