Aruba for Education


Next-generation wireless networking solutions deliver the coverage, performance and reliability required to unleash limitless learning.

Today, learning is happening anywhere, anytime, on any device. The technology supporting this shift must be ubiquitous and invisible, disappearing into the background to seamlessly enhance and augment the learning and teaching experience.

We call it The Anywhere Classroom – a framework for managing mobility in education settings, and a roadmap of how to get there. These next-generation networking solutions are underpinned by the integrated portfolio of Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, with innovative network management, security and analytics.


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New challenges for schools

More than 80% of today’s students are already experiencing a blend of traditional and digital learning practices1. As the digital revolution advances, there’s a new breed of opportunities and challenges emerging that are placing additional pressures on already strained school networks:

As schools increasingly adopt BYOD and IoT initiatives, their network demands are expanding to hundreds, even thousands of connected devices. Without a secure and easy to manage onboarding solution, IT can quickly become overwhelmed.

Data#3 works with schools to implement intelligent Aruba solutions including:

  • Aruba ClearPass – to quickly and easily onboard new devices to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Aruba AirWave – offering granular visibility for wired and wireless networks, it’s the only management platform designed with mobile devices and apps in mind.
  • Aruba Central – simple, secure and cost-effective cloud-based management and visibility for Aruba Instant APs, switches and branch gateways.

Explore how The Southport School upgraded their wireless network to deliver improved performance, security and visibility, plus allow seamless onboarding of BYOD devices.

With all schools transitioning from paper-based to online testing by 2021, NAPLAN is likely to be the first time many schools have had to manage so many simultaneous connections. This pressing deadline is adding further pressure on schools to ensure their networks are equipped to deliver consistent, reliable connectivity, without disrupting learning or testing.

With Aruba’s new User Experience Insight Sensor, schools can be fully prepared for the demands of NAPLAN Online. The powerful simplicity of the sensors – that can overlay any existing network infrastructure – allows schools to simulate a high load scenario within their network, provide actionable network insights in real-time and validate a school’s readiness for NAPLAN.

Contact us to get your hands on a sensor and test network ready for NAPLAN Online.

Developing a risk-based security strategy that keeps pace with ever-evolving threats and challenges has never been more critical. According to NTT’s 2018 Global Threat Intelligence Report, the education sector is the most cyber-attacked industry in Australia2.

With the Notifiable Data Breaches Act now in effect, it is mandatory for schools and tertiary institutions to notify individuals whose personal information is involved in a breach. To ensure compliance with the scheme, we work with Australian schools to undertake security assessments, help them take stock of their exposure to risk, raise cyberthreat awareness amongst staff, and in the case of a breach, ensure you are able to respond as required.

A lesson in network planning: The 3 big challenges for school networks

Modern networking that is enabling digital learning in schools

A powerful partnership

Data#3 are proud to partner with Aruba for education. Aruba’s innovative wireless networking solutions have been developed to tackle today’s challenges head-on, and prepare educational institutions for the opportunities that cloud, mobility and emerging technologies will bring to schools across Australia.

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