Data#3 offers a comprehensive consultancy service that helps maximise the value of your software and hardware assets, and the crucial role they play in improving business efficiency and performance.

From strategy and procurement, through to lifecycle and supplier management, Data#3 can solve the challenges traditionally associated with procurement, helping you to turn it into something that is a business advantage.

The end result is full visibility and control over your assets, including licensing agreements, budget forecasting, compliance, asset renewals, personal devices, printers, data centre infrastructure and more.

Leveraging a team of experts and dedicated partnerships with an extensive list of world-leading vendors, Data#3’s procurement services will help you to reduce costs, ensure compliance and maximise the value of your assets.

Today, the risks that can be exposed by managing contracts reactively are fully understood. Despite these risks, there are still a lot of organisations that don’t manage contracts proactively, and only when a risk becomes a reality does the importance of contract management set in. In many cases. this is all too late and the organisation experiences fines for non-compliance.
Challenges that can arise from poorly managed contracts can include;

  • Cost blow outs and missed deadlines
  • Missing paperwork and poor compliance
  • Lack of audit documentation
  • Manual administration costing you time
  • Poor supply chain and vendor management
  • Audit non-compliance

Data#3’s process-oriented Contract Management solution provides contract negotiation, compliance control and overall contract management throughout the entire technology lifecycle. Leveraging expert knowledge and tools to support the process, Data#3 effectively manages down the risk of non-compliance, improves the documentation management and saves you time so you can manage supplier contracts proactively.

Data#3 delivers consistent procurement outcomes through expert customer consultation to ensure the right product is fit for purpose. Licensed effectively, delivered and installed to your requirements it’s then managed effectively. Data#3 provides services across the full technology range and can deliver them ‘As a Service’ to align with your businesses procurement and management priorities.

Data#3 delivers the following As a Service options;

All these along with a wide range of vendor Software as a Service.

Be it on-premises, Private or Public Cloud, Data#3 works with you to deliver a wide range of technologies from world-leading technology providers.

As one of Australia’s leading technology providers, Data#3 offers end-to-end Hardware Procurement and Lifecycle Management solutions for your IT infrastructure and assets, including personal devices, printers, data centre infrastructure and more.

From procurement and configuration, to installation and disposal, we consolidate all your assets onto a single supply contract.

This enables you to monitor, track and report on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with ease, as well as helping to minimise total cost of ownership over the life of your assets.

At Data#3, we do more than just sell you software licenses. We offer a comprehensive software consultancy service that helps maximise the value of your software assets and the crucial role they play in improving business efficiency and performance.

Data#3’s consultative approach is delivered via our ‘ABC’ method:

  • Acquire – cost effective procurement of software licensing agreements
  • Benefit – maximising value through enhanced business productivity
  • Comply – mitigating risk through streamlined asset management

Put simply, our software licensing specialists can transform the way you procure and manage your software assets, whether on-premises or as part of a Cloud-based solution.

The end result is full visibility and control over your software procurement lifecycle, including licensing agreements, budget forecasting, compliance and asset renewals.

Regardless of the size or frequency of your hardware procurement project, Data#3’s Equipment Staging services will ease the associated burden and challenges.

From ordering through to tracking and management, you can leverage a combination of Data#3’s procurement and technology expertise, world-leading vendor partnerships, and large warehouse facilities, each with their own integration centres.

Need to bulk-purchase hardware to gain discounts but don’t have the space? Data#3 offers cost-effective warehousing facilities and delivery options to allow you to save time and money on your hardware investments.

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing multiple technology and finance contracts with consolidated ICT Finance and Leasing solutions from Data#3.

Equipment purchases, software licenses, maintenance SLAs, managed IT services…your business technology spend can be a disparate mix of rental, agreements, payment plans, contracts and service agreements.

Left unchecked, this inefficient way of managing IT expenditure can end up costing your business significant amounts of time and money.

We’ve created a customised Finance and Leasing solution offering that provides coverage for your entire technology platform, including infrastructure, software and managed services.

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