July 02, 2024

Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) (Queensland Section) depended on disparate data sources and wanted to integrate aircraft, patient, and crew data to provide a clear picture of availability. This integration was particularly essential for day-to-day operations to ensure they could provide the ‘finest care to the furthest corner.’

“The work we’re doing ensures that pilots, nurses, and doctors have the right information. Rather than a 000-dispatcher calling multiple places to find the right aircraft, we can tell them straight away. For example, we had a critically ill patient who needed to travel to Brisbane, and we could see that the closest crew was not the best match for the patient’s needs and could immediately locate the best option,” said Nick Warwick, Data Integration and Analytics Manager, Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section).

In this video, discover how RFDS utilised the power of Microsoft Power BI, Azure Functions, Power Apps, and Flow workflows to deliver digital transformation that helps save lives.

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