Environmental, Social and Governance

Data#3: A Story of Sustainability

Since our beginnings in 1977, Data#3 has faced many challenges, and embraced a wealth of opportunities. Throughout our history, we have made decisions with the longevity and sustainability of our organisation in mind. Our vision is to harness the power of people and technology for a better future. We commit to a sustainable environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework that supports our business, people and stakeholders. The foundation of our program consists of four pillars: people, community, ethics, and environment.

Every day, and every year, it is our aim to improve on every one of our four pillars. To bring you on this journey with us, we’ve created a full report that details our successes and endeavours in each of these four pillars.

ESG Highlights


At Data#3, our people are the heartbeat of our business. So much so, that our core values are recognised as Honesty, Excellence, Agility, Respect and Teamwork: HEART. Our decades of success in a highly competitive industry are largely thanks to the skill, dedication, and innovation of our people, so it makes sense to support them in every way we can. We provide the tools, communication, and technology, but it is our people who turn them into something special.

  • In Data#3’s most recent annual staff survey, we achieved a score of 4.54 out of 5 when measuring satisfaction with the organisation.
  • Diversity and Inclusion is a Strategic Priority for the business as we want to ensure that all our people feel a sense of inclusion and belonginess while working at Data#3.
  • Data#3 was named the Women in Technology (WiT) 2020 Corporate Employer of Choice.
  • Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides further specialist support and counselling for LGBTQI+ specific issues, mental illness support, and a range of situations where extra help is needed.
  • Over the last twelve months, our staff attended one of our 40 workshops. More than 9,000 hours of learning were completed, over 18,000 education videos were watched on LinkedIn Learning, and 260 individual coaching sessions were attended.


At Data#3, we believe that when we invest in a strong community, everybody benefits. Supporting key local, national, and international charities, and promoting volunteering activities, has always been a part of the Data#3 culture, and this was formalised by the creation of our SOUL program.

Giving Back

  • $35,000+ for Lifeline through our support of Stress Down Day, Christmas fundraising, and participation in community fitness initiatives and events.
  • $25,000+ for men’s mental health initiatives through our Movember and RUOk? Day activities.
  • $3,000+ for breast cancer awareness and support through the 55 Challenge.
  • $25,000 through workplace giving, where staff choose to donate a percentage of their salary to one of our six key charities.
  • A mountain of toys and books for the Smith Family Toy and Book Christmas Appeal.
  • 300 lives saved through staff donating their blood via the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s LifeBlood program.


At Data#3, our people care deeply about doing the right thing and acting with integrity. As we harness the power of people and technology for a better future, to enable our customers’ success, we are committed to operating with the highest ethical standards and making a positive difference in everything we do. Culturally, this is at the HEART of what makes us your trusted colleague, business partner and in turn sustains high community and investor stakeholder confidence.

Since our beginnings, Data#3 has built a reputation not only on technical excellence, but on engaging with customers and suppliers fairly and honestly. As the organisation has grown and developed, this attitude has remained a constant.

  • Our objective is to lead our industry in ethical business practices.


Addressing environmental impact is among the most pressing priorities facing today’s world, and every responsible business and individual has a part to play. At Data#3, we take this duty seriously, and we actively pursue environmentally sound practices to incorporate into our daily business activities.

Our Five Point SUSTAIN Program

  1. Reduce, reuse, recycle
  2. Conserve energy
  3. Support green vendors
  4. Think green and volunteer
  5. Build a green-thinking culture
  • We have analysed the way each of our offices uses energy, and acted on recommendations to reduce energy use.
  • We repurpose ageing equipment, and we help our customers to do the same – our project proposals will cover disposal of old equipment where applicable.
  • We choose to support suppliers with a strong environmental track record.
  • Our people volunteer for many programs and events, including tree planting and Clean Up Australia Day activities.
  • We now include environmental compliance in our training and induction processes, in addition to ongoing education and awareness campaigns.


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