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Having the Right Cloud Conversation

The cloud decisions you make today will have a profound effect on your business capabilities tomorrow. Done right, cloud solutions will help you launch new applications and services faster, enjoy greater application performance and gain the ability to predict your IT costs with pinpoint accuracy. However, how do you find the cloud path to help your business soar?

Right Place, Right Application

Not every application is designed to run in a public cloud environment. While modern applications will often thrive, legacy applications, and those with particular security, regulatory and governance needs, may be best served by private cloud or a hyper-converged infrastructure solution. Finding the right cloud combination takes the specialist experience that comes from decades of building IT eco-systems that support every application.

Right Cost

Cloud is commonly promoted as a cost saver, and as one of Microsoft’s largest Azure partners globally, we know it adds value when you encounter seasonal peaks. If your e-commerce portal spikes through the busy Christmas period, public cloud may offer the fast scalability you need. Yet an estimated 35% of dollars spent on cloud are wasted*, and for more static workloads, the public cloud choice may be unnecessarily expensive.
Our team of cloud experts make it their business to understand your business, from top to bottom, so that they can orchestrate the very solution, which balances cost and performance.

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 What description best fits your business today?

Best for Businesses:

  • with simple needs or a very specific application or use-case requirement,
  • that have no or very little investment in Cloud to date, and
  • that just don’t know where to start.

Best for Businesses:

  • whose needs are a little more complicated,
  • who have already started with Cloud, but not sure how best to proceed, and
  • who want to transition fully to the Cloud.

Best for Businesses:

  • with very complex needs covering multiple applications, Cloud models and perhaps vendors,
  • that are quite advanced with Cloud but need advice on how to address issues such as security, management etc. across Cloud platforms, and
  • who aren’t getting the expected results from Cloud and are considering a shift back toward on-premises.

The decisions your organisation makes about public cloud will have a profound effect on its future capabilities. 94% of all organisations now embrace public cloud services, enjoying the ability to scale quickly, support mobile workers and roll out new services. In fact, global annual spend on public cloud is expected to reach US$331.2 by 2022*.

In today’s world, technology is a key driver of business success. The way businesses interact with technology is changing, and new innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and blockchain are designed for modern cloud environments, not traditional data centres. However, while organisations are embracing cloud technology in ever-increasing numbers, some workloads aren’t designed for cloud and are best placed on-premises for security or compliance reasons. Despite these challenges, your critical applications must be accessed securely from anywhere, at any time.

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1.*RightScale (2019). 2019 State of the Cloud Report: See the Latest Cloud Trends. [Online] Available at: flexera.com


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