March 21, 2024

Unlock next-gen networking, security, and insights with managed SD-WAN and Secure Edge Access

Richard Kirby
Richard Kirby
Product Development Manager

We expect a lot from our networks – they must support hybrid work and cloud-centric models, stay on top of fast-moving cybersecurity threats, and provide automation capabilities for real-time network insights. It’s no easy feat when adding in the complexities of multiple sites, meeting compliance standards, and monitoring a range of technologies from multiple vendors.

In this environment, SD-WAN emerged as a transformative solution. It simplifies management while opening up a diverse range of cost-effective carriage options that boost reliability, operational efficiency and performance.

Named the most disruptive technology back in 2019, SD-WAN has since matured to become a priority for businesses of all sizes. IDC predicts the SD-WAN market will reach $7.5 billion with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.1% by 2027. This level of uptake is largely attributed to its strategic response to a landscape marked by digital transformation, flexible working models and emerging cyber security threats, making it the foundation for modern networking.

Then, as the need for Zero Trust access and robust cloud security grew alongside the demand for secure connectivity for remote workers, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) emerged. This network architecture brings together SD-WAN with essential security services – secure web access gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), zero trust network access (ZTNA), and firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS) – into a single, cloud-delivered service model.

With technology, talent, and security risks colliding, the burden on internal IT teams has intensified, often stretching resources – and leading to challenges in implementing SD-WAN and SASE for many organisations.

We’ve seen this scenario play out more and more over the last few years, with capital expenditure constraints that limit how comprehensively these deployments are rolled out, leading to compromises in levels of security and performance. For this reason, we chose to add two new managed services to our extensive managed IT services portfolio.

The business case for managed services

Outsourcing to specialists equipped to handle the multifaceted nature of today’s networks eases the pressure on in-house teams. Evolving from managed IT services of the past, these new partnership models allow Data#3 to operate as an extension of your business, bringing in expertise, proactive knowledge of emerging risks, advanced tools and proven architectures that might typically be out of reach or too costly to implement internally. Our rapid speed to market, fast ROI and predictable monthly pricing model make these services financially appealing, too.

Our managed services portfolio has grown organically to meet the evolving needs of our customers’ in the last 45 years. Our managed services stack includes:

We see first-hand how transformational the transition to managed services can be. Our customers can quickly shift their focus from day-to-day network management to more strategic initiatives. They can move from a reactive stance to a proactive, strategic approach where IT becomes a business enabler rather than just a maintenance unit.

This is why we’ve levelled up our managed services offerings further with these two paradigm-shifting services.

Managed SD-WAN, powered by Cisco Meraki

Data#3’s Managed SD-WAN is ideal for organisations looking to improve overall network performance and security across branch offices, remote locations, and cloud environments. Key benefits include:

To learn more about the service inclusions, visit Managed SD-WAN.

Managed Secure Edge Access, powered by Cisco SASE

Managed Secure Edge Access is your answer to better application performance and reliability, consistent security, deeper visibility and control of users, data and apps. It’s a great fit for securing dispersed and hybrid work environments.

To learn more about the service inclusions, visit Managed Secure Edge Access.

What’s included in Data#3’s new managed services?

At Data#3, we have packaged all the ingredients of the SASE and SD-WAN recipes and paired them with predictable, subscription-based pricing at a predetermined per-user or per-site monthly fee.

Each managed service is a flexible, efficient, and outcome-focused network solution tailor-made for your various operational needs. Both are structured around our extensive experience completing hundreds of deployments and Cisco’s best practices.

Managed SD-WAN includes full planning, design and implementation along with device hardware, software licensing, maintenance, dashboards and reporting with options to include fibre, 5G, and satellite carriage. You can also choose from pre-built reference architectures or work with us to architect a more tailored solution. All solutions are up and running in a matter of weeks and carefully designed to achieve your outcomes over set periods of time.

Managed Secure Edge Access includes full planning, design and implementation as well as software licensing, ongoing management and maintenance, dashboards and reporting with the option of Zero Trust Network Access and multifactor authentication. You can also select your user types and quantity, pick the services that interest you, and discuss with us how SASE can serve as that critical step towards a Zero Trust Network Architecture.

Get your SASE or SD-WAN strategies right with Data#3

When it comes to Cisco solutions Data#3 capabilities are unmatched in Australia. We also appreciate that less tangible aspects like culture and approach are equally important as technical expertise. Our customers trust us to deliver, and we prioritise earning and maintaining that trust, which is why we were awarded Cisco’s APJC Customer Experience Partner of the Year.

Get in touch with our team to explore the agility, security and cost benefits of Cisco’s SD-WAN and SASE technologies – supported by Data#3’s highly honed managed services.