It’s no secret that collaboration is critical to a company’s success. However, bringing people together at the right times, in the right ways, can be challenging. Whether it’s a quick ‘heads-together’ or an ongoing agile project, high-performing teams collaborate in smarter ways – such as using virtual project spaces that allow everyone to contribute easily.

JuiceIT 2019

JuiceIT, Data#3’s annual Business IT and technology showcase returns for the 12th consecutive year in 2019.

Perth – Tuesday 19th February
Adelaide – Wednesday 13th March
Brisbane – Wednesday 20th March

4 fundamental pillars to consider when leveraging SAM to take the lead in digital transformation

Without software, some of the most fundamental everyday tasks we perform would be impossible. Software has earned a reputation of being challenging to manage, with complex licensing rules and security threats adding additional pressure on already stretched sourcing and vendor management leaders. With this in mind, what are the 4 fundamental pillars you should consider when examining Software Asset Management?

Workplace Cybersafety: the 10 Tips that Will Make Everyone Safer at Work and Online

Cybercriminals are smart enough to target what they see as the weakest link: people. Learn from Richard Dornhart, National Practice Manager – Security at Data#3, on how we can all take steps to create a culture of security in which cybercriminals cannot flourish.

8 best practices for cost optimisation in Azure

This white paper presents observations gathered from over 100 Azure health checks, which assess the state of customer’s cloud adoption to identify critical issues. A years worth of Azure health checks have revealed compelling insights; put simply organisations are paying too much – fortunately there are easy ways to save, if you know where to look.

Security Awareness Training

Empower your employees by creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness. Ensure your employees understand the value of the information they interact with on a daily basis.

Our Security Awareness Program is designed to arm employees with the tools and practical knowledge to understand and identify common security threats.

Device as a Service

Does the day-to-day procurement and support of end user devices have your business frustrated? Organisations continue to be challenged with the time, cost and complexity of procuring, managing and maintaining end user devices.

Microsoft Office 365

With so many technology options and an increasingly mobile workforce, tapping into the powerful productivity features of Office while on-the-go is a priority for organisations. With the latest version of Microsoft’s Office 365, organisations can customise their application suite, hosted in the cloud, with everything ready to be tailored to suit specific user needs.

Victoria’s Office of Public Prosecutions creates modern working environment with Office 365 and Data#3

Data#3 worked with the Office of Public Prosecutions, Victoria’s largest criminal legal practice, to implement Microsoft Office 365, enabling a modern working environment for staff.

2019 – Time to make virtual a reality

Integrating VR into an enterprise setting is one that requires a holistic approach, focused not just on the technology enabling the experiences, but on the experiences themselves and how they can be tailored to an organisation’s needs. Learn about the many ways in which organisations can use VR.