October 31, 2023

Surface and education: a match made in technology heaven 

Mia Chen-Wong
Microsoft Surface Solution Specialist

Microsoft continues to grow the Surface device family by introducing new generations to keep students and teachers at the forefront of educational technology. Many of the Surface models have easily found their home in schools and tertiary institutions across the country – and the world – thanks to their thoughtful alignment with the evolving needs of modern education in a digital and hybrid world. 

Recently, Surface added three new generations to their device family, which you can read about in more detail here. In this blog though, we’ll take a closer look at why Surface continues to be a stand-out in education. Whether your devices are used by students, teachers or IT teams, Surface sets the bar in various areas:  

The various form factors – tablets, 2-in-1 laptops, and traditional laptops allow schools to cater to diverse learning needs and preferences among students and educators. Often a single device can serve multiple purposes, making it an adaptable and cost-effective fleet choice. 

Natural ink and touch capabilities allow students and teachers to write, draw, and interact with content intuitively, creating a more engaging and interactive learning experience that encourages creativity and active participation in the educational process. 

Surface devices are hardy and long-lasting thanks to their aluminium chassis that makes them able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use by students of all ages. They also tend to have a longer lifespan compared to other devices thanks to their high level of repairability and Designed for Surface rugged accessories, reducing the need for frequent and often costly replacements. 

Modern multimedia experiences improve with each new generation. Devices are kitted with vibrant screens, rich audio and brilliant cameras to support the digital learning experience. 

They are more secure than ever thanks to the fact that the new Surface devices are now all Secured-Core PCs. These devices have been explicitly created to provide extra protection for people handling sensitive information – a must-have in educational settings. Features include modern device management, remote management (meaning items like the camera or microphone can be disabled as required), built-in cloud-powered security, and multiple methods of highly secure password-less authentication with Windows Hello. You can learn more about these features here. 

Repairability across all devices has become a key focus for Microsoft with newly expanded serviceability options. This includes the ability for trained technicians to replace or repair parts (in most places, this is a same-day service) including the display, keyboard assembly, battery, storage, and motherboard (depending on the device) – giving an added layer of convenience and longevity to all devices. 

Some devices also have accessory compatibility with older models to allow customers who have already invested in holders, mounts, cases, and various other Designed for Surface peripherals to seamlessly transition to the newer devices without upgrading those components.  

What the latest Surface devices bring to your school 

Let’s focus now on the education relevant specs with the latest release devices – the highly versatile Surface Go 4 perfect for K-12 students, the classroom-ready Surface Laptop Go 3, and the powerhouse Surface Laptop Studio 2. In this latest release, Microsoft has opted for a consistent form factor across all device enhancements, adhering to the philosophy that “it’s what’s inside that matters”. 

True adaptability for K – 12 with Surface Go 4 

The Surface Go 4 offers the familiarity of a tablet with a built-in, adjustable kickstand and attachable Type Cover to seamlessly transform into a laptop. Like its predecessors, Go 4 is an ultraportable, versatile and cost-effective option at the lower end of the market. 

Impactful performance for grades 6 – 12 with Surface Laptop Go 3 

Built like a traditional laptop with the added bonus of a touchscreen, the Surface Laptop Go 3 finely balances price, power, portability and practicality, and promises to continue to attract the attention of education customers.  

Versatility for tertiary and higher education with Surface Laptop Studio 2  

The more demanding needs of higher education and tertiary are easily met with the Surface Laptop Studio 2, an adaptable device with a dynamic woven hinge that takes the user from laptop mode to studio mode, while delivering enterprise-level performance to power through their learning tasks.  

Enhance your school fleet with the Designed for Surface range  

You may be familiar with Surface accessories – Surface Pen, Dial, Mice and Type Covers. Beyond these Microsoft-made peripherals, the officially licensed Designed for Surface accessories range provide plenty more options for kitting out your Surface fleet, with an extra focus on device protection and accessibility. Plus, Designed for Surface accessories are developed and tested to ensure proper fit, function, and quality standards. 

Just quickly on the Surface Pen options – there’s an expanded range on offer that includes the original Surface Slim Pen, Surface Pro Pen and a new Surface Classroom Pen with pared-down features so younger students can adjust to the digital inking experience.  

Request a device demo

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