There is an active zero-day vulnerability impacting multiple on-premises Microsoft Exchange Servers. Secure your environment with our best-practice recommendations and learn more about how the attack works.

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2021’s Must-Attend Virtual IT Conference. JuiceIT, Data#3’s annual comprehensive business IT and vendor showcase is expected to attract more than 1,000 delegates, who seek to actively engage with Data#3 and world-leading technology partners to keep pace with the ever-changing and fast-evolving IT landscape.

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Register now to join us for an interactive Q&A with Data#3 and Aruba’s network experts, as they share how a Network as a Service (NaaS) solution at your organisation can make all the difference for future network growth.

HP Virtual Reality Demonstration

Through virtual reality (VR), students (and teachers!) can interact and engage with complex concepts whilst supporting collaboration, creativity and academic curiosity.

In this video, Data#3’s HP Device Specialist, Marayka Chen, takes the HP Reverb G2 Headset and HP Z Backpack for a spin, exploring what’s possible with HP’s VR equipment in the classroom.

8 tips for optimising your Azure environment

95% of Azure cloud customers have room for improvement.

Microsoft Azure remains the fastest growing public cloud1 – and for good reason. The Azure intelligent cloud continues to deliver on the promise of cost savings, security, flexibility and scalability.

The unparalleled turbulence of 2020 and its resulting effects have been monumental. Driven by the global pandemic, mass changes to working structure and patterns, and a host of flow-on effects, the pace of change has been unrelenting.

Technology Intelligence Solutions

Data#3 has found 54% of customers are overspending on hardware and licensing, and wasting IT budgets, while the other 46% are often under-licensed and pose a compliance risk. Manage and optimise software, hardware and even cloud workloads, from the one platform, with new Technology Intelligence Solutions from Data#3.

Introducing Lifecycle 360: How Customers Helped Reimagine the Data#3 Hub

In 2015, when the Data#3 Hub was launched, the world was a very different place; the term “COVID-19” had never been uttered and TikTok was still a biscuit. The Data#3 Hub was created as a maintenance portal to help customers easily track their infrastructure. With nearly one million managed assets, over 700 customers, and countless resource hours saved, the Data#3 Hub has well and truly delivered on its key aim.

Microsoft Teams modern meeting solutions

As the next-generation of meeting style begins to emerge, so too are a raft of bleeding edge devices and software designed to bridge the physical and virtual divide. Designed to work with Microsoft Teams, these modern meeting room solutions keep remote workers and their office-based colleagues connected.

HPE GreenLake Swift

Hybrid Cloud: have small to medium enterprises (SMEs) been missing out? No longer, GreenLake Swift is here. Swift is the same GreenLake model, now pre-configured especially for SMEs, reducing the workload for already stretched IT teams and bridging the gap between large enterprise needs and small business budgets. Learn more with this blog.