Veeam Availability Platform

Veeam - Data<sup>#</sup>3

Any app, any data, on any cloud

Can you say with confidence that your enterprise delivers non-stop availability of any app, any data, on any cloud? Or are your digital transformation goals being held back by unnecessary downtime?

The explosion of data and the digitisation of enterprise processes demands a new breed of availability in the modern enterprise. We call it hyper-availability – and it’s delivered by leading availability platform, Veeam.

With the Veeam Availability Platform, businesses of all sizes can flick the switch to become always-on. Veeam delivers 24/7/365 availability, along with actionable insights for data management, operational performance and compliance.

  • Veeam powers your business continuity strategy and maintains an always-on enterprise
  • With one availability platform covering your whole business, Veeam reduces complexity and increases agility
  • Veeam protects your customer data and ensures you comply with increasingly rigorous privacy laws


How Veeam enables the always-on enterprise:

High-speed recovery

Recover the data you need faster, and get the lowest recovery time objective (RTO) with tools like Instant VM Recovery, Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, and SQL Server, Veeam Explorer for Oracle – and more!

Data loss avoidance

Achieve the lowest recovery point objective (RPO) and avoid data loss, thanks to the huge range of in-built features in the Veeam Availability Suite.

Verified recoverability

Get guaranteed recovery of every file, application or virtual server, every time. It can all be reliably restored when needed, ensuring business resiliency through automated backup and DR testing.

Leveraged data

Use backup data and storage snapshots to create an exact copy of your production environment, so you can test changes in a production-like environment before actually deploying them.

Complete visibility

With proactive monitoring and alerting of issues before operational impact, the Veeam Availability Suite lets you manage virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads from a single console.

The Veeam Availability Platform offers 24/7/365 availability for the always-on enterprise.

Request a demo today and Data#3’s Veeam experts will show you how to protect all your enterprise data.


Veeam - Data<sup>#</sup>3
Veeam Availability Report
This report examines the real-world impacts when service availability goals are not met.

Veeam - Data<sup>#</sup>3
Ovum Data Availability and Protection Report
This report positions Veeam as the clear leader in availability solutions, delivering a simple, reliable platform at an affordable price.

Why Veeam & Data#3

Veeam’s vision is for their customers to be confident in the data they hold and distribute, helping them breed trust with their customers through leveraging their intelligent data management solutions.

Veeam is focussed on ensuring your data is protected across any app, any data and any cloud to ensure your organisation can continue to be always-on.

In their 11 year journey, more than 290,000 customers have trusted Veeam with their capabilities and 91% of these are actively recommending Veeam to their peers.

Data#3 has a partnership that extends more than 10 years with Veeam. We continue to foster the relationship as Veeam continually delivers on their vision to more and more customers globally.

  • The only platinum Veeam partner in Australia
  • A Veeam partner since 2008
  • Largest Revenue Partner in APAC
  • 2021 Veeam Partner of the Year
  • Employer of half Veeam Vanguards in Australia
  • Sales trained staff

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