May 03, 2022

Citrix on Azure: Rethinking your approach to day-to-day work

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we work forever, with hybrid work styles rapidly becoming the norm globally. However, with more and more workforces taking advantage of flexible working arrangements, the responsibility of ensuring these employees are able to work and collaborate securely and effectively – regardless of where they might be logging on from – has fallen to the often already overextended IT departments of organisations across the world.

In fact, a study by IT Brief found that for 63% of IT professionals surveyed, workloads have increased by a whopping 37% since remote work was widely adopted. When you combine this with the fact that IT professionals are increasingly being asked to do more with less, it’s clear how these same professionals came to be facing a unique set of challenges.

So, how exactly can you successfully overcome these challenges?

Well, the first step is downloading this eBook, which breaks down how a virtual desktop infrastructure – like a Citrix on Azure solution – could be just what you need to increase your IT department’s efficiency while ensuring your wider team remains productive, secure and collaborative.

Just a few of the questions that this eBook seeks to answer includes:

  • What are the challenges of supporting a hybrid workforce?
  • How do I keep my team productive and secure when working from home?
  • What are the benefits of a virtual desktop?
  • Why is Citrix on Azure the right virtual desktop solution for me?

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