July 03, 2024

Empowering change: Data#3 teams up with SolarBuddy to illuminate futures and end energy poverty

July 3, 2024; Brisbane, Australia: Leading Australian technology services and solutions provider, Data#3, is proud to announce that it has named its national charity partner for FY25 as SolarBuddy, an impact organisation that unites a global community to illuminate the futures of all children. 

Data#3 will work with SolarBuddy to provide opportunities for children living in energy poverty through building and gifting portable solar devices and educating people on how they can be an agent for change, so together, they can end extreme energy poverty by 2030.

Data#3 Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Brad Colledge, commented, “We’re extremely proud and excited to announce SolarBuddy as our new national charity partner. As part of our SOUL Program, which encourages developing links with community organisations and channels our efforts to create a real and lasting effect, we’ve made the strategic decision to focus our efforts on a single national charity, allowing us to maximise our impact.

“SolarBuddy aligns closely with our vision, to harness the power of people and technology for a better future. Together, Data#3 and SolarBuddy will create lasting change and empower future generations and we can’t wait to get started.”

Energy poverty affects nearly 10% of the world’s population and occurs when a person has little or no access to energy. This means that roughly 789 million people across the world don’t have access to safe, reliable and affordable energy.

SolarBuddy aims to combat the negative impacts of energy poverty by providing safe and reliable energy solutions. Lack of access to energy affects children’s education, people’s health, and can contribute to financial hardship. To address these challenges, SolarBuddy creates mini-portable solar lights for distribution to families living in energy poverty, ensuring affordable, sustainable, and modern energy access.

Data#3 Chief People Officer, Tash Macknish, commented, “The environment is something which we are all impacted by equally, and that’s one of the reasons we selected SolarBuddy as our national charity partner. SolarBuddy’s mission also aligns closely with our vision, mission, core values and our sustainability priorities and goals – they are the perfect fit.  

“The Data#3 workforce is passionate about the role we play in the wider community. Supporting key local, national, and international charities, and promoting volunteering activities, has always been a part of our culture. Having seen first-hand the great work SolarBuddy is doing in our communities, I am confident that this is going to be a successful and fulfilling partnership.”