Cisco Spark – Revolutionise Workspace Collaboration

As a Cloud-based SaaS platform, Cisco Spark continues to deliver a seamless, consistent user experience irrespective of where you are or the type of device you’re using, however the new Spark Suite does much more.

Transtar runs at the speed of business

As an international freight and logistics company, Transtar relies on the performance and availability of its systems to deliver a real competitive advantage to its customers. With a bespoke HPE converged solution, Transtar’s systems are now running faster, more efficiently, and the user experience has improved.

Transtar evaluated various responses to its RFT and settled on a shortlist of four solutions – Dell, EMC, Nimble and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Data#3, a leading Australian technology provider, recommended the HPE solution and offered its implementation services.

Microsoft Surface Hub

How do your people currently interact in meetings? Do they sit back in their chairs and passively take in a presentation on a screen? Do they multitask while remote participants speak on the con-call?

These are the classic examples of low engagement and danger signs for your business.

Meetings aren’t the same as they used to be. Today, your people expect to have access to fluid and reliable collaboration tools.

Education ICT Strategy Blog Series

The walls surrounding the classroom experience are breaking down. Enabled by the explosion of mobile devices, education has become more and more personalised.

Media-rich content has encouraged new approaches to teaching, while collaborative platforms have redefined group work forever.

Technical Considerations for Mobility in the Enterprise – White Paper

Enterprise mobility is a shift in technology that is fundamentally transforming workforce behaviour and business today.

The following whitepaper presents the Data#3 Mobility Framework and guides you through the myriad elements you need to consider in order to understand the full picture of enterprise mobility and enable a robust technical discussion to follow.

Victoria State Emergency Services Case Study

VIC SES adopts Cloud technology to improve emergency planning and response.

As an emergency services provider, VIC SES plays a crucial role in helping communities in need and saving lives across the State. To do this, they need the right information, tools and resources to respond to emergencies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To meet this challenge, Data#3 undertook comprehensive discovery and planning to identify any applications that required significant remediation during the transition. These applications were then managed via the Data#3 Private Cloud IaaS service.

Town of Gawler Council Case Study

After undertaking a comprehensive tender process, Data#3 was selected to help the Town of Gawler Council relocate and upgrade their server and storage infrastructure.

As well as the ability to provide professional managed services and support, Data#3 was chosen based on the successful deployment of similar solutions for other councils throughout Australia.

VMware NSX Ebook

The need to secure enterprise IT infrastructure and data is intuitive, but how we achieve that security must change; traditional security concepts need to evolve.

VMware NSX makes micro-segmentation possible, and when aligned to application components, the lateral spread of threats within the data centre can be drastically mitigated.

Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Case Study

WICET required a turnkey technology solution for the new terminal – one that delivered a highly available network, as well as robust and scalable ICT infrastructure to support critical applications.

Data#3 proposed an end-to-end technology solution that included a site-wide communications network (wired and wireless), state-of-the-art information systems platforms, and supporting infrastructure for manufacturing and process control environments.

Rescuing the Hybrid Cloud from Disillusionment – White Paper

The hype associated with Cloud computing has long been inescapable, and only continues to increase as Cloud solutions become increasingly accessible.

This paper explores the barriers that organisations have faced with Hybrid Cloud, and the capabilities you need to develop to unlock the technology’s full potential.

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