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Fortinet’s Toan Trinh, consulting system engineer, shares his advice on three key things to consider when effectively using threat intelligence.

  1. You need to start with good threat intelligence

There are many threat feeds available to organisations. However, much of the data they provide is redundant, has little to no context, and often requires a significant amount of processing. Fortinet, with our Fortiguard Labs, recognise that growing cyber threats place the entire global digital economy at risk. Our mission is to share reliable and usable threat information with customers. This enhanced intelligence allows us to create a more comprehensive picture of threats that can be converted into consumable and actionable updates.

  1. Intelligence is only as good as your ability to use it

Threat intelligence also needs to be integrated with the data collected and correlated inside your own organisation. Effective security tools need to work together to gather, correlate, and provide visibility into your local threat environment. This actionable information then needs to be distributed across your ecosystem of traditional networks, including Hybrid Cloud environments, and your growing number of IoT devices.

  1. Security needs to operate at the speed of your network

Today’s digital businesses need security tools designed to operate at the speed of business. They cannot afford to trade protection for performance in any segment of the network. However, as the volume of devices and data continues to grow, it becomes more and more difficult to inspect and process the traffic flowing into and through your network. Organisations need security tools designed for today’s network demands.

Finally, you need a new strategy

Today’s security needs to span your entire environment, providing unified visibility into IoT and end point devices, access points, the network core, the data centre, the Cloud, and even applications and data. It needs to be powerful enough to meet the demands of today’s digital businesses. And given the speeds at which today’s attacks happen, security devices also need to work together to automatically respond to threats without waiting for human intervention. This is why we designed the Fortinet Security Fabric – a comprehensive security framework that allows you to more effectively collect, correlate, share, and respond, to critical threat intelligence.

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