October 05, 2023

Supercharge your hybrid workspace with HP and Poly accessory bundles

Ebony O’Connell
HP Device Specialist

When you share your working life between the office and home – and anywhere in between – you don’t want to have to choose between packing multiple bulky accessories or constantly readjusting your work style. The ideal hybrid setup is an ultra-portable, battery-efficient device, paired with reliable accessories that support you no matter where you’re working from.

The merger in 2022 that saw HP and Poly join forces, was a key step in tackling the changing needs of modern working professionals. HP is behind the business centric EliteBook and Dragonfly series of devices and popular printing hardware. Poly (formerly Plantronics) is the powerhouse behind leading audio and video communication technology. Together, they create  devices and accessories that deliver rich and efficient work experiences, both remotely and in the office.

With Microsoft shifting its focus in favour of Surface-related accessories only, it’s great to see that HP and Poly have seized the opportunity to step in and provide alternatives to meet the needs of users.

Optimising your workspace, wherever you work

What do hybrid workspaces require that in-office workspaces don’t? While the office may be optimised for work with plenty of desk space, all the technology and chargers you need, and a quiet, distraction-free environment, your remote office mightn’t be. That’s why you need hardware designed with the hybrid worker in mind. Think headphones that cancel out the neighbour’s barking dogs while you’re on a call, a Bluetooth travel mount for on-the-go meetings, or a keyboard that’s programmed to execute your most frequent tasks with a single key press.

The right accessories provide a versatile toolkit for creating workspaces aligned to individual preferences and workflows to significantly enhance productivity, comfort, and overall satisfaction.

The accessory trend for the hybrid world

Truly innovative hybrid accessories should enhance the user’s work life in some way. The HP Creator Series does a great job of meeting these requirements with programmability built in. For example, the HP 935 Creator Wireless Mouse allows users to assign buttons to functions within several applications; and the HP 975 Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard provides 20+ programmable shortcut keys that can also be customised to streamline intricate workflows. For those who find themselves lost in hours of meticulous editing or coding, being able to align tools with the creative process is a true game-changer.

At Data#3, we’ve taken the very best of HP business-class accessories and curated them into accessory bundles matched to the needs of everyday hybrid work, on-the-go travel, or elevated performance requirements.

Workspace essentials bundle

This affordable bundle includes the basics needed to kit out a space with personalised gear and accessories to support you all day long.

Roam bundle

This travel-focused bundle brings together lightweight and portable accessories that seamlessly fit into any on-the-go routine. Each accessory is included to elevate your mobile experience, guaranteeing you have all the tools you need no matter where you are.

Productivity pro bundle

Transform your workspace into a hub of focus and productivity with a combination of accessories targeted towards streamlining business collaboration and enabling authentic and interactive virtual meetings.

Ultimate bundle

Amplify communication and collaboration experiences with stylish programmable accessories and professional-grade audio and video experiences – to get the best out of you and your device.

You can find more information about HP and Poly accessories here. Or if you’re in the market for a new device, check out the HP device fleet here.

Kit out your team with Data#3 and HP

Gear can make or break your hybrid setup and significantly impact productivity. The marrying of HP and Poly is a strategic win, presenting end users with essential hardware, software, and accessories tailored to navigate the ever-changing terrain of hybrid work scenarios. By offering a selection of accessory bundles to reflect what remote and hybrid workers need in the real world, Data#3 is here to help you navigate this new era of work, and ensure your employers have everything they need to succeed.

Data#3 and HP have a long-standing history of delivering technology solutions that help businesses along their evolving digital transformation journey. Contact us to learn more about our HP Poly accessory bundles, as well as availability and pricing on our latest range of devices.