Introducing HP print fleet solutions for Education



With education institutions facing resourcing and budgeting challenges, new generation printers and managed services are presenting efficient new opportunities to ease the pressure.

HP’s market-leading print portfolio, and Data#3’s extensive experience as an education technology partner, combines to deliver a comprehensive managed print solution designed to meet our education customers’ objectives around security, sustainability, productivity, print optimisation, workflow automation and digital transformation.

Complete with competitive, surprise-free pricing – and aligned with ethical practices – our HP print solutions put safe, secure, and highly efficient printers into the hands of education institutions.

Whether your print fleet is owned, leased or managed, we can help you to take stock of what you have, what you need and provide a comprehensive cost-per-month solution to optimise every aspect of it.


Data#3 and HP – together we’re back in the print game!

Learn more about the ultimate print solution for education from Data#3 and HP, and our incredibly competitive pricing.


Print and transformation: Why print belongs in your wider IT strategy

If you’re looking to drive new efficiencies, it’s time to take a closer look at how your organisation uses print.



Data#3’s managed HP print solution

Supporting schools to be more productive and efficient without sacrificing security.

A comprehensive print solution

Our managed print service with HP sees Data#3 take primary responsibility for your print infrastructure as we identify ways to optimise and secure your environment, including:

• Device consolidation
• Reducing usage and minimising waste
• Integrating efficient workflows and processes
• Printer maintenance with consumables delivered as-needed
• Replacement of non-working or end-of-life printers
• Ongoing tracking of fleet usage
• Monitoring of user satisfaction

And like all of Data#3’s managed services, it is packaged under a predictable monthly cost, so you only pay for what you use. It is so comprehensive that the only thing left for you to do is supply the paper.

Securing your print environment

Print is considered to be one of the top security risks to any organisation. 66% rank print in their top 5 risks, second only to cloud-based services at 69%*. To reduce the risk of a data breach, HP printers come with the world’s most secure embedded features and best-in-class enterprise security solutions, including:

  • Key technologies that are always on guard, continually detecting and stopping threats while adapting to new ones.
  • The capabilities to automatically self-heal from attacks by triggering a reboot—IT doesn’t need to intervene.
  • Data and document security solutions to protect student information from start to finish and improve compliance across your print fleet.
  • HP software solutions to ensure only authenticated users and devices access your print network and keep your data encrypted.

HP Security Manager is the industry’s first policy–based solution and it protects student information and printers by establishing policies, automating fixes, and maintaining ongoing compliance.

HP Insights a multivendor cloud-first print management platform that delivers a 360-degree view of your print environment helping you pinpoint opportunities to reduce costs, improve end-user experience and discover the true cost of printing.

PaperCut MF is a low cost, vendor-neutral software solution designed to enable schools to seamlessly monitor and control their printing resources, providing transparency over costs and environmental impact.

* Quocirca (2019), Putting print security on the C-Level agenda [ONLINE]. Available here.

Embedded sustainability in print

Introducing sustainability practices at your school empowers students to develop an appreciation of the environment and the changes they can make to improve the quality of their lives, and those of future generations. HP’s work in reducing the environmental impact of their print products has resulted in HP:

If, like Data#3, it’s important for your school to partner with suppliers and vendors whose sustainable goals are aligned with your own, HP is the ideal print vendor.

** Compared to majority of competing in-class OEM ink & laser printer supply recycling programs. Criteria: size, reach, recycled content use, upcycling and eco award/ranking. HP-commissioned Aug 2020 InfoTrends research report. Market share: IDC Q2’20 Hardcopy Peripheral Tracker. Program availability varies. See keypointintelligence.com/HPPlanetPartners.

A taste of HP’s market-leading print products

Unleash productivity with HP’s industry-leading print technologies. From dedicated monochrome printers and multifunction laser printers with robust security, to single function laser printers complete with advanced mobility and manageability features, HP’s print portfolio is made to handle all your dynamic printing needs, including:

  • Moving from sleep mode to print mode in as little as 9 seconds.
  • Printing two-sided documents just as quickly as one.
  • Handling a variety of media including A5.
  • Using smart media sensing and toner technology to reduce energy usage.
  • Offering printing directly from mobile devices.
  • Providing a higher yield of printing with JetIntelligence toner cartridges.

Empower Today’s Dreamers to Become Tomorrow’s Designers with 3D Printing.

3D printing brings imaginary objects, abstract ideas and creative concepts are conjured into the physical world.

Tomorrow’s engineers, scientists, architects and problem solvers need the tools to imagine, experiment and invent our futures. 3D printers and STEM kits are fast becoming a necessity for all modern classrooms.

Why partner with Data#3?

Data#3 is one of only two partners in Australia that have received highly competitive pricing from HP. We offer services to design, transition, and manage your entire print fleet supported by a dedicated Account Manager you can talk to, and an honest, competitive proposal (without those hidden “gotchas”).

Contact a Data#3 HP specialist to learn more about out HP printer fleet solutions and find the right fit for your school.

Find out more about print fleet solutions for Education

Contact a Data#3 Print Specialist to learn more about how we can help you optimise every aspect your print fleet.


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