How to pick the right Surface device for healthcare professionals

It’s never been more crucial – or challenging – for healthcare institutions to provide quality patient care. Delivering this starts with putting the right devices in the hands of healthcare professionals so they can focus on what really matters.

However, with an array of professionals within a healthcare setting, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ device that meets everyone’s individual needs.

The unique device needs of health

Device needs can vary considerably for healthcare professionals. Take clinicians, they’re actively engaged with patients and spend most of their day on-the-go, so they need a device that moves with them from bedside, to consulting rooms, and everywhere in between. Whereas management require more powerful devices that support volumes of applications and data – and enable seamless collaboration.

The Microsoft Surface fleet is the ideal match for addressing the diverse needs of health professionals – across all lines of business – with a focus on portability, versatility and security. In this blog, we delve into the different types of healthcare providers and which Microsoft Surface devices best meet the demands of their day-to-day.




The demands of the job

  • Highly mobile, from bedside to consulting rooms, and everywhere in between
  • Secure information transmission
  • Easy access to vital information

The right device

Mobility is critical – so a clinician’s device needs to be lightweight and easy to carry but also tough enough to survive being dropped, and as with all healthcare devices, it must be easily sanitised.

Surface Go

The Surface Go is Microsoft’s most portable 2-in-1. As clinicians move around the building, the laptop can be quickly detached from the mobile cart for use as a tablet. This is while still being powerful enough to handle the EHR applications in use every day. The PixelSense display and 10.5-inch, multi-touch screen ensures charts, medical information, videos and interactive content can be shared and reviewed in high definition. Pair the Surface Go with a keyboard-friendly protective case for ease of use whilst ensuring durability and sterilisation.

Surface Pro X

Surface Pro X

Featuring next-gen performance, all-day battery, fast charging and LTE connectivity, the Pro X is the powerful upgraded sister of the Surface Go. Pro X converts from tablet into a fully functional laptop yet mimics the mobile, lightweight form of the Go. Clinicians can manoeuvre through their workspace effortlessly, reliably connect with the team and – thanks to its impressive processing power – adapt to a variety of demanding mobile health scenarios.


The demands of the job

  • Leading the business and managing direct reports
  • Working across multiple applications in the hospital, and at home
  • Constant collaboration and communication – in particular video conferencing

The right device

Managers in healthcare need powerful, premium devices that support multitasking, helping them get more done in less time. They don’t want multiple devices that make them look disorganised, instead they would rather a single device that supports their mobile workstyle, conveys their professional image, and is versatile enough to transform depending on the task at hand.

Surface Book 3

Surface Book 3

With the versatility of a laptop, tablet, and portable studio, the Surface Book 3 offers optimal power and processing on-the-go. It’s fast to render with brilliant graphics for presentations. It’s dual far-field microphones and 8.0MP rear-facing autofocus camera enables faultless video conferencing.

Surface Laptop Studio


This is the most powerful Surface yet. It offers the very pinnacle of graphics technology so management can multitask with power-hungry apps, all whilst the laptop makes light work of heavy workflows thanks to its 14.4 PixelSense™ Flow touchscreen, high-speed processors and pro-level storage.


The demands of the job

  • Multitasking between applications and stakeholders
  • Working with large volumes of confidential data
  • Seamless collaboration demands across virtual meetings and documents

The right device

Administrators want a single device that allows them to work flexibly and more efficiently. They need a device that’s powerful enough to run multiple applications at the same time, with enough battery to last throughout the day incase they’re on the move.

Surface Laptop 4

Surface Laptop 4

This is the most popular, slim and stylish Surface laptop. The industry-leading processors deliver greater multitasking performance and instantly decreases the time to task so administrators can maximise their hours in the day. In fact, it promises 19 hours battery life! Also, a removeable solid-state drive (SSD) ensures data security right through to end of life.

Surface Laptop Go

Administrators will find the fast speeds and light form factor of the Surface Laptop Go ideal for virtual meetings with its dual far field microphones which will ensure they are heard loud and clear. It’s secure too, the power button doubles as a fingerprint reader and it comes with a removeable SSD.

Surface Laptop Go

Satellite providers (such as pharmaceutical reps)

 The demands of the job

  • Required to work from anywhere
  • The same user experience anywhere with access to email and calendar functionality on-the-go
  • Seamless communication and presentation skills

The right device

To support their busy and highly mobile schedule, pharmaceutical reps need a device that keeps them connected and powered all day long. It must be lightweight but also powerful enough to support multitasking – and allow them to present to prospective customers. Finally, the device must be able to easily capture the signatures of staff and patients.

Surface Duo 2

Set to be the next big productivity device, the Surface Duo 2 has two screens that fold together like a book. Part smartphone, part tablet – the Surface Duo 2 gives reps everything they need to be productive on the go – with access to important apps, email, calendar, meetings and calls. The dual screen means you can be in a meeting on one screen and replying to an email on the other. It’s 5G enabled too and comes with advanced video conferencing functionality. The natural inking experience with the Surface Pen allows signatures to be captured on the spot.

Surface Go

Just as clinicians find value in the mobile form factor of the Surface Go, so too will reps. Its ease of mobility and extended battery life makes it the perfect companion for reps visiting multiple providers a day. While it can’t handle intensive multitasking or demanding apps, reps will be able to speed through email, calendars and browsing, make seamless video calls, and use the Surface Pen to collect signatures.

Remote healthcare providers

 The demands of the job

  • Highly mobile, with the need to connect with specialists and doctors from remote locations
  • Secure information transmission
  • Consistent network connectivity to easily access patient information

The right device

Again, mobility is critical and devices must be lightweight, durable, and easy to sterilise while providing network connectivity options beyond Wi-Fi. Fast charging and all-day battery life is crucial to powering them through a full day of appointments.

Surface Go

Coming in at just 533 grams, the ultra-portable 2-in-1 Surface Go is the ideal fit for remote providers.  Accessing patient records can be done from anywhere – securely – with data encryption and LTE connectivity. Collecting patient signatures is also easy with the Surface Pen and the 10.5-inch touchscreen. It’s easy to clean too with medical-grade disinfectant between each patient to keep everyone safe. Also, Microsoft Teams natively integrates with Windows 11, so bringing colleagues and specialists into conversations with patients is seamless with just a few taps.

Surface for Healthcare – the safe and productive fit

It’s clear the Surface fleet is made for the diverse needs of healthcare professionals, helping transform the quality of care by giving staff the tools they need with increased mobility and improved efficiency whilst still protecting sensitive patient records.

As Microsoft’s largest Australian partner, Data#3 is your go-to partner for end-to-end support, maintenance and training for your entire Surface fleet. To discuss which Surface device is the right fit for your healthcare professionals, request a demo, place an order, or get in touch with a Data#3 Microsoft Specialist today.

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