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The Power of Predictive

A massive transformation is happening in the IT industry and it’s being driven by predictive analytics and data science.

With more data flowing through our infrastructures than ever before, there’s no time for application performance problems. In 2017, the old approach of manually-intensive “one-foot-after-the-other” problem solving no longer cuts it. Organisations need visibility across the infrastructure to remove roadblocks that can slow or prevent access to the data that users need.

Using a combination of machine learning and data mining, “predictive analytics” can constantly monitor an entire infrastructure, collecting and analysing data to both predict and prevent problems.

Nimble Storage hired its first data scientist back in 2009. Back then, it was clear that there was an opportunity to ensure the optimal health and uptime not only for our own arrays, but also to solve problems that occur elsewhere in the infrastructure stack. By tapping into the power of Big Data with advanced analytics, we uncovered insights that went way beyond just finding storage-related problems; to optimising performance and remediating issues before they impact application performance.

We first provided this capability to customers when we released the InfoSight solution six years ago, and the impact has been profound on both our business and our customers’. InfoSight has enabled Nimble to deliver great support to customers at a reduced cost. The support experience of Nimble’s customers today is unmatched. 86% of customer support issues are managed by InfoSight itself, generally before the customer is aware there was any issue, and certainly before end-users notice any problems with their applications.

I can’t think of a better example of positive real world outcomes than this: Nimble now charges our customers less for support than we did three years ago, and he have done this while maintaining a Net Promoter Score (NPS) score of 85 – by far the best in the industry. To keep customers happy – and deliver at a lower cost – is the reason predictive analytics is a win.

Learn how Nimble is creating value from big data by driving infrastructure performance and data availability, and how the company has fundamentally transformed customer support into something customers actually like. Come to my session “How utilising Big Data transformed our business and our customer experience” at JuiceIT in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

The Nimble Storage team, including Bede Hackney, will be attending JuiceIT – 2017 Beyond the Hype!

Click here to learn more about the event and to register.

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