Veeam Availability Platform - Data#3

Veeam Availability Platform

Taking data availability to the next level with the Veeam Availability Platform.

ASD Essential 8 eBook - Data#3

The ASD Essential Eight Explained eBook

Authored by Logan Daley, Information Assurance Specialist at Data#3, this collection of works deep dives into the practical actions organisations can take to make their networks more secure in an era of ever-changing threats.

Preparing for the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme - Data#3

Preparing For The Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

Information Assurance in Australia has always been important to those with ownership of critical data, but as each day passes, it becomes more complex. Learn how you can prepare for The Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme.

Hybrid IT Strategies and the Role of Azure Stack

Hybrid IT is the dominant IT strategy in the Australian market today, replacing the notion of “cloud first”. IT and business leaders realise that not every application can be shoehorned into a centralised cloud, data sovereignty and security is of critical importance, and many new services and applications require edge computing.

Customer Story - City of Adelaide

Customer Story: City Of Adelaide

Watch the video to see how a major smart city technology pilot in Adelaide is harnessing the power of people and technology for a better future.

Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme -Data#3

The Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches (NBD)) Act 2017 came into effect on February 22, 2018.

Australian organisations that meet a certain criteria under the Privacy Act 1988—be they for-profit, not-for-profit, business or government—must comply with this new amendment.

Modernising the Data Centre - Data#3

Modernising the Data Centre

Want to know how a better understanding of unstructured data could have saved a well-known fast food chain from a major business disaster?

Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack provides a way to run native Azure applications in your data centre.

The Microsoft Surface Suite

Microsoft Surface devices are intuitive, high-performance tools that give your team the power and freedom to work securely, anywhere, anytime.

Built to meet the needs of modern business, Surface devices drive innovation and change. With a full suite of devices, Microsoft Surface offers a solution for every user and work style.

Maximising business continuity for the always-on organisation

Business continuity – the ideal state in which critical business apps keep on working during a disaster, cyberattack or outage – is the goal of every ‘always on’ organisation. To reach this ideal state, you need to implement a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan.