March 22, 2023

Navigating the six stages to ITAM maturity with Technology Intelligence 360

Licensing costs and vendor audits are rising – however, IT budgets are not. Wouldn’t it be great to easily identify the 30% of software that is typically not being used in any organisation? Ever had problems finding that information?

Bringing IT intelligence together into a single source of truth isn’t just understanding what you have, it’s navigating licencing changes, it’s prioritising security vulnerabilities, it’s understanding what technology is delivering value.

This video explains how Data#3’s Technology Intelligence 360 solution will help you navigate six stages to achieving industry best practice for IT asset management.

Click the timestamps below to jump ahead to the following:

    • 0:36 Introducing the Roadmap to ITAM maturity
    • 1:12 Take a tour of the Technology Intelligence 360 Periodic Table
    • 1:48 Stage 1 Governance Understanding what Governance is lacking from your ITAM program
    • 2:25 Stage 2 Visibility Achieving trustworthy data
    • 3:46 Stage 3 Operation Service bundles for a fully flexible approach to consuming services
    • 4:28 Stage 4 Optimisation Identifying areas of risk and waste
    • 5:24 Stage 5 Management Options for completely outsourcing the management of your SAM tools
    • 5:59 Stage 6 Enhancements Additional capabilities to unlock value closely linked to ITAM

Achieve ITAM maturity with the speed and flexibility of SaaS delivery

As an Expert Snow Partner, Data#3 offers you industry-leading technologies aligned to ISO 19770-1 at a fraction of the cost. From gathering intelligence, analysing information, and making detailed recommendations, Data#3 puts your business outcomes at the centre of its Technology Intelligence 360 solution.

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