Predict and Prevent with Splunk ITSI: 6 Customer Stories

Too many alerts, too little time

In Asia Pacific 69%1 of companies receive more than 5,000 threats a day – with that sort of daily workload it’s no surprise that 87% of cybersecurity professionals view artificial intelligence (AI) as a must-have for security controls2. The rapid expansion to remote and hybrid working environments has further amplified the risks and it’s clear the stakes have never been higher.

Splunk® IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a monitoring and analytics solution that applies AI to provide visibility across the business. With better access to the right data, at the right time, you can find what’s broken and fix it fast, decrease event noise, increase the time focused on delivering value to the organisation and empower your team to predict incidents before they can impact customers.

In this eBook discover how six leading organisations are using Splunk ITSI to predict, prevent and troubleshoot the most difficult IT ops challenges.

Predicitive IT eBook

Make the Move to Predictive IT

Start applying AI to move your IT Ops from reactive to proactive. Learn more on Splunk, or get in touch with a Data#3 specialist today to request a Splunk ITSI demonstration.

1. Cisco (2018). Cisco Asia Pacific Security Capabilities Benchmark Study 
2. Oracle and KPMG (2020). Cloud Threat Report

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