May 09, 2024

Sustainability reloaded: unleashing impact beyond technology

Sarah Roxburgh
Product Developer – HP Technology Solutions, Data#3

In a world driven by technology in every facet of our day-to-day lives, emphasis on the importance of sustainable practices is only increasing. As artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technologies continue to evolve, market demands and consumer expectations are shifting, putting pressure on organisations to innovate responsibly.

It’s an exciting time in IT, as AI and the PC are being redefined, and with them, so too are our approaches to modern device management and the adoption of greener fleets. While environmental consciousness is paramount, organisations are increasingly recognising the need to integrate advancements in modern technology to better support sustainability in core business strategies.

Although the journey to sustainability looks different for every organisation, you may be surprised to find out how easy it is to take the first step with the right partner at your side.

Working together for a greener future

At Data#3, we believe sustainability is not just a tick box; it’s an ongoing commitment to creating a better future for our planet and people. For over 45 years, we’ve aligned our efforts to generate positive change while delivering superior technology solutions to businesses across Australia. Our longstanding partnership with HP is underpinned by this shared vision to build a more sustainable and greener future. We are also proud to be part of HP’s Amplify program as an Amplify Impact Partner.

One of the cornerstones of our sustainable approach lies in the development of our device-as-a-service (DaaS) offerings. Not only does DaaS enhance operational efficiency, but it also extends device lifecycles, reduces waste, and further supports responsible resource management with secure decommissioning and circular economy reporting. When paired with the latest HP devices, such as the HP EliteBook 1040 G11, you can be confident that you are choosing one of the most sustainable lifecycle management solutions available on the market, which has also been globally recognised by Microsoft.

Let’s explore how DaaS intersects with sustainability, using the latest devices from HP from the world’s most sustainable workforce portfolio.

The power of DaaS

Making a commitment to sustainability is easy, but turning that commitment into action is harder. With HP and Data#3 at your side, you’re easily able to support sustainability across the entire device lifecycle with confidence knowing that the devices your team uses have been procured and optimised with both sustainability and productivity in mind.

So how does it work?

It starts with a circular economy

HP aims to achieve 75% circularity for all its products and packaging by 2030 – ensuring that materials used in the production of their devices are continuously recycled. The current generation of devices already leads the way with 39% circularity by weight.

When paired with Data#3’s DaaS, you are empowered with a proactive and sustainable asset recovery strategy that optimises the physical, financial, and contractual aspects of IT asset retirement. Procured assets are refurbished and recycled when they reach end of life (EOL), contributing to a circular economy that reduces your costs and enables your organisation to meet sustainability goals.

This means at least 75% of your retired IT assets go back ‘into the circle.’

Under Data#3’s DaaS you are provided with a circular economy report, providing visibility on the direct impact your IT has on the overall sustainability goals of your organisation including the depth of carbon, energy, and landfill savings from systems that are returned, as well as insight into the plastics and metals that have been recovered.

Recycle all sustainable materials

HP has long been dedicated to integrating sustainable materials into the production of its devices. With the introduction of AI PCs, HP has taken this commitment to a new level, surpassing the mere incorporation of recycled materials. They are actively pursuing a reduction in raw material usage, demonstrating a remarkable dedication to environmental responsibility.

The new HP EliteBook 1040 G11 exemplifies this dedication, featuring innovative use of materials such as fishing nets in the keyboard—a pioneering feat in the industry. Moreover, HP has ingeniously incorporated recycled cooking oil (yes, you read that right – cooking oil!) into the manufacturing process of the device bezel.

Download HP EliteBook 1040 Datasheet

For more information on HP’s ground breaking sustainability initiatives and their world-leading portfolio of eco-friendly PCs, check out their comprehensive collateral on the world’s most sustainable PC portfolio.

Optimise the employee experience

Data#3’s DaaS transforms the way your employees interact with technology by providing a seamless device experience, employees can focus on what matters most to your organisation – productivity, collaboration, and innovation. When their devices are efficiently managed, your team can work smarter, leading to improved satisfaction and boosted productivity.

Set the foundation for efficient and resilient IT operations

DaaS streamlines IT operations, reducing operating costs and saving valuable staff time. With a predictable subscription model, organisations can allocate resources effectively, ensuring devices are up-to-date, secure, and sustainable. By minimising downtime and maximising efficiency, DaaS contributes to a resilient IT ecosystem.

A purpose-driven partnership

Our partnership with HP is driven by technology, and underpinned by the goal of creating a positive impact. Together, we’re building better businesses while safeguarding the environment.

Learn more about DaaS Learn more about our partnership with HP

Ready to up your organisations sustainability game?

We invite you to join us in making a difference – where one device, one solution, and one sustainable step can have a lasting impact. Contact us today to find out how your organisation can take that first step towards a more sustainable future.