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Data#3 specialises in providing Cloud, Mobility, Security, Data & Analytics, and IT Lifecycle Management solutions. By combining world-leading technology from our partners with our experienced business consultants and technical specialists, Data#3 helps you to unlock the value of your technology investment and deliver real business value.

Many organisations aspire to take advantage of Cloud technology, but don’t have the necessary processes, tools, or skills to complete a transition effectively.

It’s all about a hybrid approach, choosing the right options, in the right way, to optimise the use of your technology and resources and maximising the value of your Cloud investments.

Data#3 assists customers by providing consulting expertise, Cloud specialists, and a range of migration and management services; making the shift a seamless process irrespective of whether you’re new to Cloud solutions or want to improve your existing services.

Today’s workforce demands instant access to their applications, data, and the tools that help them collaborate. This step-change in expectations has placed businesses under increased pressure to support flexible work practices.

Data#3’s mobility solutions provide fast, reliable and secure access which connects people, systems and information; anywhere, anytime and from any device.

By integrating new mobile enterprise applications with both your existing infrastructure and Cloud-based services, our mobility solutions give your teams unprecedented freedom to work when and where they want. Furthermore, by including our collaboration solutions into your mobility strategy, you can empower your team with intuitive tools that make remote working more effective than being in the room.

A rapidly evolving threat landscape where breach incidents are occurring on a regular basis means that organisations large and small need to take a more vigilant and proactive approach to IT security.

Data#3’s security framework simplifies the increasingly complex task of protecting your technology assets. Comprising of four key elements; Prepare, Protect, Detect and Respond, this consultation-driven framework is designed to not only protect you from threats, but also help you detect security breaches, and then rapidly contain them.

Exponential data growth and unparalleled levels of access have created a new data-driven world; one in which an organisation’s ability to gather, process and leverage all available information has a significant impact on its success.

Data#3’s Data & Analytics Solutions address the need to connect the previously unconnected (IoT), consolidate the volumes of data (Big Data), and provide access to previously inaccessible information to guide your business decisions.

With multiple license agreements, renewal dates and maintenance contracts for all your hardware and software assets, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the cost and complexity associated with managing your IT lifecycle.

By consolidating and streamlining your IT environment, Data#3 helps you reduce complexity, minimise total cost of ownership, ensure compliance and maximise the value of your assets.

Solutions Framework

Data#3’s Solutions Framework helps to ‘connect the dots’ between a customer’s business objectives, our business technology solutions, the choices by which they can be consumed, market-leading vendor technologies, our ‘customer first’ culture and consistent engagement through our customer solution lifecycle methodology.

The Solution Framework has been developed to provide a consistent structure for articulating the business value of any business technology solution and the rationale for choosing Data#3 as the business technology solution provider.

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