Solving the cloud security conundrum

The shift of workloads into the cloud continues at an unprecedented pace as organisations seek innovation and productivity gains. However, as more and more apps and services move to the cloud, corporate data is often exposed in ways and places that you never imagined. With breaches of compliance-related data costing an average of $2.8 million1 this raises important questions. Who has access to your data and how is it protected? How do you achieve not just visibility but control?

Australian enterprises are increasingly turning to Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions like Symantec’s CloudSOC to answer those questions. By extending the security policies of on-premises infrastructure to the cloud these solutions help you keep your data safe wherever it may live.

Get a quick handle on Symantec’s game-changing CloudSOC with our infographic below, illustrating four scenarios where CASB can strengthen your security posture.

Achieving comprehensive security protection starts with detection. Request a Shadow Data Audit today to identify risky data and cloud apps.

1. Symantec (2018). Shadow Data Report. [Online] Available at:

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