Designed for Microsoft Surface: Certified Accessories

Complete your Surface experience

Employees love Surface – complete their Surface experience with a range of accessories purpose-built for Surface devices.

With much of the workforce either still working from home, or engaging in a hybrid model of work – organisations are beginning to realise that in order to enable the long-term success of their disperse workforce, they need to be committed to optimising the work-from-home experience for employees.

The need for organisations to invest in technologies that improve employee experience is unquestionable. Equipping employees with the devices, tools and accessories required to perform remote and hybrid work is essential to maintaining productivty, creativity and connection.

Explore the range of durable, ergonomic, accessible and intuitive accessories that enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

The Essentials

Pens, keyboard, docks, headsets, webcams, and speakers top the list of must-have productivity accessories.

Designed for Surface - essentials-surfacepens

Pens and Dials

The range of Surface Pens are perfect for remote collaboration and note-collection. While Surface Dial is a new way to intuitively interact with your Surface device and streamline your workflow.

Designed for Surface - essentials-keyboards

Keyboards and Type Covers

Transform Surface 2-in-1 devices into laptops with a keyboard or type cover. Enjoy a full mechanical keyset, fast, fluid typing, and a large glass trackpad for precise navigation.

Designed for Surface - essentials-mice


Ultra-portable and offering exceptional accuracy, Surface Mice are stylish, travel-friendly and ergonomic. You’ll want one in every colour!

Docks and Adaptors

Connect, wirelessly project, or stay compatible with existing peripherals using Surface adaptors and docks with all the next-gen ports you need to be productive in your workspace or on the go.

Audio Dock

Reduce cord clutter, simplify your desktop, and upgrade your audio for meetings and music. All-in-one speakerphone connects your laptop to monitors, accessories, and charges it with a single plug.


Confidently deliver engaging presentations and participate in meetings, in person or online, with the push of a button. Effortlessly advance slides, focus audience attention on key content, and quickly mute/unmute.

Modern USB-C Speaker

Add a reliable, high-quality audio companion to your laptop space for better Microsoft Teams meetings, clear and reliable calls, and great sound for music.

Discover how ‘Essentials’ can enhance your Surface experience

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Designed for Surface - essentials-headsets-surfaceheadphones2

Surface Headphones 2+

Next level Microsoft Teams calls

Enjoy exceptional audio quality, with the flexibility to connect easily wherever you work.

  • Soft, breathable and lightweight earcups.
  • Earcups rotate a full 180 degrees for the most comfortable fit.
  • Easily answer and end calls with touch controls.
  • Adjust volume and noise cancellation with on-ear dials.
  • Up to 15 hours of voice calling, with noise cancellation turned on.

Designed for Surface - essentials-headsets-wirelessheadset

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset

Connect fast and stay focused

Enjoy exceptional audio quality, with the flexibility to connect easily wherever you work.

  • Comfortable on-ear, lightweight padded earcups for all-day wear.
  • Background noise-reducing microphone and high-quality stereo speakers.
  • Join meetings at a touch of a button, with easy setup and management.
  • Up to 30 hours of voice calling on Microsoft Teams.
  • Convenient on-ear call controls including mute, volume, Microsoft Teams.

Designed for Surface - essentials-headsets-usbheadsets

Microsoft Modern USB-C Headset

High-quality audio for Microsoft Teams calls

Stay focused and connect seamlessly to your Surface or other Windows PC.

  • Lightweight, padded earcups for all-day wear.
  • Background noise-reducing microphone.
  • In-line and easy to reach mute, volume and Microsoft Teams buttons.
  • Plug-and-play ease with choice of USB-A or USB-C® connection.

Protective Cases and Bags

Mobile staff undertaking hybrid work require durable, well-designed cases and bags to protect your Surface investment. Travel from A to B stress-free.

Designed for Surface - protectivecases-stmgoods

STM Goods

The essence of an STM bag is one that focuses on protection of the digital device while matching a well developed sense of style. STM believe a laptop brief or sleeve should protect the form factor of your device while not looking so much like a laptop bag. Each bag is thoughtfully functional and stylish.

Designed for Surface - protectivecases-targus


With so many styles and forms to choose from, it’s easy to find a Targus laptop bag that perfectly fits your needs. Whichever you select, rest assured that device protection is at the forefront of everything Targus do, meaning you don’t have to choose between style, function and protection.



Kensington bags and cases make carrying all your devices and accessories a breeze. Kensington bags and cases are designed to fit — your devices, your style, your needs, your security preferences, and most importantly, you.


Accessories Designed for Surface® are third-party accessories designed especially for Surface devices, meeting rigorous standards.


Keep your Surface devices secure. Designed for Surface devices, Kensington is the world leader in docking stations and security locks.

Designed for Surface -- accessories-targus


Targus provide a range of feature-rich docking stations and adaptors designed for Surface devices.

Designed for Surface -accessories-joyfactory

Joy Factory

A range of Surface protective cases that suit the requirements and conditions of industries from healthcare to hospitality and manufacturing.

Designed for Surface -- accessories-panzerglass


Award-winning screen protectors with smooth edges, scratch resistance and privacy protection features, complimented by screen-safe antibacterial wipes and sprays.


A range of accessories designed with accessibility in mind and in collaboration with the disability community to bring workplace equity to the forefront.

Designed for Surface -- easyaccess-surface-adaptive-kit

Surface Adaptive Kit

Make it easier to use and navigate Surface devices. The Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit includes tactile keycap labels, three-dimensional bump stickers, textured port indicators and opener supports.

Designed for Surface -- easyaccess-adaptive-accessories

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories

Microsoft have a range of customisable mice, joysticks, buttons, hubs so users can adapt their work environment to suit their needs.

Designed for Surface -- easyaccess-3dprinted-grips

3D Printed Grips for Microsoft Business Pen

For staff with specific grip requirements, Microsoft’s 3D printed pen grips allow users to take notes, draw and navigate easier on their Surface device.

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