September 12, 2023

The economics of Device as a Service

Scott Burridge
National DaaS Specialist at Data#3

Do you want access to the latest and greatest technologies, cost savings, and scalability? These are just some of the business advantages fuelling the rapid ascent of XaaS (Anything as a Service) – and it’s no different in the world of devices.

Device as a Service (DaaS) covers the end-to-end provisioning, services, and support of device fleets, including tablets, laptops, desktops, printers, and even smartphones. It’s an approach that addresses several device-centric pain points for often overstretched IT departments. While traditional device procurement involves substantial upfront costs, ongoing maintenance, and lifecycle management challenges, DaaS bundles everything up under a single service for a consistent monthly cost per device.

The rise and rise of DaaS

You likely already understand the benefits of shifting from CAPEX (purchasing hardware outright) to OPEX (subscription-based purchasing) financial models – but a DaaS procurement model is so much more than simply buying a device. Taking the next step to adopt a DaaS framework – with all its included services –  may be uncharted territory for you, but it’s quickly becoming the preferred procurement method for many enterprise and government organisations. Market analysis estimated that the PC as a Service market will grow by approximately 43% between 2023 and 2028, with Australia slated to have one of the highest growth rates worldwide.

Given this incredible uptake, it’s clear the value of DaaS for IT teams is quickly becoming indisputable. By shifting the burden of hardware procurement, device inventory, updates, security patches, and troubleshooting to a DaaS provider like Data#3, there’s a much lighter load on the internal help-desk who can be freed up to focus on more innovative ways to leverage technology, driving core business growth and efficiency.

DaaS also comes pre-packaged with many other benefits, including:

DaaS and the enhanced employee experience

The last few years have seen a structural shift around where work takes place. Not too long ago, the majority of organisations required employees to spend most of their working lives on-site. Today, few organisations cling to that expectation, instead embracing a more independent way of working where employees work between the office and home. It’s a trend unlikely to reverse, which means the onus is on organisations to provide structure and support for employees working in this ‘in-between state

Organisations that get this newer model right will become destination workplaces that reap the rewards of increased productivity and talent retention.

While there are many wrinkles to iron out when tailoring a DaaS approach, the unique context of your organisation’s technology is your best friend for streamlining communication, collaboration, and access to resources across diverse locations and time zones. DaaS provides multiple advantages to smooth the process.

Rapid onboarding

DaaS simplifies the onboarding process for new employees by caching standardised stock, providing immediate access to ready-to-use devices out of the box. Each new device is remotely staged and configured with all the necessary bundled accessories, applications, policies, and security settings. This ensures employees can hit the ground running and contribute to the team quickly, setting a positive tone for their initial experience within your organisation.

Minimal downtime

When a user experiences hardware malfunctions or if a device is stolen, DaaS providers are on hand to quickly replace or repair devices so your employees can continue working without significant disruptions. Since data and applications are hosted remotely, software upgrades and security patches can also be quickly administered using cloud-based endpoint management solutions, such as Microsoft Intune, without impacting end users.

Faster refresh cycles

Hybrid workers need reliable devices to remain productive and connected to their colleagues – at home or in the office. In fact, almost half of workers say they would quit their job if their workplace technology was not up to scratch . By allowing organisations to refresh devices sooner and upgrade to new technologies easier, DaaS ensures employees are kitted out with the best and latest technology. By providing employees with the latest devices, organisations not only address their performance needs but also communicate a commitment to supporting their work experience. It’s also worth noting recent research conducted by Intel identified that business workers lose more than one work week per year due to old PCs running on outdated technology.

Empowering individual choice

DaaS can be vendor, and device, agnostic – meaning employees are not tied to a small selection of devices. Instead, they can choose from a wide range without being limited to a single brand.
Under Modern Management, leveraging Intune and Autopilot, IT teams no longer need to manage bespoke images per device model. Rather, the base OS remains intact, and policies and settings are layered on top – making multi-vendor environments a breeze for IT teams to manage.

For example, if an employee is familiar with a certain laptop, choosing a device they are comfortable with reduces the learning curve associated with using new devices, leading to quicker adoption and enhanced productivity. Of course, providing employees with options and choices demonstrates that their preferences and needs are considered, and their employer values their input.

The next step on your DaaS journey

Integrating DaaS into your hybrid work strategy can enhance employee productivity, provide a consistent and secure computing experience, and offer operational benefits for your organisation. However, like any technology decision, careful consideration of the specific needs and goals of the business is essential before implementing DaaS or any other solution.

Data#3’s DaaS offering involves the procurement of modern devices bundled with your choice of services. This includes modern device management, app delivery, analytics, security, and software asset management to deliver the latest devices your users want, and the ‘as a service’ flexibility and pricing you need.

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Get in touch today with a Data#3 device specialist to discuss your fleet needs and receive a detailed view of your purchasing options across leasing vs DaaS.