Your guide to the ACSC’s Essential Eight Maturity Model

Anyone familiar with the original ASD Essential Eight controls will quickly realise that the new maturity model is a beast but fills a lot of gaps. The updates have inspired a new series of blogs to help customers understand their security posture and advance through the controls maturity levels 0-3.

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ElectraNet cuts costs and increases visibility with technology intelligence solution

ElectraNet wanted to ensure that they held the appropriate licenses required for all Microsoft products in use across the organisation, while also avoiding overspend on essential business software. The ElectraNet in-house IT team was determined to meet all software compliance requirements. Data#3 had discussed its unique Technology Intelligence Solution and demonstrated its suitability to improve visibility of software usage. This allowed ElectraNet to better manage licensing needs and get the best value for their technology investment.

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Managing device fleets in a hybrid ecosystem

Your organisation is not alone when it comes to trying to successfully manage device fleets for geographically disperse and remote workforces.

What is Data#3 Velocity?

Data#3 Velocity is our commitment to simplify your technology journey so you can accelerate your business outcomes and enable success.

This new digital toolkit incorporates existing Data#3 platforms, such as Lifecycle 360 and D3 Commerce.

Leveraging the full-service platform that facilitates everything from online procurement through to adoption and operation, Data#3 Velocity ensures you add value to your technology investments.

The gateway to a career in ICT: Luke’s story

Meet our graduate – Luke Roberts, Customer Support Administrator for Data#3…

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Power BI: Key considerations for better deployment and adoption

But is Power BI right for your business? Here are a the key things you need to consider.

Data#3 commits to a Reconciliation Action Plan

Data#3 has officially formed its RWG, which consists of staff who are passionate about reconciliation, understand the cultural importance of reconciliation and are committed to helping establish its RAP.