Azure Optimiser

Transform Your Cloud Experience

Are you ready for a new cloud experience – where hidden costs are detected, repetitive tasks are automated and you have assurance your cloud remains stable, secure and compliant? Data#3’s Azure Optimiser empowers you to take control of your entire Azure cloud infrastructure.

With Azure Optimiser, you can obtain a 360° view of your cloud infrastructure, detect security loopholes and deploy solutions with one click. Gain back control of complex cloud infrastructure and achieve business efficiency, with Data#3’s all-in-one managed cloud solution. Contact Data#3 for a demonstration.

Azure Optimiser Demonstration

Explore cost optimisation, cost allocation, cloud visibility, security, automation and governance in this demonstration. Discover an all-in-one solution to manage the complex and sophisticated cloud for:

  • Cloud Visibility
  • Cost Allocation
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Security and Health
  • Governance and Reporting
  • Cloud Automation

Cost Management is a common request from customers

who struggle to unpack their Azure bill and allocate costs internally for chargeback.


5 questions to ask your Azure Managed Services provider

Azure Optimiser and Managed Azure

We built the Data#3 suite of Cloud Managed Services in response to customer requests for cost management, with two plans for Managed Azure.

Customers can engage Data#3 for a complete Managed Azure Service, or select the Azure Optimiser Service to help manage the complexities of Azure. The Azure Optimiser Service combines a comprehensive toolset that provides Cloud Visibility, Cost Allocation, Cost Optimisation, Security and Health, Governance and Reporting and Cloud Automation for Azure.

It is enhanced by Data#3’s Azure Managed Services experts, who deliver automation functionality and tailored monthly reporting.

Managed Azure

Data#3’s Managed Azure is a total solution that supports Microsoft Azure. The Managed Azure Service provides access to the Azure Optimiser Service, and also includes:

  • Tenancy and IaaS Management – Subscription and tenancy management
  • Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery – Ensuring capacity, backup, test restores and managed DR
  • Support and Service Desk – 24×7 Critical Incident support
  • Security and Identity Management – Including MFA, Azure Active Directory, VPN, and Certificate Management
  • Azure Network Management – Supporting connectivity to Azure, including firewall & ExpressRoute
  • Monitoring and Alerting – Continued monitoring by Data#3’s Event Management team


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