An eBook about collaboration in the modern workplace.

While there are obviously many factors that influence team dynamics, getting team collaboration right is critical. The cost of poorly performing teams can quickly get out of hand.


Combating COVID-19 Together

As Australia and the world, adjust to a new ‘business as unusual’ in the face of COVID-19, our thoughts are with the individuals impacted and the front-line responders keeping us safe and healthy.

As business leaders and IT teams feel the pressure to implement rapid solutions to keep their businesses running remotely, Data#3 is here to help. We have a number of solutions ready to deploy and resources available to help train staff from anywhere.


Work and Learn Productively from Anywhere

With growing concerns around COVID-19, we’re seeing an immediate rise in the mobile workforce. 56% of employees, have a job that could be done remotely1. If members of your workforce fall into this category or are being forced to adapt anyway, it’s likely you’re researching how to quickly set them up for success in a home office.


How to get started on Microsoft Teams for Education

With Microsoft Teams, your students, teachers and staff can stay connected and engaged regardless of where they are, or what device they are using.


Webex Free Trial, provisioned instantly.

For individuals who need an immediate solution to enable remote working, a free 90 day Cisco Webex trial is now available.


Customer Story – Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Festival Centre had little visibility of its environment, and sought a managed service provider it could confidently expect to monitor its IT ecosystem effectively.


Azure Public Cloud

The decisions your organisation makes about public cloud will have a profound effect on its future capabilities. 94% of all organisations now embrace public cloud services, enjoying the ability to scale quickly, support mobile workers and roll out new services. In fact, global annual spend on public cloud is expected to reach US$331.2 billion by 2022*.


SD-WAN – Flexible Networking for a Changing World

Connect Everyone Everywhere.

  • Predictable application experience
  • Secure remote workers fast
  • Respond rapidly to changing requirements
  • A highly extendable workplace environment

The Azure Periodic Table

As the Azure lead at Data#3, I have the impossible task of keeping up-to-date with everything Azure. I need to know and understand how each of the 293 discreet service offerings in Azure work from both a technical and business capability perspective.


The HP Device Fleet

HP devices are built to support the modern workplace. Whether it’s smart mobility, advanced security capabilities or increased levels of performance, HP’s extensive device and accessory lineup provides a solution for every organisation.