Data#3 Education Solutions

Enable limitless learning for your students

With over 30 years of experience in the Education sector, our team is focused on helping our education customers to plan, deploy and manage a digital environment that supports learning and broader business objectives.

Leveraging a partnership approach, we will align your ICT strategy with your business and learning goals to drive improved outcomes, while reducing cost and risk.

To learn more about Data#3’s mobility solutions for Education, visit The Anywhere Classroom and support limitless learning for your students.

Device as a Service for Education

Data#3’s Device as a Service (DaaS) model provides education institutions with the ability to deliver a consistent approach to technology, which supports effective and immersive digital education experiences, enabling schools to make the shift from procuring devices to procuring an outcome.

This flexible and bespoke solution is designed to suit the school’s procurement model, with a choice of included services, such as deployment and management services, analytics, security and eventual end of life recycling.

Microsoft 365 for Education

With innovative apps, intelligent cloud services and advanced security, Microsoft 365 delivers a modern learning experience within a single, affordable solution just for education. Tiered pricing and plans means your school gets access to affordable, easy-to-manage technology, with enhanced safety and security to protect staff and students.

If you’re ready to drive student engagement and find new ways to focus on learning with Microsoft 365 for Education, Data#3 is here to help.

How to get started on Microsoft Teams for Education

With growing concerns around COVID-19, many schools are closing, or currently reviewing their learning continuity plans. With Microsoft Teams, your students, teachers and staff can stay connected and engaged regardless of where they are, or what device they are using.

Microsoft Teams brings conversations, content, assignments and apps together in one place. As a virtual meeting platform, Teams is designed to enable discussion. Its features allow for easy assignment distribution—no matter where people are located. Teams also helps school administrators and staff stay connected and allows for real-time sharing of announcements.

We’ve got some great resources to help get you started – including a printable quick reference guide, which is a valuable resource to share with your staff, and videos on how to facilitate an online classroom.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Education

Adobe Creative Cloud gives students the industry-leading digital tools they need to create persuasive communications in every class. Students can create images, graphics, presentations, videos, web and mobile experiences, and more — helping to improve their engagement, learning outcomes, and career prospects.

Data#3 has over 30 years of experience in the education sector. Our expert team will help you with affordable, easy-to-manage licensing options to support both traditional and distance learning programs.

Video Tutorials | Learn how Adobe Spark and Microsoft can help you bring ideas to life

The laptop that unlocks learning: Microsoft Surface Laptop SE.

The most affordable Surface, designed for students.

Help students achieve the skills they need for their future with a laptop designed for Windows 11 SE and Microsoft 365 for Education. This education-only device with pared-back specs and entry-level pricing delivers on what school IT teams crave – easy deployment, modern management, and in-built security.

  • 11 hours battery life
  • Vibrant 11.6-inch display
  • Built-in security with Windows 11 SE
  • 720p HD camera
  • Digital mic and stereo speakers
  • USB-C®, USB-A, and headphone jack
  • Seamlessly pair with accessories designed for Surface
  • Windows Autopilot and Intune1 enable students to simply sign-in and start learning from day one

Is your school open… for cyber crime?

Diagnose your vulnerabilities and strengthen your school’s security with a security assessment

Student management systems are a treasure trove of personal data and elearning has encouraged an explosion of insecure mobile devices on campus. Ransomware exploits, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, phishing, malware, data breaches and even student identity theft are all on the rise. In fact, education has the highest rate of ransomware across all industries: three times more than healthcare and ten times more than finance.1

90% of today’s students are digital learners and most start as young as 5 years old.2 Protect your school and learn more about Data#3 security solutions for education with the resources below:

Book a Security Assessment
Read about Network Visibility and Authentication: Your School’s Cyber Security Superpowers
Watch Security in Education | Expert Panel Discussion Video
Read The Southport School Customer Story: Four Years On
Watch The ‘Improve Your School’s Essential Eight Maturity’ Webinar

1. BitSight Technologies (2016). The Rising Face of Cyber Crime: Ransomware. [Online] Available at: https://info.bitsighttech.com/bitsight-insights-ransomware?hsCtaTracking=7dce0bd9-bf5d-456c-ab5e-134a1e47cb7d%7Cd54507aa-4e0d-42d3-9d81-b726f0a0f783
2. Deloitte (2016). Digital Education Survey. [Online] Available at: https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/us/Documents/technology-media-telecommunications/us-tmt-digital-education-survey.pdf

Contact a Data#3 Education Specialist here:

1. Complimentary session available for a limited time only. Only available for schools in Australia and the Pacific Islands.


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