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Finance and leasing

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing multiple technology and finance contracts

Solution benefits:

  • Consolidate your IT solutions into a single, easy to manage payment plan
  • Simplify payment processes and improve business efficiency
  • Improve transparency and certainty over IT expenditure
  • Reduce the cost and complexity associated with managing multiple vendors and finance providers
  • Maximise ROI for your technology investment
  • Reduce upfront capital expenditure by transitioning to an opex-based model.

Equipment purchases, software licenses, maintenance SLAs, managed IT services…your business technology spend can be a disparate mix of rental, agreements, payment plans, contracts and service agreements. Left unchecked, this inefficient way of managing IT expenditure can end up costing your business significant amounts of time and money.

Consolidate and simplify

At Data#3, we’ve created a customised Payment solution offering that provides coverage for your entire technology platform, including infrastructure, software and managed services.

By consolidating all your payment contracts and service agreements with Data#3 into a single, easy to manage payment solution, we help reduce the complexity associated with managing multiple contracts and provide you with ultimate transparency and certainty over your IT costs.

This single point of accountability simplifies your payment processes, improves business efficiency and maximises the value of your technology investments.

A strategic approach to IT expenditure

Data#3 can also help you develop and implement a cost effective IT Lifecycle Management strategy for your ICT assets. By transitioning from a capex to an opex-based model, you enjoy predictable, consistent outcomes for your technology spend and can free up much needed capital for other operational expenses.

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