Data#3 in Healthcare

The Healthcare Environment

The healthcare sector is arguably one of the most dynamic, challenging and complex environments that you will find.

Introducing innovation, increasing productivity, securing data and managing change in a typically high-risk environment is more complex due to the high stakes and multiple stakeholders.

In Australia, many factors impact healthcare delivery – complex funding models, increases in chronic illness, an ageing population and the increasing need for immediate access to information – these all contribute to changing the way we deliver health services, while keeping the patient’s interests paramount.

Healthcare providers need to deliver low-cost services that are more effective. Patients want access to health services wherever they are and expect a connected health system that is responsive to their needs, while letting them have a say to how and where they are treated.

Digital transformation is sweeping across the healthcare sector and is regarded as the single biggest influence on how future healthcare services will be delivered.


The Anywhere Clinical Desktop

Tackling Clinician Mobility

The digitisation of patient health records continues to accelerate. Yet on the ward, clinicians often find the promise of digital efficiency lacking, frustrated by clunky access terminals, multiple security hurdles and the fact that hospital staff and visiting specialists are constantly on the move, while the IT systems they use are not.

The Anywhere Clinical Desktop is transforming the daily IT experience for practitioners moving between wards, hospitals and consulting rooms. When implemented, the mobility solution can save each clinician up to 40 minutes a day1.

Microsoft and Healthcare

A day in the Life of a clinician with the Surface Go in-hand

How to pick the right Surface device for healthcare professionals

Encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration for Healthcare

Webinar: Digital tools to encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration for Healthcare

Devices and Healthcare

Microsoft Surface Devices for Healthcare

Featuring lightweight versatile form factors, advanced connectivity options, enterprise-grade security, durability, and ease of sterilisation, the Microsoft Surface fleet gives healthcare professionals the tools needed to achieve quality patient care.

Microsoft Surface Logo

HP Devices for Healthcare

The HP Healthcare Edition portfolio has been specifically designed to address the next generation of patient care with features to enhance patient safety, streamline workflows, support infection control and bolster data security.

What do clinicians and healthcare workers want from IT?

Constant connection to information allows clinicians and administrators to work wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Either when consulting at the patient’s bedside or catching up on work from the hospital’s staff cafeteria, the ability to roam freely while staying connected is critical. So is using the latest devices that provide secure and reliable connectivity to properly architected clinical and support systems. Productivity is key, so you need an interface that is familiar to use and reflective of how you work plus a backend system that delivers the performance you need – and you need it now, no lagging screen updates, no dropouts, no logging in with multiple passwords and stepping through clunky interfaces.

You need contemporary systems that allow you to get on with your job, safely and securely.

Nevertheless, getting access to new systems and devices will not necessarily make you more productive; understanding how to use these new tools and being certain your business processes align to these new systems are critical to becoming more productive. Workflow and understanding the full potential that these new tools offer are a critical factor in business productivity. Or you may need someone who can help you manage your ICT systems and assets so your people can become more productive doing what they do best; delivering and supporting outstanding healthcare services.

Just being connected may not be enough. You need to be able to gain access to that valuable information that allows you to do your job better and faster.

Patient records, drug administration, test results, patient history – this information is usually locked behind firewalls that keeps them safe from people without the correct level of access. So how do you get to the information that you have the privilege to access? Identity management and the ability to connect securely across multiple platforms becomes increasingly complex as systems grow. We can help you architect your systems to ensure ready access is granted only to those who are authorised with built-in safeguards to keep out the people who are not.

You need to know the data that you collect on your device remains secure.

As healthcare becomes highly digitised, the importance of data governance and security compliance becomes increasingly significant. Good data security follows the information wherever it’s kept; either on your device, on your premises or in the Cloud. You need contemporary security systems and processes that keep at least one-step in front of those with malicious intent.

Data does not allow you to make decisions; but information does.

Healthcare organisations have an incredible amount of data that’s collected from a number of sources. However, you need systems that turn the data into information to help you make informed decisions that not only benefits the patient, but the organisation as well.

Drive down costs by knowing where the waste is created; benchmark your performance against similar organisations performing similar procedures; look for patterns in the frequency and volume of patients attending your facilities and align resourcing to be more efficient; better manage your assets to drive improved utilisation and lifecycle management practices; know where your people, patients and assets are located at any given time and make sure your create built environments that are safe and responsive to the needs of these groups.

These are just a fraction of how effective data analytics tools can help your organisation.

It’s important to know that the people with whom you choose to work understand your business and will be there for the long-term.

As Data#3 celebrates its 40th birthday, most of that time has been working alongside healthcare organisations, helping them solve their business issues through the innovative use of information and communication technology (ICT). The changes in the demands of modern healthcare organisations places a higher importance on effective ICT systems that deliver business outcomes. Digital transformation is here and the convergence of digital systems on what was previously manual or paper-based systems is compelling.

The rate of change is increasing every year, so you need to trust the organisations you collaborate with to deliver these solutions. We combine our expertise in business consulting and the delivery of technology systems with solutions from leading healthcare and ICT vendors in their field to deliver an outstanding experience for our healthcare customers. We care about the outcomes and we will work with you to make sure you are delighted with the solutions we provide.

Why Data#3?

Data#3 has been working closely with healthcare providers for more than 25 years and we collaborate with leading vendor partners to deliver real business change. Our award winning solutions and services improve the productivity of clinicians and healthcare administrators, while delivering better patient outcomes by creating connected, secure systems.

Data#3 holds the highest accreditations with world leading technology vendors – Microsoft’s largest Australian Partner, Cisco Gold Partner, HPe Platinum Partner, HP Amplify Partner, Titanium Dell Technologies Partner and Imprivata iPartner of the Year.

Contact Data#3 below to discuss how we can help your organisation deliver better outcomes to the people who matter.

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