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Microsoft Teams is breaking down the collaboration barrier, by helping workplaces embrace the power of truly collaborative teamwork. By bringing together chat, video calling, files, and integrated apps into a central hub, Teams supports employees to get work done, regardless of geographies.

Get to know Microsoft Teams quick smart

If you’ve already begun your Microsoft Teams journey and need to get your people up to speed fast, the Quick Start Guide will be your best friend. This guide provides an overview of how to use Teams, and the different tools and functions remote workers should be aware of.

Get to know Microsoft Teams

Navigate the key features of Microsoft Teams with the help of our adoption videos.


“My name is Andy Wright, Office 365 Consultant at Data#3. In this video, I’m going to show you how simple it is to set up a new team. If you’ve got the rights, you just hit Create a Team here, and you can either create a team from a previous team, or we’re going to start from scratch. Define the privacy permissions, and then you give the project, so give the team a name. Hit Create. So now we’ve created a team, but a team’s not a team without team members, and adding team members is as simple as just typing in their names, as we’ve got here. Just auto-look up the names. Click on Add. Close. And that’s it, we’ve created our new Microsoft team, an area where our team can stay focused, organised, and share conversations.”


“My name’s Andy Wright, Office 365 Consultant at Data#3. Channels are where the work really gets done with the team. Where you can share conversations, files, and also other applications that your team’s working on. So an example here in retail. Your retail team might have separate topics, sales for example, operation improvements, staff planning, where there is focused conversations and shared information related to that. Likewise, in project team, project team might have separate areas that the project is focusing on. Channels are really simple to set up. We go to the team that we just set up. All you do is just click here, add a channel, give it a name and that’s it. We’ve created a new channel which already has its own conversation area and a files tab waiting to be filled with all the documents we’re working on.”


“My name is Andy Wright. Office 365 consultant in Data#3. In your channel at the top you’ll see tabs. And tabs are like some links to documents and applications and services, which your team is sort of focused on. The first tab is conversations where you can share conversations and then catch up on recent meetings. Files is all the files that the team is working on there and then. Now if there is a particular file that you’re really sort of want to bring to the surface.”

“Let’s say for example here it’s an Excel spreadsheet with our profit and loss that the team is working on we can focus that into its own separate tab. Likewise, if we use Power BI. Here’s an example of a Power BI dashboard. That we can easily, not only view, but also interact with within the tab. And as we can see here as many other tabs that we can easily add to our team channel. In this example, in our Product Delta team, we’re going to add a tab. And it really is as simple as selecting add a tab. Now this example, the team may be focusing on a specific Excel spreadsheet. So it’s easy to select that from our files. Bingo. Here we have the Excel spreadsheet embedded, and we can even change the name to something more meaningful for our team.”


“My name’s Andy Wright, Office 365 consultant at Data#3. Ever suffer from email overload? Trying to keep on top of communications or a trail of email? With Microsoft Teams, in the conversations it’s really easy firstly, to review all the interactions with the team, by conversations, documents being shared, even recordings of previous meetings. And, to interact with your team members really is as simple as using the @ symbol. And here we’re going have a quick chat with um… With Megan. Type in our message. And the beauty here is its persistence. We can always go back to a later date and check out the conversation. Likewise, if you wanted to communicate with everybody within this channel, what we simply do is type in the name of the channel and every member of the channel will receive that information. Conversations real time.”

“If at a later date, you wanted to catch up with the activity, who’s been mentioning you or liking you, you could simply go to the activity tab to review all that information. And within Microsoft Teams chat, you’re not just constrained to text, you can make it fun with emojis, gifs, stickers, you can attach files. If you really want to make the message ping, then you can use an announcement. And, if it’s a really important announcement, simply by clicking here, mark as important, just go ahead and post that. You can see that really stands out in a crowd. So Microsoft Teams chat really cuts down on all that email… email noise, and allows you to have real time conversations, and also have a bit of fun as well.”


“My name’s Andy Wright, Office 365 Consultant at Data#3. Chat within Teams is great to share information amongst the teams. What about if you want to have a one-on-one with one or a couple of your co-workers? So, simply select Chat. And then from the top here, you just type in the person’s name. Here we go, we’ve found Megan. We’ve already got all the previous conversations with Megan. In addition to simple texts, lots of other functionality available. So for example if you wanted to make a message really stand out or let’s say for example it’s a really urgent message. Let’s say for example you’re wanting to send a message to a doctor. Then, you can use the urgent functionality. And what this will do is it’ll actually sort of send reminders to that recipient every couple of minutes. So they really do the get the message.”

“Want make things a bit fun? Then, we’ve got our emojis and gifs that you can very simply add to your chat to liven things up a bit. You can also simply add files from your computer or, if you’re using OneDrive, then you can easily use that as well. Chat in Microsoft Teams isn’t just about instant messaging, there’s so much more that you can do. So for example, files, you can easily share, work with files real-time. Both people editing the document, co-authoring at the same time, making comments. Another rich functionality, so for example, if we wanted to see where Megan sits within the organization, or even a little bit more information about Megan. We can very easily do that within Chat. Very rich experience.”


“My name is Andy Wright, Office 365 Consultant for Data#3. So, want to see what you and your team are up to this week? Really simple. Go into the Calendar area, and we’ve got a consolidated view of all of your events. Want to organize a new meeting? Really as simple as selecting the date, the time, putting a title in, inviting some people, hitting Schedule, job done. They’ll get a meeting invite, and then they’ll be able to join that meeting using the rich experience of Microsoft Teams.”


“My name’s Andy Wright, Office 365 consultant at Data#3. So in Microsoft Teams not only can communicate via instant messaging, I can have really rich audio and video conferencing facilities. All within the application. So in this example I’m being invited to a meeting. So I’m going join the meeting. Now, maybe I’ve got an actual device within the room, to have this meeting on. So what I can do is I can, select the room device from here, and I can have a really rich experience within my Microsoft Teams meeting. Alternatively, I can go straight to video and we can have a very interactive catch up with co-workers who might be in different locations, to where I am.”


“My name’s Andy Wright, Office 365 Consultant at Data#3. How about you call your team on to have a meeting now, to discuss maybe a particular document you’re working on. So, it’s as simple as hitting the Meet Now button and then all we do, is invite the people into the meeting, I’m sharing my video and we’re calling Megan and Megan’s going be joining us here. Hi, Megan! So… Megan and I are working on a really important presentation we’re going be giving tomorrow. We’re under the pump time wise, not a problem with Microsoft Teams, because we can be reviewing and indeed, editing this document real-time together and get the job done really, really quickly.”

“Now, my office is a bit of a mess and I could either tidy it up or I could use Blur My Background and as you can see here, my background just kind of fades and it’s a lot cleaner, really good feature to use. Another thing is, we can record the meeting, so, if people can’t come to the meeting, not a problem, we record it with the beauty of artificial intelligence, it’ll automatically translate the voice to text and we can even do a search at a later date of where Megan is speaking in the meeting, as opposed to where I may be speaking in the meeting, really powerful tools, all part of Microsoft Teams.”

“There’s loads of other really rich functionality available, so for example, if you want to take notes on a meeting, you can quite easily do that directly within the meeting and then they’re available within a tap, within your channel for a later date. Ending a meeting is as simple as hanging up and if you’ve recorded the meeting, it’ll be available in the channel later on, for anyone who wants to watch it.”


“My name’s Andy Wright, Office 365 consultant at Data#3. See teams would typically be working on files, be their documents, or Excel spreadsheets, and most of the teams, each channel’s got his own separate area that you can store the documents which are relevant to your team channel. So, how about if you want to work on a document together? Well, then traditionally, emailing back and forward. Now, with the marks of teams, real-time co-authoring with your colleagues directly within Microsoft Teams. So here, for example, we’ve opened up PowerPoint presentation that Megan and I are working on together and we can even have a chat about that directly within the Microsoft Team’s experience.”


“My name is Andy Wright, Office 365 Consultant at Data#3. Say for example, Meghan and I are working on a document which needs to be done today. Rather than traditionally emailing back and forward, what we can do within Microsoft Teams is, firstly we can open up the document directly within Microsoft Teams. We don’t need to open up Word. And then here, real-time, both of us can be working on the document straight away. So for example here, you can see Meghan is editing the document. And I can be having a chat with Meghan on the side. We can even take that to a video call as well. Really powerful tool to streamline the way that your teams work on collaborating with regards to documents.”


“My name’s Andy Wright, Office 365 consultant at Data#3. There’s a wealth of information you can share within Microsoft Teams. What about if you want to search? Searching Microsoft Teams is an absolute breeze. So in this example, we’re going search for Megan, and here it’ll bring up all the messages I’ve had with Megan, also, the people in the organization called Megan. Or what about if you’re looking for that particular file and you’re a member of the many teams, each with their own channels. Searching for files, easily brings up all the documents and respective channels that the documents are held in.”

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