Cloud Optimiser


There has never been a more critical point in time to start improving business processes to prevent unnecessary expenditure, than now.

Managing cloud spend to keep within budget should be a priority. However, doing so remains a challenge with many moving parts to stay on top of. In most cases, organisations are significantly spending more on their cloud environments than is necessary.

When looking at overall cloud expenditure, cost is not the only consideration you should be making – security, governance and regulatory compliance are all areas which require careful attention and management.  


Without the ability to easily manage the complexities of your cloud environment, you may be struggling with: 

  • Visibility across all cloud assets 
  • Detailed reporting and cost breakdown 
  • Ability to allocate cloud consumption 
  • Identifying potential savings  
  • Identifying potential security issues 
  • Maintaining compliance standards  
  • Improving efficiency through task automation  


Data#3’s Cloud Optimiser gives you back control

Data#3’s Cloud Optimiser solution is a managed service that helps you take control of the varied complexities of the cloud.

This all-in-one managed service helps you gain a deeper understanding of your existing cloud services, providing in-depth visibility to consumption and preventing unnecessary expenditure through usage and billing trends, as well as providing security and cloud health reporting.

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Data#3’s Cloud Optimiser solves your cloud management challenges

While it may not be immediately obvious, the cost of status quo when it comes to managing your cloud environment can be significant. More often than not, organisations are generally overprovisioning cloud workloads without reason, resulting in wasted expenditure and resourcing.


Cloud visibility, or lack thereof, can be a real challenge for organisations.

Lack of both visibility and the time needed to identify issues can lead to an array of concerns, such as poor governance across multiple clouds, ballooning cloud spend, lack of ability to forecast spend accurately and increased security threats.

Security and Compliance

Within many organisations, cloud estates are far from secure or compliant.

The reality of fast-paced cloud adoption means that organisations engaged in multi-cloud adoption now have a greater threat surface than ever before. These same organisations also now face compliance configuration issues – which often go unaddressed for long periods of time.

Data#3’s Cloud Optimiser is backed by Managed Service Specialists

A comprehensive toolset, enhanced by Data#3’s Managed Service Specialists, Cloud Optimiser delivers automation functionality and tailored monthly reporting to help you streamline and successfully manage the complexities of your cloud environment.

Cloud Visibility:

Cost monitoring 

Inventory utilisation 

Azure, AWS, GCP, VMWare



Cost Allocation:

Resource allocation





Cost Optimisation:


Track wastage 

RI planner 

RI utilisation 

Hybrid benefit utilisation 

Governance and Reporting:

Tailored reporting and guidance 

Reporting templates 

Budgets and alerting 


Security and Health:

Assess security posture

Security & compliance Reporting



Automation and Efficiency:

Detect idle servers 

Schedule service start/stops 

Notification and opt-outs 

Schedule backups 


What to expect from Data#3’s Cloud Optimiser

The Cloud Optimiser solution provides access to Data#3’s Cloud Optimiser tool and cloud managed service engineers, who will provide you with tailored monthly reports, as well as guidance and recommendations on what you can do to drive cloud service optimisation.

The Cloud Optimiser service also includes portal access to online training modules and FAQs, so you can maximise your investment with ongoing training and support. A subscription-based service, Cloud Optimiser is a 12-month commitment invoiced monthly based on a percentage of total public cloud usage.

A team of cloud specialists, at your service

Data#3 is Microsoft’s largest Australian partner and is both an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider and an Azure Modernisation Factory partner. Our capability in Azure is unsurpassed in Australia. Data#3 holds 11 Advanced Specialisations, has Microsoft MVPs on staff and has members on a Global Microsoft Partner Advisory Council.

To learn more about how Cloud Optimiser could provide visibility and cost control in your cloud environment, fill out the form below and a Cloud Solution Specialist will be in touch to provide you with a value demonstration.

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