Microsoft Security

Full-spectrum protection for your

people, data and technology


Protecting your organisation from evolving risks takes both an outside-in and inside-out approach, with solutions that meet the security, compliance and identity needs of your people, data and infrastructure.

With comprehensive protection for all your devices, identities, apps and clouds – Microsoft security solutions are the fundamental fabric keeping modern business environments secure.

At Data#3, we understand there isn’t a one size fits all approach to security. As Microsoft’s largest Australian partner, we’re experts in identifying risks and gaps, migrating workloads, recommending licensing constructs and building airtight strategies to implement the technical controls needed to defend your organisation.

Protect devices, identities, apps and clouds with Microsoft security solutions.

Microsoft Security Identity and Access Identities and Access

Comprehensive identity and access management to connect users, apps, and devices securely.


Microsoft Security Threat Protection Automated Threat Protection

Put a stop to breaches across Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and IoT platforms.


Microsoft Cloud Security Cloud Security

Assess, improve and control the security state of your multi-cloud apps and resources infrastructure.


Microsoft Security Information Protection Safeguard Sensitive Data

Benefit from information protection across clouds, apps, and endpoints through the configuration and management of policies.


Microsoft Endpoint Security Defend Your Endpoints

Get endpoint security, device management, and intelligent cloud with a unified management platform that encompasses Microsoft Intune, Autopilot and Configuration Manager.


Microsoft Security Compliance Simplify Compliance

Respond to legal and regulatory compliance requirements by assessing, improving, and monitoring compliance.


Complimentary* Microsoft Security, Compliance, & Identity Workshops

Book a workshop, complimentary to eligible customers, to benchmark your security posture, solidify your security and compliance strategies, and help you better protect your organisation with your existing investments in the Microsoft ecosystem.

  1. Security Workshop – Better understand, prioritise, and mitigate your potential threats
  2. Compliance Workshop – Identify compliance solutions that can reduce your data risk
  3. Identity Workshop – Provide visibility into your current identity estate and define next steps
  4. Endpoint Management Workshop – Shows you how to enhance productivity and better manage your devices, apps, and identities from anywhere.

Alternatively, get in touch with a local Data#3 Security Specialist or your Data#3 Account Manager to discuss how we can help design, implement and maintain superior security measures, tailored to protect your business.

Microsoft Security Assumes breach

Minimises blast radius and segment access. Verifies end-to-end encryption and uses analytics to get visibility, drive threat detection, and improve defenses.

Microsoft Security Verifies explicitly

Authenticates and authorises based on all available data points, including user identity, location, device health, service or workload, data classification, and anomalies.

Microsoft Security Least privileged access

Limits user access with just-in-time and just-enough-access (JIT/JEA), risk-based adaptive polices and data protection to help secure both data and productivity.

Zero Trust Framework

With solutions built on a Zero Trust Framework, Microsoft has always taken a “never trust, always verify” approach to security.

Instead of assuming everything behind a corporate firewall is safe, the Zero Trust model: assumes breaches, verifies explicitly and uses least privileged access.

Microsoft Security


Identity security has become critically important in the new way of working, especially when allowing teams to access apps from anywhere. Securing this access across your network and applications begins with Azure Active Directory.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Azure AD is the foundation of your cloud identity and the security perimeter for all of your Microsoft online services, including Microsoft 365. An enterprise identity service, Azure AD provides single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and conditional access to help protect your users from 99.9% of cybersecurity attacks.

Single sign-on
Connect your workforce to all your apps, from any location, using any device.
Multi-factor authentication
Help safeguard access to data and apps and keep it simple for users.
Conditional access
Apply the right access controls to keep your organisation more secure.

Microsoft Security Threat Protection THREAT PROTECTION

Protecting your organisation’s users, devices, and data is made simple through the prevention, detection, investigation and remediation of sophisticated attacks with Microsoft’s threat protection. 

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

ATP helps secure you the most fundamental and primary communication methods such as email, web, and collaboration tools. Malicious content in emails and websites is, and remains, one of the most pervasive problems in cybersecurity. Business email compromise is a major challenge for Australian businesses, with around 20% of all business email attacks globally targeting Australian companies1 

Forrester found that ATP – built-in to Windows 10 – contributed to a 40% reduction in risk of a data breach and caught 1.7 times as many threats as other endpoint detection and response tools2. 

Microsoft Sentinel SIEM

Adopting cloud must go hand-in-hand with an integrated on-premises and cloud security posture. Microsoft Sentinel is a scalable, cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) solution that leverages AI and automated response to proactively respond to threats. 

By taking a wide array of signals across users, devices, applications and infrastructure – including Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 – Microsoft Sentinel is your birds-eye view across your organisation, alleviating the stress of increasingly sophisticated attacks.


It takes more than one line of defence to keep data safe. Microsoft Azure delivers a comprehensive state-of-the-art security ecosystem that stretches across the cloud and your network. 

Cloud Security 

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps – Delivers rich visibility, control over data travel and deep analytics to help you identify and combat threats. 
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud – Gives increased visibility and control over your Azure resources by unifying integrated security monitoring, policy management and enabling advanced threat protection across your hybrid cloud workloads. Also integrates with Azure Security Center whilst using AI and automation to protect and secure Azure and hybrid cloud workloads against threats such as remote desktop protocol (RDP) brute-force attacks, and SQL injections.
  • GitHub advanced security – Accelerates DevSecOps adoption and secures software from code to cloud by both detecting software vulnerabilities and coding errors – and detecting foreign code such as keys and tokens that have been checked into the repository. 

Network Security

  • Azure Application Gateway – A web traffic load balancer featuring a web application firewall and intelligent layer 7 routing to enable you to manage traffic to your web applications.
  • Azure Web Application Firewall – Protects your apps with a cloud-native web application firewall (WAF) that prevents malicious attacks and common web vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
  • Azure VPN Gateway – Securely connects your on-premises networks to Azure via site-to-site VPNs using industry-standard Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE). 
  • Azure DDos Protection – Automatically monitors your traffic for indicators of DDoS attacks which are increasingly targeted to the enterprise. 
  • Azure Firewall manager – Provides central and simplified network security policy and route management to control network configurations and rules across multiple Azure Firewall instances. 
  • Azure Front-door – An Application Delivery Network that offers a range of layer 7 load-balancing capabilities and intelligent threat protection to secure and boost the reliability and performance of your applications.

Microsoft Security Information Protection INFORMATION PROTECTION

Microsoft’s security solutions protects your sensitive information whether it’s stored in the cloud or on-premises. Data#3 can help you better understand these critical capabilities and work with you to enhance your document and email security. 

Azure Information Protection (AIP) 

Classify, label and protect confidential documents and emails by encrypting emails and messages, blocking the forwarding of confidential information, setting restrictions and providing permissions.  

Microsoft 365 Information Protection 

Prevent accidental or inappropriate sharing of information, with Microsoft’s simplified, comprehensive protection solution. Information Protection provides you with the visibility needed to identify important data across your hybrid environment and apply flexible protection actions including encryption, access restrictions and visual markings.  

Windows Information Protection 

Windows Information Protection comes into play when securing corporate data on employee-owned devices. It works by separating and identifying corporate data stored on the device – not personal data. It then uses encryption and other restrictions to protect this data. 

Microsoft Endpoint Security ENDPOINT SECURITY

Recognised as a leader in endpoint protection, Microsoft’s powerful collection of security tools allow customers to proactively protect, detect and respond to evolving threats before they impact business. 

Microsoft Defender 

A completely cloud-based solution, Microsoft Defender encompasses protection and response, automatic investigation and remediation, risk-based vulnerability management and assessment, attack surface reduction and managed hunting services – all within a unified security management solution. 

Microsoft Endpoint Manager 

A unified management platform to secure, deploy and manage users, apps, and devices. The comprehensive Windows 10 management includes automated provisioning, configuration management, and software updates for all your endpoints. Learn more in our blog, the new approach to modern management; Microsoft Endpoint Manager explained 

Azure IoT Central 

A centralised plug and play IoT application platform that enables a seamless device-to-cloud integration experience to help reduce development time, cost and complexity whilst accelerating the onboarding of IoT devices. Learn more in our video on the Azure IoT suite 

Azure Sphere 

A comprehensive IoT security solution providing multiple layers of protection for all your connected devices including hardware, OS and IoT cloud components. Over-the-air updates means it’s simple to add new features, automatically update security and improve performance throughout device lifecycles.

Microsoft Security Compliance COMPLIANCE

When it comes to compliance, IT professionals have a lot to manage including personal and financial information, data protection regulations and cybersecurity threats. Data#3 is here to help assess your data protection controls and provide recommended actions and solutions to help you get on top of organisational compliance. 

Insider Risk Management  

Microsoft 365 compliance solution that minimises internal risks by supporting IT to detect, investigate, and act on malicious and inadvertent activities within your organisation. Or use it to identify potential high-risk areas before configuring policies to better address internal risks. 

Information Protection and Governance 

Protect and govern your enterprise data throughout its lifecycle with Microsoft’s integrated Information Protection and Governance. Wherever your data lives – in Microsoft 365 services, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, on-premises or in the cloud – Microsoft’s unified approach to the discovery and classification of data allows you to perfectly balance security with productivity. 

Advanced eDiscovery and Advanced Audit 

Delivering an end-to-end workflow, Advanced eDiscovery and Advanced Audit identifies, preserves, collects, processes, reviews and analyses data – helping you efficiently respond to regulatory and legal obligations or internal investigations. Learn a bit more about Advanced eDiscovery here. 

Compliance Management 

Easily and conveniently manage your compliance journey by identifying your data protection risks, manage the intricacies of implementing controls, and remain up to date with regulations, certifications and reporting to auditors.

Microsoft Security Licensing with Data#3

Microsoft Security and Modern Workplace Workshops

Complimentary for eligible customers*

As Microsoft’s largest Australian partner, we offer fully funded* workshops for eligible organisations using Microsoft technologies.

At Data#3, we’re experts in identifying risks and gaps, migrating workloads and recommending licensing constructs. We can help your organisation build airtight strategies to implement the technical controls needed to defend and scale your organisation. We can plan and implement Microsoft 365 collaboration technologies and even provide organisational change management services to ensure your organisation maximises adoption.

Book a workshop free-of-charge and leverage our expertise to understand how a Microsoft 365 solution can help your organisation. Workshops will help you design a modern workplace using the Microsoft 365 suite, benchmark your security posture, and better protect your organisation with your existing investments in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Data#3 for your best defence

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Security Partner, Data#3 simplifies the increasingly complex task of protecting your critical technology assets.

Our consultation-driven framework is designed to not only protect from threats, but also help detect security breaches and rapidly contain them.

Here’s why you’re more secure with Data#3:

  • Security-cleared consultants with decades of cybersecurity experience.
  • Dedicated Security Practice with a wealth of cumulative real-world expertise and adherence to both industry and Microsoft best practices, including key Microsoft security certifications such as MS-500 and AZ-500.
  • Our security solutions adhere to numerous frameworks and cybersecurity standards including ISO27001, NIST CSF, PCI DSS, and the Australian Cybersecurity Centre (ACSC) Essential Eight strategies.

Combining the experience of a dedicated strategic consulting team, as well as hands-on cybersecurity specialists, Data#3 has one of the most mature and highly accredited security teams in Australia.

Microsoft Security Certifications:

  • 6 x Microsoft AZ – 500 certifications (Azure Security Technologies)
  • 9 x Microsoft MS – 500 (Microsoft 365 Security Administration)

Contact a Microsoft Security Specialist


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