Microsoft 365 Optimiser

One of the great advantages of investing in powerful, cloud-based software like Microsoft 365 is the time and cost saving potential. Ideally, it should make your people more efficient, enable effective communication and collaboration, enhance security, and simplify day-to-day work for your IT teams.

However, these benefits only come when the software is licensed properly and implemented and managed correctly. In a staggering number of cases, this simply isn’t the case.

56% of a business’s Microsoft 365 licenses are inactive, underutilised, oversized or unassigned.1

Are you struggling with…

Identifying inactive Teams and Teams without owners?

Unidentified security risks due to Microsoft 365 configuration?

Adoption challenges and not realising efficiency gains and ROI?

Paying for unused and underused licenses?

What is Microsoft 365 Optimiser?

Microsoft 365 Optimiser is a managed service to provide visibility into your Microsoft 365 environment. It optimises license usage, exposes security risks, helps you govern your Teams environment and helps you to drive adoption of Microsoft 365.

Recommendations by Data#3 licensing, modern work and security experts are included in the entry-level reporting service.

Microsoft 365 Optimiser benefits

Better visibility of your security posture

  • Detect possible data leaks, such as email forwarded to external addresses.
  • Identify high risk logins from overseas.
  • Understand the security of your admin accounts.
  • Identify accounts that are potentially being attacked.
  • Assurance that security issues are identified and reported.


Optimise Microsoft 365 license spend

  • Optimise license deployment and usage to lower costs.
  • Gain a clear view of licenses and learn whether they are being used effectively.
  • Re-allocate licenses based on optimisation reports, ensuring the correct licenses are assigned only for your active users.
  • Implement a chargeback or showback model so you can break down your Microsoft 365 cost by department or country.


Increase employee productivity

  • Increase Microsoft 365 adoption and identify training needs.
  • Clearly understand your return on investment in Microsoft 365, and where further productivity gains can be made.
  • Gain control of your Teams environment.
  • Rely on the Microsoft experts from Australia’s largest Microsoft partner.

Microsoft 365 Optimiser Managed Service

Data#3 offers Microsoft 365 Optimiser as a managed service that provides customers with insights into their environment and recommendations on how to optimise license usage, improve Teams Governance, drive adoption and improve security posture.

Our service includes:

Security and visibility of potential threats

  • Reports include external email forwarding; cloud admins without strong passwords or MFA; high risk sign-ins; and SharePoint and OneDrive files shared externally.
  • Enhanced Microsoft 365 logs are retained for a year or longer on demand.
  • Identify top security red flags and recommended actiions.
  • Quarterly review and recommendations from our accredited security experts.


Licence Optimisation

  • Reports on license usage across your organisation.
  • Reports on underused licenses, and those assigned to disabled or inactive accounts.
  • Quarterly license recommendations from our team of Data#3 licensing experts.


Drive Adoption

  • Understand if your staff are using the full suite of licensed products.
  • Expert guidance on further Microsoft 365 services not yet used by your organisation.
  • Identify inactive Teams, Teams without owners and changes to your Teams environment.

Why Data#3?

We are Microsoft’s largest Australian business partner with the highest certified level of competency across the Microsoft ecosystem. Our hundreds of accredited consultants are ready to help.

From enhancing productivity and collaboration with Microsoft 365, Meeting Rooms, and the latest Surface devices, to transforming business processes with Dynamics 365, and getting the most value from Azure cloud, Data#3 has you covered.

Our scale and expertise enable our unparalleled support, so our customers can confidently select, deploy, manage and secure Microsoft applications, products, and devices.

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