Deploy Assist for Microsoft

Access significant funding to support the deployment, training and adoption of Microsoft Surface devices in your organisation.

Whether you’re looking to transform your organisation, mobilise your sales team, inspire students or improve collaboration, our specialists can help you plan, deploy and manage the rollout of new devices and applications.

The Deploy Assist Program

Deploy Assist provides eligible organisations with up to $20,000 in funding1 to help you get the most from your Microsoft Surface devices with Microsoft 365. This program will help you streamline the adoption of Surface devices, by minimising the cost of deployment, accelerating productivity and maximising the return of investment for Surface devices in your organisation.

Work in education?

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The Microsoft Surface Suite

Microsoft Surface devices are intuitive, high-performance tools that give your team the power and freedom to work securely, anywhere, anytime. Built to meet the needs of modern businesses and classrooms, Surface devices drive innovation and change. With a full suite of devices, Microsoft Surface offers a solution for every user and work style.

The following services are available utilising Deploy Assist funding

Modern Management

Leverage Endpoint Manager and Windows Autopilot to automate the deployment and configuration of your Surface devices, including operating system configuration and application deployment.

Through our Endpoint Manager solution, Data#3’s experts work with your team to plan and implement a Windows Autopilot and Endpoint Manager pilot to up to 10 devices, with the option for your team to complete the rollout to your entire organisation.


Surface Adoption and Training

Improve productivity with Microsoft 365 and Surface Adoption.

Leverage our adoption and change management experience to ensure your staff are trained in using Microsoft 365 and Surface, so they can get the most out of your organisation’s investment in Surface.

Hybrid Meetings

Harness the power of the team with enhanced collaboration. Combine Surface Hub, Teams Rooms systems and Surface devices with Microsoft Teams for a powerful teamwork solution.

Our Teams Rooms Launchpad offering, provides funded planning and a pilot deployment of two Teams Rooms systems so you can get hands-on with a meeting solution that is perfect for hybrid working environments.

Endpoint Security

Data#3 security experts work with your IT department to assess and plan the best security framework for your organisation, from chip to cloud you can use Deploy Assist funding to help you secure your Microsoft 365 environment.

Our Secure with Surface offering includes leveraging Endpoint Manager and Windows Autopilot for deployment and management, along with Surface hardware security managed from Endpoint Manager and the Surface Management Portal to monitor compliance.

We Support Your Switch to Surface

The range of services offered under the Deploy Assist program are in addition to the value-added services we offer all our Microsoft Surface clients such as:

  • Dedicated Microsoft Surface Solution Specialists to help you navigate the myriad of Surface options available to you
  • Modern Work Specialists who work alongside you to assess, discover, experience, evaluate and deploy your Microsoft eco-system

Embrace Mobile Productivity with Deploy Assist

Reach out to Data#3 and help your organisation hit the ground running with mobile productivity. Deploy Assist will ensure a smooth and rewarding switch to Surface for your organisation. As a Gold Partner and Microsoft largest Australian reseller, Data#3 is best positioned to support your Surface deployment. We are also the only Managed Authorised Surface Device Reseller in Australia that can deliver Microsoft’s Modern Workplace suite.

Contact us below to find out how much Deploy Assist funding your organisation can claim.

Apply now for Deploy Assist

Enquire below to contact a Surface Specialist to find out how much funding you’re eligible for.

1. Terms and Conditions Apply. Speak to your Surface Specialist for more information and to find out how much funding your organisation is eligible for.
2. Plantronics, (2016). Better Meeting Blueprint. [Online] Available at: https://www.plantronics.com/content/dam/plantronics/documents-and-guides/en/e-books/better-meeting-blueprint-ebook.pdf
3. Note that SCCM must be on current version and in healthy state. If remediation is required, this will be charged at Time & Materials rates to rectify.
4. This will require an Azure subscription with Log Analytics. Desktop Analytics requires Windows 10 E3 or E5 licensing.


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