Modern, cloud-driven technologies are profoundly changing the way we work and interact.

Today’s businesses connect more people, systems and devices than ever before. We move more sensitive data, with greater frequency, and we expect it to happen almost instantly.
With the focus on digital transformation, it is vital that organisations pay attention to the system that connect us and makes it all possible – the network.

The Drive to Transformation

As organisations look to transform their operations to radically reduce costs and create new services for either staff or customers, the network offers significant opportunity to streamline configuration, access management, and integrated security into a single set of policies. This approach releases the support team from mundane operations, and allows them to focus on projects, which can enhance the business, not simply keep it running.

The Impact of Cloud

The advent of cloud places new demands on traditional infrastructure that it’s ill-equipped to handle. Employees need to work from anywhere, at any time, securely. Some cloud applications, such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex, may need the network to react quickly and provider higher priority than traditional apps, while other cloud services demand an approach to security that ensures the data is secure, irrespective of where it is.
Organisations adopting the new breed of intelligent networks are best positioned to embrace the opportunity of cloud, and the ability to move data securely, quickly, and efficiently.

Connecting Securely

A proliferation of new, sophisticated attacks bombards businesses daily, and each attack traverses the network to hit its target. World leaders, such as Cisco, now build security directly into the network fabric; using AI-enabled cloud security to monitor, analyse and perform threat detection on traffic flows, while micro-segmentation protects both users and devices from incoming threats. Wherever your people, customers and devices may go, they are safer when protection begins with secure connectivity.

Connecting Experience

The best connectivity experience depends on the right combination of experience, skill and ingenuity – and that’s why Data#3 was named by Cisco as its Global Enterprise Networking Partner of the Year 2019. Want to know more about smarter, faster, and easier to manage connectivity? Talk to our experienced specialists today.

In every industry, for all types of organisation, technology is being used in new and creative ways. The internet of things (IoT) is being used to monitor, assess and inform – even in some of the toughest possible operational environments. To do this, the devices depend on connections that can handle everything.

Modern, cloud-driven technologies are profoundly changing the way we work and interact.
With the focus on lowering costs and driving operational efficiency, it is vital that organisations pay attention to the network, the foundation for digital transformation. Whether the focus is on adopting cloud services or process automation, a business-aligned network is critical for creating new opportunities.

Every business depends on secure, effective communication, no matter how many locations or branch offices are involved. With the advent of cloud and mobile services, the applications which support our organisations have changed dramatically, along with the pressures placed on both our underlying networks and network budgets.
To keep pace with the changing landscape, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technologies have emerged, offering better-suited and more affordable solutions.

From wayfinding to internet of things (IoT) projects, Data#3 wireless networks have you covered.

Whether you’re in the office, or working in an operational environment, connecting on-the-go has never been more important. Organisations are more efficient, and create more valuable data, when they enjoy strong, secure network connection everywhere.


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