Your guide to the ACSC’s Essential Eight Maturity Model
As of July 12, 2021, the new Essential Eight maturity model became available. Anyone familiar with the original ASD Essential Eight controls will quickly realise that the new maturity model is a beast but fills a lot of gaps. The updates have inspired a new series of blogs to help customers understand their security posture and advance through the controls maturity levels 0-3.

Data#3: A Story of Sustainability

Every day, and every year, it is our aim to improve on every one of our four pillars. To bring you on this journey with us, we’ve created a full report that details our successes and endeavours in each of these four pillars.

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Knight Frank Cloud Transition Enables Breakthrough Property Services


The Knight Frank team in Australia sought to reduce its on-premises data centre footprint and create operational efficiencies by moving to the cloud. Aside from increasing resiliency and capacity, it was intended for the new process to pave the way for a smarter use of data and provide the foundation for Knight Frank to offer exciting new services for customers.

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8 tips for optimising your Azure environment

95% of Azure cloud customers have room for improvement.

Microsoft Azure remains the fastest growing public cloud1 – and for good reason. The Azure intelligent cloud continues to deliver on the promise of cost savings, security, flexibility and scalability.

What is Data#3 Velocity?

Data#3 Velocity is our commitment to simplify your technology journey so you can accelerate your business outcomes and enable success.

This new digital toolkit incorporates existing Data#3 platforms, such as Lifecycle 360 and Technology Intelligence, and will include eCommerce capabilities in the future.

Leveraging the full-service platform that facilitates everything from online procurement through to adoption and operation, Data#3 Velocity ensures you add value to your technology investments.

Data#3 inspires the future ICT workforce with the Australian Computer Society’s Gateway to Industry Schools program

Introducing Lifecycle 360: How Customers Helped Reimagine the Data#3 Hub

Ensuring that your hardware, maintenance and subscriptions are supported and secure can be a full-time job. Data#3’s Lifecycle 360 (previously known as The Data#3 Hub) gives you visibility and control throughout the asset lifecycle, so you’ll never lose hardware, miss an upgrade or let a support contract lapse again.

The Science of Storage

Data is everything; and today almost everything is data.

By 2025 it is expected that there will be over 2,000 zettabytes of data stored globally1. That’s enough data to fill 70 trillion 32GB smart phones and according to IDC, 80% of your data will be unstructured by 2025.

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