Frequently asked questions

About Data#3

What is your business address and how do I contact you?

Follow this link to access our contact and address page. Complete the form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

What are your ABN details?

Data#3 is an Australian publicly listed company. ABN is 31 010 545 267.

Business Aspect is a Data#3 Company. ABN 11 112 888 785.

How can I find your current annual report?

Visit our investor information page on the Data#3 website.

What products and services do you offer?

Data#3 is focused on helping customers solve complex business challenges using innovative technology solutions.

Built on a foundation of over 40 years’ experience, combined with world-leading vendor technologies, Data#3 delivers an integrated array of solutions spanning cloudmobilitysecuritydata & analytics and IT lifecycle management. These technology solutions are delivered by combining Data#3’s services across consultingprocurementproject servicesresourcing and managed services.

Data#3 partners with world-leading technology vendors. A summary is available here.

What is Data#3’s Quality Assurance accreditation?

Data#3 is a Quality Certified company to the International Standard: AS/NZS ISO9001. Refer to our Quality Policy document for more information.

How does Data#3 support the community?

In 2016, Data#3 refreshed its Social Responsibility and Community Program, which increased emphasis on ‘Community’, and confirmed it as one of Data#3’s key stakeholders. Popular annual initiatives include Data#3’s Charity Golf Day, Christmas giving program and World’s Greatest Shave.

Through the program, much needed funds have been raised for our nominated charities. Data#3 also supports its employees to give back through volunteering opportunities throughout the year and a workplace-giving program.

View Data#3’s current charity achievements.

What is Data#3’s policy on environmental sustainability?

You can view Data#3’s Environmental Sustainability Policy here.

Quote requests

How do I obtain a quote?

Existing customers: Contact your Data#3 sales support team, or use our contact form.

New customers: If you are a new customer to Data#3, complete our contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Ordering and deliveries

What information does Data#3 typically require to accept a purchase order?

To ensure prompt and accurate processing of your order, Data#3’s generic requirements include:

  • Purchase order number or reference number
  • Signed quotation from authorised customer representative
  • Delivery contact name or end user name
  • Delivery contact number
  • Delivery address
  • End user e-mail address
  • Total purchase price
  • Products requested to be purchased
  • Quantity of products requested to be purchased
  • Data#3 quote number reference
  • If a quote provides various procurement options, the option selected for purchase.

Data#3’s generic requirements for written acceptance by way of email and signed quotes must come directly from someone in a position of purchasing officer, manager or higher for Data#3 to process the transaction. If it’s not clear the requestor holds a position of this level, this must first be confirmed before proceeding with the order.

Please note that the above information sets out our typical requirements. These may change as part of specific contract obligations.

Can I order online?

Existing customers (depending on their specific circumstances) can access a number of self-service systems. See a full list of available portals here.

What is my order status or estimated time of arrival (ETA)?

Data#3 can provide a regular order status report, which includes an ETA for your outstanding orders. If you have further questions please contact your sales support team or submit an ETA request to

Estimated delivery dates are based on information available to us from suppliers and are subject to change at any time, without prior notice. We are not responsible for delays in delivery caused by a supplier or for other reasons beyond our reasonable control. We are not liable for any delays.

What do I need to do when accepting a delivery?

Data#3’s generic requirements state that the risk of loss or damage to goods will pass to the customer upon delivery of the goods to the customer or their authorised representative. This is the point in time that the customer should ensure they have insurance coverage in place.

It is therefore important that any discrepancy or potential damage is clearly noted on the consignment note by the recipient. It is recommended to confirm the following:

  • Does the box count match the consignment note?
  • Is there a box count on the consignment note, or did the courier ask to sign for 1 pallet?
  • Are you the correct recipient?
  • Is there any physical damage to the boxes including holes, dents, tampering or water damage?

Please note that the above information sets out our generic requirements. These may change as part of specific contract obligations.

What do I do if the goods arrive from the courier with damaged or missing boxes?

Damaged Goods

Below are a couple things to remember when signing for damaged consignments:

  • Notate all claimed damages
  • Be specific (e.g. 5 boxes damaged, 1 box water damaged)
  • “Subject to Inspection” is NOT a valid notation. When in doubt, notate “Damaged.”
  • If you must, refuse the delivery. If there are cases where the courier will not let you sign or check for damages, refuse the delivery.

Report damaged delivery claims to your Data#3 sales support team with details and photos for investigation. Retain affected products including boxes in the same condition they were received, until advised otherwise.

Customer damage claims will be assessed.
Short Shipment
If part of the shipment is missing, record the number of boxes received on the consignment note. Then also write down the number of missing boxes and note them as “short.”

Report short shipments to

What do I do if I receive an item that is dead on arrival (DOA) or defective?

If you receive a DOA or defective unit, contact your Data#3 sales support team with product and order details and product fault information.

DOA claim policies can vary between vendors/manufacturers and are treated as a replacement request, not a credit.

Although DOA units may be removed from their original packaging, the units should be kept in good condition and returned in the original package. Failure to do this may void the claim.

Customer DOA damage claims will be assessed.

Invoicing and payment

How do I apply for a payment account with Data#3?

Business customers can apply for payment terms (payment within 14 days).

To establish credit facilities with Data#3, follow the instructions to complete the application form.

What payment options do you accept?

Bank Transfer
For payment via Bank Transfer, contact your sales support team and they will assist you with your purchase. If you require Data#3’s payment details, contact

Please e-mail confirmation of your payment to

Credit Card
We accept MasterCard and Visa cards with no surcharges imposed by Data#3.

Credit Card

Your order will be processed after all necessary checks have been completed and payment is cleared.

Credit Account
Business customers can apply for payment terms (payment within 14 days).

To establish credit facilities with Data#3, follow the instructions to complete the application form.

Payment Solutions
To learn more about our ICT Payment Solutions complete our enquiry form, or contact your Data#3 Account Manager.

Data#3 is also able to invoice your preferred leasing services company.

How do I get a copy of an invoice or account statement?

Contact us with your enquiry at

What action should I take if my invoice contains incorrect information or is in dispute?

If you need to inquire about an invoice, please email the details to your Data#3 sales support team and

Warranty, return and cancellation requests – Data#3’s generic requirements

What is Data#3’s return and cancellation policy?

Change or Cancel an Order
In some circumstances, Data#3 may be able to accommodate a change or cancellation request. If you need to request a cancellation, change or notice a mistake on an order, contact your Data#3 sales support team immediately. Charges may apply to cancellations or address changes. Acceptance of a customer request for cancellation or change remains in Data#3’s sole discretion.

In some circumstances, Data#3 hardware and software vendors may be able to accept a return or replacement request. When you have a request to return an item, contact the Data#3 sales support team with product and order details and the reason for the return request. The information will be assessed as to whether approval can be provided for the return/refund, in Data#3’s sole discretion.

See our typical return conditions for physical items:

  • All goods shall be in a new condition
  • Some vendors require that the boxes are unopened
  • All goods shall not have any labels, markings etc. on the original packaging
  • All product descriptions and serial numbers must match exactly
  • The total number of items to be collected (in box numbers) must match exactly (couriers will not collect where the box count does not match the request)
  • All goods shall be collected by an authorised Data#3 agent
  • Customers must retain the POC (proof of collection), along with the matching return request number. These numbers may be asked for by Data#3 to aid in the resolution of your return request (i.e. especially if goods are lost in transit etc.)
  • Customers must have goods ready for collection within agreed timeframes
  • Restocking fees of up to 50% of the goods value may apply in some returns
  • Exceptions to the above must be noted in the original return request, otherwise any approvals to return goods may be rendered invalid and credits not issued
  • The returns and refund policies of vendors vary and this will influence our ability to fulfil your request.

Whom do I contact for warranty and support enquiries?

Your warranty details are typically supplied with the product, or available on the manufacturer or vendor’s website.

Warranty contact details for the hardware vendors most commonly sold by Data#3 are shown below. If the vendor is not listed below, visit the relevant manufacturer’s website or contact your Data#3 sales support team for assistance.

  • 3COM – 1800 075 316
  • APC – 1800 652 725
  • ARUBA – 1800 085 791
  • BELKIN – 1800 235 546
  • BENQ – 1300 130 336
  • CHERRY AUSTRALIA – (03) 9761 7844
  • CISCO – 1800 134 349
  • DELL/EMC – 1800 335 438
  • D-LINK – 1300-766-868 (option 3)
  • EPSON – 1300 361 054
  • ERGOTRON – 1300 957 508
  • HPI – 13 10 47
  • HPE – 13 11 47
  • INTEL – 1800 649 931
  • KINGSTON – 1800 620 569
  • LENOVO Think-Branded Products – 1800 043 849
  • LENOVO Idea-Branded Products – 1800 041 021
  • LG ELECTRONICS – 1800 687 955
  • MICROSOFT SURFACE – 13 20 58
  • PANASONIC – 13 26 00
  • POS POS – (02) 9420 0177
  • SAMSUNG (Hard Drives) – 1800 147 201
  • SONY (All Sony products except for Optical Drives & Data Media Tapes) – 1300 133 995
  • TARGUS – (02) 9807 1222
  • TOSHIBA – 13 30 70
  • WACOM AUSTRALIA – 1300 092 266 or (02) 8999 4233
  • ZEBRA – 1300 225 593