A step-by-step guide to using Adobe Sign in Microsoft Teams

Are you tired of chasing paper or working manually with repetitive tasks? Do you need to reduce the gap between approval and signature on contracts?

It might be easier than you think to digitise your whole document approval process – including legally binding signatures – using existing functionality in Microsoft Teams.

The new Approvals app within Microsoft Teams uses prebuilt workflows to manage the document approval process. Adobe Sign is the preferred electronic signature solution for Microsoft and the native integration makes it very easy to add digital signature requests from within the Approvals app.

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This video demonstrates how to utilise Adobe Sign inside Microsoft Teams to send out, track and manage documents for signature. Click the timestamps below to jump ahead to the following steps:

0:10 – Creating a new document review request using Microsoft Teams and Adobe Acrobat to gather feedback and track changes.
– Highlighting and commenting on text in a PDF
– Alerting specific team members
– Adding sticky notes to a document

1.48 – Submitting your document for approval using the new Approvals app in Microsoft Teams.

2.40 – Locating, activating and pinning the Adobe Sign add-in to your Microsoft Teams environment.

3.40 – Adding electronic signature requests to a document:
– Allocate signing roles – signer, approver, certified recipient etc.
– Adding 2nd level authentication for recipients
– Setting completion and reminder notifications

5.25 – Signing your document internally.

5.39 – Take a tour of the Manage tab in Approvals.

6.28 – Signing your document externally via any modern browser – no Adobe Sign software required.

7.48 – An overview of the Adobe Sign security and audit trail features:
– show Intent to sign digitally
– establish Identity is verified, and
– the document is Intact.

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