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One of the great advantages of investing in powerful, cloud-based software like Microsoft 365 is the time-and-cost saving potential. Ideally, it should make your people more efficient, enable effective communication and collaboration, enhance security, and simplify day-to-day work for your IT teams. However, these benefits only come when the software is licensed properly and implemented and managed correctly – in a staggering number of cases, this simply isn’t the case.

It’s an unfortunate reality that many businesses are paying far more than they need to, and aren’t maximising the benefits of their investment. This is where a CoreView solution, implemented by the team at Data#3 can help.

56% of a business’ Office 365 licenses are inactive, under-utilised, oversized or unassigned. 1

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Learn more about how a CoreView solution can give you vital insights and control over your investment in Microsoft 365.

CoreView and Data#3: partnering for insight

As well as being a long-term Microsoft partner, Data#3 is the only CoreView implementation partner in Australia. We have the in-house expertise, experience and technical capabilities to help you get the absolute most from your Microsoft 365 investment.

The support you need at every step

Our expert team will work with you every step of the way, helping you determine your initial requirements, implement your CoreView solution, and provide ongoing support as part of a managed services program

CoreView in action

A recent review of Toyota Motors Europe’s use of Microsoft 365, by Coreview2 found:

  • The business had 3,000 unused E1 licenses.
  • The business had 9,000 unused E3 licenses.
  • The business had the potential to save US$1.7 million by updating their licensing.

How much could your business save?

Stay on top of your Microsoft 365 licensing

The majority of businesses are operating with inactive, under-utilised, oversized or unassigned Office 365 licenses.3 CoreView offers a quick and easy way to ensure your licensing is correctly and optimally configured.

  • Automated provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Reduce license waste: easily identify unused licences
  • Customise licensing to meet specific users and needs

Clear, consolidated insight

Managing licensing and maintaining users’ workplace software can be a considerable overhead for IT teams. CoreView simplifies the entire process and gives your IT teams at-a-glance, consolidated information regarding their Microsoft 365 licensing and provisioning details – all via a single pane of glass.

  • Get at-a-glance, consolidated information
  • Easily partition or assign permissions
  • Monitor usage and establish control

Optimise security

According to Forrester, 80% of SaaS breaches are caused by misconfiguration, inappropriate user behaviours, or incorrectly elevated user permissions.4 CoreView alleviates this problem by optimising the configuration and management process for maximum security.

  • Correctly understand your company’s configuration and management
  • Automate password re-sets and ensure password complexity
  • Regain control over overall security

Is Microsoft 365 costing you more than it should?

Learn more about some of the main issues businesses typically encounter when using Microsoft 365, and how CoreView can help.


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