Data and Analytics

The exponential growth and availability of information has created a world of ‘big data’.

How your organisation captures, protects and leverages this data can have a significant impact on business performance and competitiveness.

From data capture and storage to real time insights and risk minimisation, Data#3’s Data and Analytics solutions help you consolidate and simplify your information landscape to give you greater visibility and control over your data.

This enables you to make faster, more accurate decisions to improve business agility, enhance operational performance and position your company to take advantage of future growth opportunities.

Better visibility. Better insights. Better decision-making.

At Data#3, our Data and Analytics Solutions provide the visibility and insights you need to gain a better understanding of your business and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Whether it’s sales information, customer behaviour, market trends or network activity, we help you best utilise your data to inform and guide business decisions and strategy.

Supported by secure and scalable data centre infrastructure, our user-friendly analytics software enables stakeholders within the organisation to quickly and easily analyse data without burdening internal IT resources. This saves your business valuable time and money.

Data and Location Based Analytics

Enhance Business Performance with Real-Time Location Data and Analytics

Solution benefits:

  • Consolidate and streamline multiple information sources
  • View, organise and analyse vast amounts of data in real time
  • Improve ROI for your technology spend
  • Securely capture, store and manage data across the organisation
  • Use real time insights to improve agility and responsiveness
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of business reporting.

Make faster, more accurate and more informed business decisions with Data and Location Based Analytics Solutions from Data#3.

From consultation and strategy to infrastructure and support, our Data and Analytics services enable you to capture, view and analyse the crucial information you need to improve business agility and performance.

Customer Management (CRM) – Microsoft Dynamics 365

To operate as productively as possible, attract quality staff, engage your customers and capture new opportunities, you need the best possible technology at your business’ core. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can unite your disparate technology into one seamless solution – revolutionising your business processes across sales, customer service, field service, operations, marketing, project service automation and financials.

Solution Benefits:

  • Empower your sales team and turn relationships into revenue
  • Transform your customer experience
  • Optimise your operations and break down the silos between CRM and ERP
  • Harness the power of mobility, with intelligent tools working seamlessly in the cloud.

Data#3 is Microsoft’s largest partner in Australia, with unrivalled capabilities to deliver solutions across software licensingcloud, solution implementation and support. Get in contact with our team, to see a Dynamics 365 demonstration or request a CRM Fit Gap Assessment.

Technology Intelligence Solutions

Full visibility into technology use across an organisation is a major challenge for many IT leaders. With more than 50% of IT spend moving out of the CIO’s control and into business units, the resulting technology sprawl is difficult to identify, monitor and measure.

Data#3 has found 54% of customers are overspending on hardware and licensing, and wasting IT budgets, while the remaining 46% are under-licensed and pose a compliance risk.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive managed solution to unlock insights and decision making power from your technology investments while managing all your devices, software licenses and cloud workloads via the one platform, Technology Intelligence Solutions is the answer.

Data#3’s Technology Intelligence Solutions are built from the Snow Software platform and are available in three tiers of service:


Bring real-time data to every question, decision and action that affects your organisation.

As business threats become increasingly sophisticated and challenge additional areas of your operations, having visibility and real-time intelligence at your fingertips has never been more critical.

Splunk is one of the most powerful analytics tools on the market today. 92 of the Fortune 100 leverage Splunk’s world-class investigative capabilities to predict, identify and solve a multitude of problems using the growing streams of machine data generated by your systems and technology – physical, virtual and in the cloud.

Discover Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform today, with offerings available to improve your IT Operations, Security and Analytics.

Big data. Big opportunities.

Mobile devices, global networks, customer interactions, business intelligence (BI)…the exponential growth and availability of information has created a world of ‘big data’.

And while issues of data security, capture and storage present undeniable challenges, innovative and future-focused organisations are leveraging big data to open up new business opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

World-leading technology partners

In order to deliver intuitive Data and Analytics solutions and services, Data#3 builds on a foundation of world-leading technologies from Discovery Technology, Microsoft and Splunk, Snow Software.

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