Device as a Service

Does the day-to-day procurement and support of end user devices have your business frustrated?

Organisations continue to be challenged with the time, cost and complexity of procuring, managing and maintaining end user devices.

Today’s professionals carry an average of three devices on any given day1, and for many companies, the sheer volume and variety of devices in the workplace is a burden to manage. This persistent explosion of personal computing has forced IT and Procurement departments to adjust to managing a complex multi-device, multi-platform, multi-vendor environment.

These teams are striving to deliver the business efficiencies and digital expectations of modern and mobile users, whilst simultaneously faced with ageing device fleets, an abundance of unpredictable invoices and a lack of control over procurement.

A staggering 80% of device costs occur after purchase2 and still, 60% of Chief Procurement Officers do not have a clear digital procurement strategy3. The juggling act of managing IT assets is a constant and costly headache, organisations need to reconsider.

What is Device as a Service?

A simple and efficient way to procure and manage devices through a predictable cost model.

IT procurement is at a tipping point. The world is moving towards ‘X as a Service’ models for everything from music and entertainment to software subscriptions. This trend has taken hold of IT Lifecycle Management, in the form of Device as a Service (DaaS) and it’s set to revolutionise the way organisations purchase, manage, maintain, track and dispose of their end user hardware.


Demystify the world of DaaS with this video from our partners at HP Inc:



DaaS the Data#3 Way

Data#3’s Device as a Service offering is a comprehensive, cost effective end-to-end service. It is a unique managed lifecycle for all your end user compute devices, including the services your fleet requires to remain secure and up-to-date.

DaaS delivers a predictable monthly spend and consistent service structure across your entire hardware fleet. The consolidated management and reporting unveils insights into your user’s habits, device performance and maintenance support, to ensure you’re getting the most productive performance from your end user computing investment.

Designed from 40 years of unmatched customer experience and feedback, DaaS addresses the frustrations we know customers are looking to solve, such as:

  • Reduce costs by being able to flex and reassign assets
  • Refresh devices sooner and upgrade to new technologies easier
  • Get TCO under control with a consistent monthly fee per head
  • Reduce time and resource costs of deployment
  • Reduce IT procurement management workload
  • Locate devices quickly and accurately, and minimise lost equipment
  • Unburden upfront capital expense to invest in priority IT projects.


The DaaS Lifecycle

The Data#3 DaaS model is a full service offering, uniquely addressing expanded customer needs, such as additional workloads or gaps in service level agreements, often overlooked by other market offerings. This is what makes Data#3’s DaaS model unique. Explore the solution features below to learn more.

Your dedicated DaaS Specialist will meet with your organisation to help forecast your needs and agree on SLAs, aligned to your business constraints and procedures. We will tailor an on-boarding process and take into account:

  • the size of your fleet
  • the location of your devices
  • which device/s best suit your users needs
  • which services you will require to manage and support the fleet

The onboarding process will also involve training to ensure your staff can seamlessly and effectively utilise the DaaS service.

Reduce your workload with simplified procurement, through a convenient customer portal, featuring a managed online catalogue. Our versatile range of devices have been carefully selected, featuring HP and other high-performance brands to ensure image stability, device durability and the processing power your employees need to do their best work fast.

Request to procure a device via the catalogue, then relax and enjoy fast and efficient procurement; we work closely with our customers and vendors to forecast your requirements and ensure stock availability.

Data#3 prides itself on exceptional customer service, our DaaS customer portal also includes a 1300 customer support line for troubleshooting issues, requests and query management as well as warranty care package and support.

Data#3 has logistics and integration centres nationally, providing the coverage and capacity to store, configure and rapidly dispatch thousands of units per day.

Configuration of your devices also includes:

  • imaging of devices to your specifications
  • operating system, software, firmware and BIOS installation and configuration
  • software testing and quality assurance
  • an inventory check of all accessories
  • comprehensive asset management services, including tagging and recording.

Take a behind-the-scenes look into our Brisbane Integration Centre with the photos below:

Data#3 integration centres provide a vast and efficient supply chain, with ‘just-in-time’ shipment of a broad range of devices. DaaS customers can leverage holding stock to expedite shipment of devices to your locations across Australia.

When your devices arrive, a Data#3 device specialist will perform onsite installation of your new device fleet including, desk-side delivery, unpacking and disposal of waste, workstation setup, initialisation of installed image, security configurations, network connection and authentication.

As an optional extra to the standard DaaS service, Data#3 can also handle your data transition, and backup the old device before it’s decommissioned and restore to the new asset.

Your new DaaS assets will be closely managed and maintained throughout their lifecycle. You will receive regular reports on, order status, invoicing, asset warranty, asset maintenance, total asset count and locations.

Data#3’s Asset Management solution helps customers maintain total control and visibility of their hardware portfolio and support an efficient asset lifecycle. Best practice asset management will allow you to eliminate lost or incorrectly assigned equipment and reduce costs. Gartner finds that effective management of hardware can cut your total cost of ownership by up to 45%4.

Should you encounter issues with devices, Data#3 has a 24/7 service desk to log and troubleshoot incidents.

If assets are no longer needed but eligible to be reassigned, Data#3 will manage this process in an asset register. These devices can then be reassigned to a new/different user or stored as spares in the Data#3 warehouse and prepared for reassignment when required.

If assets are ineligible to be reassigned it’s important that they are disposed of securely and consciously. Our DaaS service notifies customers as devices approach end-of-life, devices are collected, securely wiped of all data and the hardware disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

At the end of the DaaS lifecycle we come to ‘refresh’. As the end of your contract approaches Data#3 will review your full device fleet, usage and user habits and present to you our recommendations, based upon data-driven insights, to further optimise your end user computing lifecycle.

Why Data#3?

Data#3 DaaS is a perpetual lifecycle, regularly reviewed and improved. Supported by our long and successful partnership with HP Inc., together we have collaborated on some of the largest, most complex end user computing solutions across Australia.

Data#3 continues to maintain the highest level of certification accredited by HP as a Platinum Partner, acknowledged by numerous awards and recognised by HP as their leading Australian partner.


Enquire Today

Device as a Service is here, end user computing is low-level noise for IT, but vital for all-of-business productivity. Begin your journey towards digital procurement with end-to-end IT lifecycle management. To request an end user computing assessment or to learn more, reach out to a Data#3 DaaS specialist below.


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