Technology Intelligence

The End of Technology Waste

Effective management of an organisation’s IT depends on full visibility, but this remains a challenge for many IT leaders. More than 50% of IT spend has moved out of the CIO’s control and into business units1, creating a technology sprawl that is difficult to identify, monitor and measure.

The result: 54% of customers are overspending on hardware and licensing2, wasting precious IT budget. The remaining 46% are under-licensed and pose a compliance risk2 to the organisation.

Traditional asset management systems are restricted to specific areas of your technology stack, either managing your hardware or ensure licensing compliance. However, without a clear and complete view of all on-premises and cloud resources, technology cannot be optimised to meet organisational goals, compliance cannot be enforced and your systems and data may not be as protected as you think. Technology Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage all your technology to reduce risk, prevent overspend, and quickly grasp business opportunities.

Are you struggling with:

Accurately budgeting for technology needs?

Over and under-utilised digital technology assets (subscriptions, licenses and cloud consumption) are costing companies their limited IT budgets.

30% of software that’s been deployed is not being used; companies are paying for more licenses than required1.

Customers are finding that cloud is costing them significantly more than they had budgeted for.

How do you know if your organisation is wasting money on redundant or duplicated technology?

Blind spots and security risks, due to shadow IT?

You can’t manage what you don’t know about. As business units self-serve SaaS applications, paying for a product that another department may have already bought is increasingly common.

IT departments don’t know who is using what technology and more importantly- how they’re using it.

Do you know when the business deploys or consumes software that doesn’t conform to IT standards?

Finding time and resources to action optimisations?

Customers want to reduce their application portfolios to reduce support and licensing costs, but don’t have the people, technology or time to do so.

Standardising app use across your organisation is extremely time-consuming, and difficult to complete within a timeframe where the data remains current.

How do you know where you are getting the most value from your technology investments?

Gain more insight and control of your IT with Technology Intelligence 360

Data#3’s Technology Intelligence 360 Solution delivers insights faster with a flexible ‘as a Service model based on the Snow Atlas platform. You can quickly procure the services you need to understand and manage your technology consumption across devices, data centres and the cloud.

We created an interactive periodic table to illustrate the range of services available. Explore how Data#3 can help.

Tech Intelligence Periodic Table

Features you will love:

Technology Visibility

No organisation can manage IT effectively until it knows exactly what it is dealing with. Discover:

  • What hardware and software you have, and who is using it
  • What budget you need to allocate for technology essentials
  • If your environment is truly secure
  • Subscriptions and agreements approaching expiration

Technology Optimisation

Gaining clarity about your technology usage will enable you to generate powerful insights into your technology investments, focusing on optimising spend and generating cost savings.

  • Control shadow IT and unbudgeted spend
  • Understand where technology delivers best business value
  • Reduce risk
  • Optimise your environment to align with business goals

Technology Governance

Analyse your entire digital estate, and cross reference results against over 9 million known software vulnerabilities within the US National Vulnerability Database to implement an organisation-wide approach to technology risk management.

  • Pinpoint and remediate technology risks on-premises, and in the cloud
  • Uncover and track vulnerabilities
  • Identify unpatched or end of support applications
  • Use appropriate tools to secure data from the document level to the organisational level
  • Integrate security and data protection features from diverse IT assets

Customer Story

ElectraNet cuts costs and increases visibility with technology intelligence solution.

“The solution helps us get on top of license renewals and saves costs because it points us to the applications that are not being used, so it takes away the potential for paying for something we don’t need.”

– Steve Calabro, IT Infrastructure Manager, ElectraNet

eBook | The End of Technology Waste

This eBook will enlighten you on how to avoid wasting budget on redundant, end of life, insecure or duplicate technology.

It presents three key steps that will help you to gain clarity about the technology you own, and how it is used. Following this process will ensure your organisation has trustworthy data to inform future decisions, and establish governance to help protect your information, your staff and your customers.

What to expect from Technology Intelligence:

different devices icon

View a single source of truth

Anywhere, anytime access to the cloud-hosted Technology Intelligence Platform.

Monitor technology adoption and consumption across your entire organisation.

Drive digital transformation with powerful data insights.

invoice icon

Reduce your total cost of ownership

Uncover expired, unsupported, insecure or duplicate technologies within your environment.

Reconcile your licensing and subscriptions against real-time usage data.

Eliminate wasteful spending and ensure mature software compliance capabilities and processes.

security shield icon

Optimise for success and security

Know which technology is being used – or left gathering dust – cut costs, reduce risk and optimise your environment.

Organisations that manage their portfolio can achieve approximately 30% savings in the first year, with 5-10% each year following1.

Technology Intelligence Self-Assessment

A simple assessment tool designed to help IT leaders identify the strengths and weaknesses of their technology management program.

Why Data#3?

Underpinned by Gartner Magic Quadrant leading Snow Software and managed by an experienced team of specialists, Data#3’s Technology Intelligence 360 solution gives you the power to view and understand the entirety of your organisation’s technology use at a glance.

As an Expert Snow Partner, Data#3 has a skilled national team with unparalleled experience in Software Asset Management (SAM), software licensing and SAM for Snow Atlas. Our Technology Intelligence solution has been built with an established Information Security Management System aligned to ISO 27001.

Cloud-hosted and managed by Data#3, save the cost of owning and maintaining a technology intelligence platform yourself.

Next Steps

  1. Explore the full range of services in the Data#3 Technology Intelligence 360 Periodic Table
  2. Self-assess your technology management processes with the Technology Intelligence assessment tool.
  3. Download a sample of the Quarterly Governance Operation Report.
  4. Download the Technology Intelligence 360 brochure.
  5. Request a demo or connect with a Data#3 Specialist below to learn more about our Technology Intelligence Solutions.

1 Snow (2017). Bridging the disruption gap. [Online] Available at: https://www.snowsoftware.com/int/blog/2017/03/28/bridging-disruption-gap
2 Data based on a study of all Data#3 Software Asset Management Customers
3 Symantec Security Threat Report 2019. [Online] Available at: https://www.data3.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/CSTR-June-2019.pdf

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