Advanced solutions to protect students, faculty,

and data from cyberattacks


The same cybercriminals that target enterprises also look for vulnerabilities in school networks. In fact, education frequently tops the list of the most targeted sector. This, combined with slim budgets, limited resources, and a lack of specialised skills, makes security simultaneously the number one priority and challenge for most education IT teams.

Additionally – and more unique to education – is the need for balance when it comes to security and user experience. On one hand schools have a duty of care to protect students from inappropriate content or behaviour, but at the same time teachers and students need access to online content from websites and platforms that may not always have content that is appropriate for that age group or cohort.


What is the best solution? There is definitely no single solution that is the same for every environment, so it’s about building the right solution given your risks, users and existing investments. You need to focus on vendor interoperability and open networking solutions, along with a strong focus on training your staff and students.

At Data#3, we can capitalise on our extensive industry experience, deep product knowledge and strategic partnerships with enterprise-class security vendors including, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, Microsoft and Palo Alto Networks, to consult, build and support schools all over the country with their network performance and security.

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Why Data#3

Your trusted experts in network security

Combining the experience of a dedicated education team and hands-on cyber security specialists, our mature and highly accredited team capabilities extend across technical, licensing, delivery and support to ensure our education customers are well-positioned to maximise the value and benefits from their network and security investments.

At Data#3, we understand there isn’t a one size fits all approach to security. As a Gold Certified Security Partner and Microsoft’s largest Australian partner, we offer a range of assessments and workshops to help you identify risks and gaps, migrate workloads, recommend licensing constructs and build airtight strategies to implement the technical controls needed to defend data and devices everywhere.

Data#3 is also proud to partner with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, whose cloud-managed networks offer a flexible, feature-rich solution for any-sized school to support their security strategy. We are the Aruba National Partner of the Year 2021 and the ‘As a Service Partner of the Year for the Asia Pacific and Japan region, in recognition of our “Customer First, Customer Last” excellence.

Your network is the foundation of your security strategy. Contact our education team today to discuss how we can help you deliver a best-in-class network experience whilst protecting your school against insider and outsider threats.

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