Microsoft Azure Health Checks

There is no doubt that cloud adoption is growing fast. In 2020, Azure public cloud hosting grew 48%1 – and for good reason. Azure is renowned for its speed, flexibility and resilience; and it boasts the highest amount of security and privacy certifications of any cloud provider. Azure empowers workers to be more productive, it enables cognitive learning and AI, and it can ultimately transform businesses.

As a result, IT spend on cloud is also increasing. By 2020 Gartner forecasts 28% of IT budgets will be dedicated to cloud2, IDC concur finding that cloud spend is growing 7 times faster than overall IT spend.

However, as more organisations shift workloads and processes to the cloud, it becomes important to assess the cost of cloud migrations. Based on compelling insights uncovered from over 100 customer’s Azure health checks, it’s clear that organisations need help optimising their Azure instances, to reduce costs without compromising performance. The good news is, it can certainly be done, you just need to know how.

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8 Best Practices for Cost Optimisation in Microsoft Azure

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Azure Challenges

Many organisations built their business cases on the fact that moving to cloud would provide agility, be more secure and save money, however many companies are yet to realise these benefits. The reality is, cloud can deliver this promise, but it takes consideration and understanding to unlock this value. It also requires sound governance and policy to ensure the goals of cloud adoption are met.

Is your organisation struggling with:

  • Azure infrastructure provisioning
  • Incorrect sizing of Virtual Machine workloads
  • Lack of protection for Azure infrastructure
  • Patching
  • Antivirus protection
  • Backup
  • Monitoring
  • Dormant Virtual Machines
  • Missing delegated access control mechanisms
  • Open and unfiltered public IP connectivity

Azure Health Check

Data#3 conducts Azure health checks to help customers understand, assess and monitor their Azure expenditure. The assessment performed by a Data#3 Azure specialist reviews the state of customer’s cloud adoption to identify critical issues and ensure that their environment is configured properly, backed up, and secure.

What are the goals of the Azure Health Check?
The primary goals of Azure Health Check is to help our customers accomplish the following:

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Check the health of your Azure cloud infrastructure and operational practices using specialist expertise and a set of data collection tools provided by Microsoft.

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Identify any critical issues, areas for optimisation and where your cloud environment deviates from best practices.

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Provide customised recommendations from a Data#3 Azure expert on resource cost and utilisation optimisation, cloud governance and security risk exposure mitigation.

Why engage Data#3?

Each health check is delivered as a standardised report with detailed findings and expert recommendations for optimising your Azure instance. We will provide the report electronically for internal review, and will then schedule an in-person presentation where you may speak with the assessor directly to ask questions and determine next steps.

Data#3 offers the Azure health check as an assurance service for our customers. Issues are identified and then scoped into engagements to remediate by our Azure Specialists. It is our desire to ensure that holistically, Azure deployments provide the best business benefit for our customers with manageable and predictable costs.

For more information, view the sample report, or complete the form below or contact your Data#3 account manager today.



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