Azure Stack Proof of Concept

Microsoft Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud platform product that enables organisations to deliver Azure services from their own data centre.

Microsoft Azure Stack is an integrated, turnkey, hybrid cloud solution optimised with resilient, high performing, and secure software-defined infrastructure. It’s a great platform to:

  • Deliver Azure cloud services from the security of your own data centre.
  • Enable rapid development and iteration of apps with on premise deployment tools to help transform your organisation.
  • Unify app development across the hybrid cloud environment.
  • Easily move apps and data across private and public clouds.

For Customers that want to get a head start on the Azure Stack experience before investing in a full solution, or who would simply like to gain a better understanding of Azure Stack, there is a general availability (GA) version of Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) available to run a Proof of Concept (PoC) today. (Note: that the ASDK is not suitable for running production Azure loads – it is designed to be a PoC test environment only)

Through the Azure Stack Proof of Concept engagement, Data#3 will assist you to understand how to establish a foundational understanding of Azure Stack components, Azure Stack administration and developer experience, discuss and design your Azure Stack implementation and end with detailed planning for your first workload utilising the Azure Stack Development Kit.

Our Azure Stack experts will provide you with information about recommended practices that can be used to design and operate workloads on Azure Stack and help you develop a broad understanding of capabilities that can be used in future projects.

More importantly we will provide key information into which workloads that are best suited for Azure stack deployment and assist with adopting a modernised approach to infrastructure deployment through developer tools such as Visual Studio.

The Azure Stack POC will be carried out in the following phases:


Microsoft Azure Stack Readiness Workshop

2 days

Workshop is designed to cover the breadth of Azure Stack including technical and business considerations required to integrate the solution into your data center.

Provides internal readiness for Azure Stack planning, post-deployment integration, and operations using a series of workshop sessions covering:

  • Foundational components of Microsoft Azure Stack
  • Offering Microsoft Azure Stack Resources
  • Infrastructure as a Service and Microsoft Azure Stack
  • Platform as a Service and Microsoft Azure Stack
  • Monitoring in Microsoft Azure Stack
  • Billing Tenants and License Microsoft Azure Stack
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Azure Stack Development Kit Experience Implementation

3 days

Implementation of the Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) one-node PoC and configuration of Azure subscriptions.

  • Azure Subscription, Identity and Network design
  • Deploy ASDK on a selected OEM certified integrated system or customers’ own hardware that meets the minimum requirements
  • Provision and configure resource providers (IaaS and PaaS)
  • Marketplace Syndication
  • ASDK Kit On-Premises LAN connectivity
  • Developer Tools integration (Visual Studio)
  • Test and Validate
  • Demonstrate the ASDK capabilities:
  • - Cloud Operator portal walkthrough
    - Plans, offers and Subscription Management
    - Tenant User portal walkthrough
    - Provisioning VM resources
    - Provisioning Web applications and Mobile Apps


    To deliver the Azure Stack Proof of Concept as a Service engagement, you will need to be able to supply;

    • Azure Stack Developer Edition supported hardware (http://bit.ly/2xWTm5P) or deployed certified OEM Solution
    • Procure a non-trial Azure subscription or provide the details of existing Azure enrolment is in place
    • Network Configuration for Azure Stack Development Kit (http://bit.ly/2xf4G9T)

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