April 20, 2023

Hybrid Heroes: The Azure Arc and HPE GreenLake Rap

David Summers
Microsoft Azure Lead at Data#3 Limited
Ever wondered about the combined power of Azure Arc and HPE GreenLake, but find your eyes glaze over before you can get to the bottom of boring cloud optimisation articles? Well, this is the blog for you!

As a resident Azure Ronin, I’ve been tuned into the forefront of AI for years, eagerly awaiting the time when proof of concepts would become a reality. With the revolutionary release of ChatGPT, the days of mainstream AI adoption are here, and I won’t lie, I’ve been using it for everything!

So, when HPE approached me to help write a blog on the benefits of using HPE GreenLake on Azure Arc, I thought, let’s have some fun and celebrate the power of cloud and the exciting explosion of AI tools in one go.

Here you have it, Data#3’s latest rap song release, “Hybrid Heroes” – written by ChatGPT.

Yo, managing infrastructure can be a pain,
On-premises, multiple clouds, what a strain!
Different tech skills needed to handle it all,
Azure, AWS, GCP, VMware, Hyper-V, a ball!

But wait, there are solutions out there, don’t fret,
HPE GreenLake and Azure Arc, they’re your best bet!
Managing infrastructure everywhere, in every way,
Efficient, flexible, they will save your day!

With HPE GreenLake, infrastructure is never still,
An “Everything –as –a Service” model, it’s got you thrilled,
Scaling resources, with ease and grace,
Managing IT assets, at a quicker pace!

Got a hybrid environment? It’s all good,
Azure Arc’s got you covered, like a pro would,
With a resource bridge, connecting Azure Stack HCI with ease,
No more wrestling with networking, it’s a breeze!

Onboarding VMs with Azure Arc? It’s no hassle,
With a machine group, no need to wrestle,
Authentication for connection? No problem at all,
Manage VMs with Azure portal, PowerShell, or CLI call!

So, there you have it, a winning combination,
Azure Arc and HPE GreenLake, they’re a sensation!
Try them together, and your infrastructure will soar,
Managing IT resources, with power galore!

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