June 02, 2023

Data#3 and Business Aspect’s Casey McGrath embarks on 2023 Simpson Desert Trek in support of Youngcare

May 19, 2023; Brisbane, Australia: Casey McGrath, Operations Manager at Business Aspect, a wholly owned subsidiary within the Data#3 group, yesterday set off on the ultimate challenge of hiking across the Simpson Desert in support of young people with physical disabilities.

The 2023 Simpson Desert Trek supports Youngcare, a national not-for-profit, revolutionising the way young people with high care disability live – with freedom, dignity and choice.

For nine days, McGrath will need to conquer harsh weather conditions and endless sand dunes whilst walking more than 225km across the Simpson Desert. This trek will be a daily mental and physical test, but it is one that will have a profound impact on the lives of young people with high physical support needs and their loved ones.

The completely isolated environment, and tough conditions, where there is little control over personal choice, will provide a striking reflection of the challenges that young people with high physical support needs face on a daily basis.

“The days in the desert are going to be long and challenging, both mentally and physically,” said McGrath. “My motivation to keep going will be the thousands of young people living in inappropriate housing. While in the desert, I’ll be concentrating on the stars at night and the sunrise each morning and that thankfully, my pain and suffering will be short-lived. That is not the case for thousands of young Australians. The work Youngcare do, in helping young people with high physical support needs, is incredible.”

Data#3 Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Laurence Baynham, commented, “We’re incredibly proud to support Casey as she tackles the gruelling task of trekking across the Simpson Desert in support of the very worthy Youngcare organisation. Casey, you are a shining example of who we are as a company, and you have the support of the entire Data#3 team,” concluded Baynham.

Contribute to the fundraising efforts by visiting: https://fundraise.youngcare.com.au/event/sdc/donate

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