Customer Story: City of Fremantle

City of Fremantle deploys new hardware and operating system to improve user experience and service delivery.


To replace over 400 end user devices and deploy Windows 10 operating system across the organisation.


Engage an experienced and trusted technology partner to provide end-to-end design, planning and implementation services.

IT Outcome

Provide end users with access to the latest hardware and software to enable greater flexibility, mobility and collaboration between individuals and teams.

Business Outcome

Enhanced workforce mobility resulting in productivity and efficiency gains across the organisation, including improved overall service delivery to the local community.

“Data#3 provided the crucial support we needed to get these projects over the line. They delivered what they said they would deliver, on time and on budget, and their professionalism shone through every step of the way.”

Joel Hurst, IT Manager, City of Fremantle

The Background

The City of Fremantle (“the City”) is a local government authority located 20km south of Perth.

The City employs more than 400 people and services approximately 30,000 residents over a land area of 19 square kilometres.

The Challenge

In 2017, the City faced multiple challenges in relation to both its technology and physical environments. The desktop fleet was approaching end of lease, the existing mix of Windows 7 and 8 operating systems required an upgrade, plus over 200 staff needed to be re-located.

Front of mind was the City’s Information Technology Mobility Strategy. The business needed to align services and devices to this strategy in order to transition to a more mobile workforce and increase productivity.

However, with internal IT resources already thin on the ground, the upgrades and re-location presented a significant challenge. As such, the business decided it would be prudent to engage a technology partner to assist with the preparation, planning and transition of all three projects to ensure the best use of resources and ultimately, a successful outcome.


After a comprehensive tender process, the City chose Data#3 as the preferred technology partner to help implement the necessary changes and upgrades. In addition to being a Microsoft Partner, Data#3 was chosen for its breadth of service offerings including the capability to deliver an end-to-end solution that included procurement, configuration, staged delivery and logistics services. In addition, Data#3 had prior experience working with similar organisations across Australia.

As a result, Data#3 was engaged to provide full design, planning and deployment services.

To meet the requirements of the Information Technology Mobility Strategy, the City opted for a combination of Microsoft Surface and HP desktop devices. Data#3 offered centralised procurement, management and implementation of these devices, including asset tagging, electronic tag and test, and imaging, as well as logistics services for a staged roll out.

What’s more, Data#3 was responsible for the end-to-end deployment of Microsoft Windows 10 on every device, ensuring that end users enjoyed a smooth and seamless transition process.

IT Outcome

With brand new hardware and the deployment of Windows 10 for every end user, the City can now deliver its services to the local government area using the latest technology.
A key benefit of the project is the fact that internal IT resources now have hands-on experience in rolling out a new standard operating environment for ease of policy deployment for any future devices.

However, the benefits of Windows 10 to the organisation cannot be underestimated. Delivering an enhanced user experience, Windows 10 bridges the gap between traditional desktops and mobile devices. This experience is especially realised on devices that have dual capabilities, such as Microsoft Surface. Windows 10 offers a simpler, more secure login process by consolidating business and personal identity to help streamline access, particularly for mobile employees.

Additionally, Universal Windows Platform enables apps to be configured and deployed only once across multiple devices instead of the laborious process of downloading the same app multiple times. This not only streamlines the deployment of applications across the organisation, it also helps to reduce IT cost and complexity.

Business Outcome

From an overall business perspective, the City now has a new fleet of best-in-breed devices and operating system that puts more power, capability and capacity in the hands of staff.
Windows 10 enables users to take advantage of the The Anywhere Workplace, thanks to seamless access to familiar operating environments regardless of where they’re located.

By providing a consistent user experience across all devices, Windows 10 supports the rapid growth of workforce mobility and helps the City meet the requirements of its Information Technology Mobility Strategy.

The new hardware and operating system also enhance workforce flexibility by facilitating more collaborative and activity-based working – both on-site and off-site. This results in productivity and efficiency gains across the organisation, which in turn improves service delivery.


With a 420-strong desktop fleet approaching end of lease, an operating system that needed upgrading, and an imminent office re-location, the City of Fremantle was facing a ‘perfect storm’ situation with regards to its technology environment.

However, backed with the right resources and right expertise, the City is now enjoying the benefits of more powerful and intuitive IT infrastructure.

“Key to the transition was the need to align with our Information Technology Mobility Strategy,” says Joel Hurst, IT Manager, City of Fremantle.

“Thanks to our new hardware and the deployment of Windows 10, we have a truly mobile workforce that can now connect, share and collaborate with ease.”

Joel adds:
“Data#3 provided the crucial support we needed to get these projects over the line. They delivered what they said they would deliver, on time and on budget, and their professionalism shone through every step of the way.”

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