October 25, 2023

Navigate IT budgets in unpredictable times with HP’s latest device range

Ebony O’Connell
HP Device Specialist

HP has a long history of building high-performing, dependable devices that simply look great. With every new device generation, they continue to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to customers, the community, and our planet, while pushing the envelope when it comes to design, security, and sustainability.

HP also places high consideration on IT spending. In these unpredictable times when various environmental factors influence budgetary decisions, making the right technology investments has never been more crucial. HP’s array of devices – spanning ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ – ensures there is a device for every business user at every price point.

The new HP Gen 10 series which has found its place as a powerful, practical, sustainable and economic solution for education, government, or business organisations looking to refresh their fleet without overspending.

Under the HP Gen 10 umbrella sits the HP EliteBook 800 G10 series, and the more economically priced EliteBook 600 G10 Series – all of which arrived in early 2023 to uncharacteristically little fanfare. 

Although there is no visual change between the G9 and G10 models, the new fleet does bring forth internal upgrades rather than design overhauls. That said, they are more than worthy of a look-in thanks to their enterprise-ready technology targeting portability, collaboration, virtual meetings and security.

It’s also worth noting here that if you haven’t heard of the EliteBook Series 600 before, it’s likely because these devices once fell under the HP ProBook umbrella but have since moved to the EliteBook branding.

Let’s look at both series’ and see what they can bring to your hybrid environments.

First, the HP EliteBook 800 series of laptops cater to those primarily working in a home or office environment, but require the flexibility to move between these locations as needed. They come equipped with a robust selection of processors, RAM, storage, and security features, and incorporate the latest technological enhancements from HP. When assessing the 800 series in the context of HP’s good, better, best options, they firmly belong in the “better” category.

The more affordable 600 series is best suited for less demanding tasks and budget-conscious organisations. The distinction between these two series lies in the balance between performance, features, and pricing – with these laptop models ranging in size from 13 to 16 inches.

HP EliteBook 800 Series

The rechristened EliteBook 800 series features 13th Gen Intel Core processors:

There is also the EliteBook 805 sub series that features AMD Ryzen processors with up to 64GB of RAM to easily support the power needs of professionals:

HP EliteBook 600 Series

The EliteBook 600 series are also powered by the latest 13th gen Intel Core processors. At a more affordable price tag, they offer premium and stylish designs and collaborative experiences for teams near and far.

The EliteBook 605 sub series includes AMD Ryzen Processors to power through any workday.

Form factor

There’s really no change here across all series as visually G10 retains the familiar silver clamshell aluminium chassis of G9 models. All devices meet military-grade durability tests.

One point of difference between the 600 and 800 series is that you can only get a tablet convertible device in the 800 series – the HP EliteBook x360 830 G10 13-inch.

Subtle improvements in processing powers

While the needle has only slightly shifted compared to G9 models, all devices offer the performance needed for complex workloads – whether that’s large projects, multi-tasking or video conferencing.

EliteBook 800 series13th-generation Intel CPUs – with up to 32GB of LPDDR5 memory and 64GB DDR Small improvement in clock speeds compared to the G9 models – users will experience a 10% boost in productivity
EliteBook 805 sub seriesAMD CPU promises extended battery life
EliteBook 600 series13th gen Intel Core processor comeswith up to 64GB DDR4
EliteBook 605 sub seriesAMD processor with up to 64GB DDR4 memory

Added security and repairability

According to the research from HP Wolf Security, 84% of security leaders recognise the endpoint as the primary source of security threats, and also where the most business-damaging security threats occur.

HP hasn’t overlooked the security risk of personal devices in the workplace, with subtle enhancements to better secure all their new devices. There are physical privacy features such as HP Sure View- to make it difficult for prying eyes to view the screen from the sides – and AI-powered ones like HP Sure Sense, to protect against advanced malware.

Another standard in all G10 devices is HP Wolf Security for Business – a comprehensive endpoint protection and hardware-enforced solution that reduces the addressable attack surface and supports remote recovery from firmware attacks. The Wolf security solutions sit at the BIOS level, and these features may not be available if your device is imaged.

In terms of repairability, like the G9 models, the EliteBook G10 line-up can be easily opened and serviced.  With the exception of the processor and motherboard, almost all components are accessible for repair by removing the panel screws – this includes components like storage, memory, battery, speakers, wireless card, fan, and display hinges.Top of FormBottom of Form

Enhanced virtual meetings and collaboration features

Being able to ensure meeting equity between those in the room and those who aren’t is a key requirement for hybrid workplaces. This is where the G10 devices really shine.

Every G10 device is kitted with a 5MP, 88° field-of view camera with a feature that automatically adjusts light for optimal viewing – this is a noticeable boost in quality since G9. The camera also powers the new HP Keystone Correction, a feature that automatically crops and flattens an image from the camera feed. In practical terms, HP Keystone Correction turns physical documents and whiteboard content into crisp, digital images, ready for real-time sharing. All G10 devices also include audio-enhancing features including HP AI-based Noise Reduction 2.0  and HP Dynamic Voice Leveling, an important feature when your neighbour is renovating their kitchen 10 feet away.

The EliteBook 800 G10 series also offers another great meeting feature that has undergone some tweaks – HP Presence. While users can still correct lighting, auto-frame themselves in the call, and adjust the background, the new HP Natural Tone helps skin and lighting look more natural on video calls.

So, while the 800 series has several more video enhancement capabilities than the 600 series, all models provide a superior experience when presenting and collaborating in a hybrid work environment.

Eco-friendly materials for alignment with sustainability goals

Another quiet but impactful trend has found its place in all G10 devices – a commitment to sustainability through the integration of more eco-friendly materials. The bezel comprises at least 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, and the keycaps consist of no less than 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. HP have a long-standing commitment to sustainability, so it’s no surprise to see this in their new device range.


The 2022 merger between HP and Poly – a leading global provider of workplace collaboration solutions – promises a new layer of integration and possibilities for hybrid workplaces. This blog is a great summary of the  accessories and peripherals made for Gen 10 devices.

The wrap

If you’re looking for powerful, dependable eco-friendly, and cost-effective devices that will modernise your fleets without breaking the bank, consider the latest HP G10 devices.

And I’m sure you want to know about availability! There are currently no supply concerns for any of the G10 devices like we’ve seen with previous releases. With all the great features at an attractive price point, the G10 devices really are a great option for businesses needing to refresh their fleet.

To secure your demo device, or for pricing on your upcoming fleet refresh, reach out to the Data#3 team.