Cloud Security

A new breed of security for the cloud generation

The enterprise is in hot pursuit of agility, collaboration, and cost-efficiencies. Cloud promises all this and more, but it also comes with new security challenges. This is because the perimeter has vanished, and it’s playing havoc when it comes to enforcing security, compliance, and governance policies.

Today’s organisations are faced with a myriad of challenges in their pursuit to secure the cloud. The average organisation believes its employees are using 452 cloud applications. However, according to a 2019 study the actual number of Shadow IT apps is nearly four times higher at 1,8071. This creates an abundance of unaccounted for corporate data in the cloud.

  • Do you know where data from your cloud apps and services resides?
  • How do you ensure that sensitive documents cannot be shared inappropriately?
  • Are your security measures robust enough to block malicious users?
  • Do you know which apps you can trust with business-critical information?


Of enterprise workloads estimated to be in the cloud by 2020.1


The average number of mobile devices infected with Malware at any given time at a global 2000 organisation.2


The average cost of an Australian data breach.

Confidently secure your future in the cloud

Organisations are increasingly turning to Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) platforms to address these new challenges. Representing a far more elastic approach to security than models of the past, Data#3’s industry leading selection of CASB solutions provide customers the ability to:

  • Discover and control use of Shadow IT
  • Protect against data loss and compliance violations
  • Detect and remediate threats in cloud apps
  • Investigate and respond to incidents.

All while leveraging your existing security assets and investments to deliver the most effective security for the cloud.


Move to the cloud with confidence

Request a Shadow Data Audit today to identify the risky data and cloud apps that your employees are using.

Security without compromise

CASB solutions will unlock unprecedented visibility, data security and threat protection for your organisation, providing comprehensive protection for today’s cloud generation across sanctioned and unsanctioned apps.

Today, unsanctioned apps are being used across the board. As shadow IT increases, how are IT teams supposed to secure what they don’t know about? CASB solutions remove these blind spots and takes back control of Shadow IT with complete visibility into where your data resides, where data goes and who has access to it. Understand which apps to sanction, what subscriptions to streamline, and where to enforce controls.

The average enterprise is using 1,807 cloud apps –

4 times

more than they typically think.3

When it comes to employee productivity, cloud apps provide great opportunities to collaborate and innovate, but this also makes them susceptible to inadvertent sharing of confidential data. CASB solutions can identify sensitive data, monitor data at risk, encrypt sensitive content, and enforce policy controls to prevent data breaches.


of employees have access to data they shouldn’t.2

As most enterprise-grade cloud apps feature built-in security features, malicious attackers are more likely to target user credentials than attempt to break through fortified architectures. Users innocently connecting with malware infected devices can also compromise data security across the wider organisation. CASB solutions use User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) and integrated malware protection to intelligently detect and block malicious activity.


of people use the same or similar passwords for multiple accounts.4

The more you know about your cloud activity, the better equipped you are to protect your organisation. CASB solutions use rich log-based intelligence to quickly investigate any areas of concern, providing easily searched and filtered logs of granular cloud activity by user, app, location or more.  Data is presented graphically for fast analysis and even faster decision making.

Whilst the first generation of CASBs (CASB 1.0) helped enterprises secure their cloud, they lacked integration with existing on-premises security investments. Separate islands of security left gaps that could be exploited. CASB 2.0 solutions represents the next generation of cloud app security, which intelligently integrates with your existing security infrastructure, including DLP, endpoint management, web security, encryption, user authentication and advanced malware protection. Not only providing greater security coverage – it also reduces operational complexity and optimises the user experience. Increasingly, more organisations are turning to CASB to secure their entire enterprise.


of large enterprises will use a CASB platform by 2020.5

Move to the cloud with confidence

Combining the experience of a dedicated strategic consulting team, as well as hands-on cybersecurity specialists, Data#3 has one of the most mature and highly accredited security teams in Australia. Leveraging a breadth of security solutions and a strong vendor portfolio Data#3 can help you design, implement and maintain superior security measures, tailored to protect your business.

As Microsoft’s largest Australian partner, and a Microsoft Gold Security Partner Data#3’s expert team are globally recognised as leaders in securing your environment with the Microsoft Security portfolio. Additionally, as Cisco Security Architecture Specialists, and a Gold Master Specialised Cisco Partner Data#3 implements best-in-class Cisco security solutions.

Next Steps

Everything starts with detection – if you don’t know what you have, you don’t know what you need to protect.
Contact us below to request a Shadow Data Audit to quickly identify your risky data and cloud apps.

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