September 25, 2023

Experience a productive, network-secure classroom with the latest Lenovo devices for Education

Taryn Trass
National Practice Manager - Lenovo

Having access to reliable and secure technology is critical for helping students and teachers excel in the classroom. Schools are challenged to provide a safe and effective learning environment, while balancing functionality and affordability of their hardware fleets.

For teachers to do what they do best, they need purpose-built devices that take their needs into account to better support modern learning. That’s what Data#3’s strategic partner, Lenovo, have achieved with their latest range of education solutions. Their devices help you manage, maintain, and protect your network – so you can focus on teaching and your students can focus on learning.

In this blog, we’ll look at the latest ThinkPad Education devices by Lenovo that are now available. Pairing these devices with Lenovo’s software and services allows you to transform your classroom management, for a productive and secure learning environment.

Introducing the devices

Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga

The Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga is ideal for students on the go. With its high screen-to-body ratio, it’s great at boosting productivity for busy students juggling lots of projects. Its thin and lightweight design makes it a perfect student-friendly option, as it’s easy to carry around all day and doesn’t take up much space in backpacks.

This device has made security a major consideration throughout its design, which is critical in the classroom. It utilises built-in ThinkShield and Intel vPro® platform security to keep data, users, and devices secure. The Power-On Touch Fingerprint Reader feature ensures only the intended user can access the device – an important feature to avoid students being able to access each other’s devices if forgotten or left lying around. It also harnesses enhanced AI security for an additional layer of protection.

This device also takes sustainability seriously. It’s built through a reduced-emissions manufacturing process, created from Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) recycled materials, and arrives in plastic-free packaging made from 90% recycled materials. Both Data#3 and Lenovo are committed to reducing the environmental impact of devices.

Lenovo ThinkPad 500w Yoga

For the visual learners who need a larger device, the Lenovo ThinkPad 500w Yoga features an industry-unique 12.2” 16:10 display. The WUXGA IPS touch screen makes for an immersive learning experience for your more hands-on students. It’s a highly versatile 360-degree laptop, built to flex, and able to withstand tough conditions. With Lenovo’s industry best DuraSpec standard, you can be assured this device will survive any drops, spills, or pressure it might encounter in your classroom.

If you need to teach students remotely, this is also a great option – it makes remote learning more engaging with a higher-resolution Full HD front-facing camera and a 5MP world-facing camera. The additional mic and Dolby dual speakers enhance clarity for rich video.

Lenovo ThinkPad 300w Yoga 

This device features HD resolution for sharper visuals, helping students easily absorb complex information. With a 360-degree hinge, it’s also sturdy and durable for a classroom environment, and easy to use on the go. Powered by an Intel N100 or N200 processor and Intel UHD Graphics, the device makes browsing and performing multitasking activities easier for the end-user.

Configured with up to 256GB SSD storage and up to 8GB LPDDR5 memory, there’s plenty of space for students to save any applications, files, videos, or other media they need across all their classes. With up to 12.2 hours of battery life, it’ll make it through the school day even if your students forget to bring their charger.

Safeguard your new devices with Lenovo’s complementary education software solutions

Lenovo has designed security-focused software solutions to help schools adapt to the dynamic setting of today’s modern education environment. Along with our other trusted partners, Lenovo offers dependable and budget-friendly tools to promote engagement while keeping students and networks safer online. 

Lenovo NetFilter

Content filtering and student safety
Receive cloud-based, AI-driven web filtering and threat protection to keep students safer online. Documentation is easy with built-in reporting, and filtering categorisation is available in over 40 languages. Upgrade to Lenovo NetFilter+ for real-time keystroke alerts to identify when intervention is needed.
LanSchoolClassroom management software
For over 30 years, LanSchool has been guiding learning, promoting collaboration, and maximising teaching time. Popular features include Screen Monitoring, Blank Screen, Messaging, Push Website, Limit Web, Battery Status, and Share Screen – which are all available in the classroom and remotely.
AbsoluteMobile device management and analytics
Automatically collect hundreds of data points about your devices to understand usage and automate hardware inventory. A customisable dashboard with reports and alerts helps IT teams monitor installed software, assess their security posture, and measure application health – with 365 days of historical logs.
SentinelOneCyber security
Replace legacy antivirus with an easy-to-manage endpoint solution. Predict, stop and correct the effects of malware with autonomous threat responses that trigger protective action in real time. One click remediation and recovery reverse authorised changes and restore any data affected by the attack.
Lenovo Device IntelligenceAI device intelligence
Assess, predict and prevent performance issues – at scale. This product uses advanced AI to provide more accurate insights as it monitors a school or district’s use patterns. With LDI, school IT teams can ensure less device down time and more focused learning for their students.

Interested in finding out more about how to stock your school’s hardware fleet with secure, dependable devices? As a Lenovo Platinum partner, Data#3 can help you configure and implement a Lenovo solution that’s right for your organisation. Contact a Data#3 Lenovo specialist today.