Microsoft Office 365 Support

Rely on Microsoft Office 365 to support your business, and Data#3 to support your users

While Office 365 enables a multitude of efficiencies, your people still need ongoing technical support to maximise the benefits. Rather than relying on costly and potentially inefficient in-house resources, why not outsource your overall Office 365 solution and support infrastructure to the experts?

With Data#3’s Office 365 support offering, you receive end user technical support and request fulfilment services for Office 365, with enhanced response and resolution service levels. For your people, this means increased user satisfaction. For your business, it means fewer support bottlenecks, greater efficiency and potentially, far lower operating costs. You simply pay for support on a per-user basis. No costly overheads, and no unnecessary delays.

Transform the way your people work with Office 365

With Office 365, you can provide your people with all the tools they need – in a convenient, low cost package. Rather than investing in costly software infrastructure and support, you simply pay per month, per user. This means you can shift your software spend from a capital expense to a more manageable operating expense. Your people benefit from familiar tools and interface, and can also communicate more easily and share documents wherever they happen to be. Plus, with Office 365, your company data and documents are secure and protected, regardless of device and access point.

With Office 365, you also have more choice regarding the way you configure your solutions, so you only pay for what you need. Data#3 offers three levels of licensing – simply select the option that’s right for you.

What are the benefits of Office 365 under CSP?

As you pay for Office 365 per user, per month, you can more easily scale your software as your business grows or contracts. Plus, with an outsourced solution, Data#3 can take care of all your licensing on your behalf, ensuring you’re not paying for any unnecessary usage.

Rather than waiting for your internal IT resources to become available, Data#3 can help get your people across to Office 365 and up and running as quickly as possible. We can also manage the onboarding process on an ongoing basis – so it’s one less responsibility for you to focus on.

Data#3 offers enhanced response and resolution service levels for a dependable service outcome. We also provide bespoke support that’s completely customised to your needs.

When you choose Data#3, you can be confident that 100% of your support is provided from within Australia, and offered around the clock, every day of the year. You’ll receive a 1300 number with onshore support for everyone in your organisation, not just the IT team.

Business Class Email and Calendars
Social, Video, Sites, Work Management
IM, Online Meetings, Meeting Broadcast
File Storage, Sharing, Information Discovery
Office Online
Office Client Apps
Archiving, Rights Management, Data Loss Prevention, Encryption
Advanced Security Management, Advanced eDiscovery, Secure Attachments and URLs, Access Control
End User and Organizational Analytics
Cloud PBX

Why engage Data#3?

Data#3 is a leading Australian technology services and solutions company with extensive experience in the Microsoft platform. To help improve engagement and collaboration across your business, we use a portfolio of hardware, software and Cloud services (in conjunction with a select number of complementary technology partners). We listen to your specific requirements, and recommend collaboration solutions based on these.


Want to learn more?

If you’re thinking about implementing Office 365, talk to the experts at Data3 about designing an efficient outsourced Office 365 support solution that’s completely customised to your needs.

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